Thursday, November 5, 2009

All Up In The Spot....Hood Thing PT.5

.................didn't recognize it was a hood thing.........

They weren't checking for a brotha...sometimes that's a good thing.

They didn't recognize the pattern..that this is a hood thing.

Just got back from Mars, Pluto, Saturn, Fantastic Voyage like Lakeside.

A veteran now coaching...knew how it would go! I've seen how the fake ride.

Armageddon approaching....who'll take the ride? pushing the fast forward button.

A fake one is approaching...they're ready...just a punishment glutton.

What's up son? they ask me..told them to take a look around...

Told them to check the Funk Seminar and The O-Dog Podcast to see where we took the sound....

Emotional scar left for some..others will feel the backlash..

Fort Hood Thing....not similar to the Hood go sideways..perpetrators grabbed the product and took back the cash..

Sideways glances due to sidebar conversations made me go back to the stash..

Making advances...mind over other spots the gunfire made some scatter..meanwhile we're Coming With Fresh Batches..

Making advances...not beaming up like Scotti...O-Zone catches the elevator...

Climbing Jacob's Ladder? Led Zeppelin or O-Jay's Stairways To Heaven? gluttons for punishment didn't ignore the ill issue debater..

Thin ice skaters fall through the ice due to the climate more ways than one..

Trying to skate through with weapons..meanwhile we hit you up with the drum..

Not the one...some didn't realize...they weren't checking for me...

But I was checking them out like the Hubble..spotted the Southern Pinwheel Galaxy..down south in the A-Town hates get foul with me..

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