Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Train of Thought PT.4

Cruising down Covington Highway in Decatur Georgia..behind the stolen Chrysler 300.

Short dog and them are probably ready to pull a caper...that's whatsup with them.

Dekalb County has a plan for them..soon the family will visit them at the county facility on Memorial Drive.

Or the state facilty at Reidsville..or mortuaries like Donald Trimble or Levitt Brothers..what's up brothers? like Lakeside...this thing is all the way live...

Some hate...question the did we get here? when did we arrive?

Similar to the and direct..weapons seized that were for Hezbollah?

Others are just trying to survive..down to Plan Z...not inspired by Obama..

We're Transmitting Live from a remote outpost..out in the galaxy ...up in a cloud...laying in the cut.

Not mad at the players..just the game...charge it I was told..but will join the ranks of the I'm praying for the corrupt.

Some can't see what's up....Smoke and Mirror residents.

A lot of us are caught out there...seen waiting on benevolence.

The devil is busy!!! it seems life has gotten complicated.

But the Lord works in mysterious ways...seems he deals with those that hated.

O-Zone elaborated...let you know the seasons are's the by-product of flowing down streams of consciousness.

Collaborated with my alter ego O-Dog..breakbeat science is in full effect..bear witness.

Dropping Knowledge ...letting you know God is in the blessing business.

So were taking care of business ..doing what we do..spiritual significance in this operation.

Doing this for my people...their them we have an obligation.

Have the people spoke? said it's a Family affair like Sly and The Family Stone.

The saga struggle continues...once again its on.

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