Monday, November 9, 2009

All Up In The Spot....It's A Hood Thing PT.7 don't don't stop..

Down here in the A-Town..I see old and new school players stand up!!

Authorities lay the play down...running folk have to man or woman up.

Territories are occupied by gamblers...dice rolled like Vegas or Atlantic City..where will they land? up in this piece!!!

I tell these stories..but some are pre-occupied by ramblers talking junk..up in this piece!!!

I fell for stories back in the day..experience gained...but I funk is played..up in this piece.

Off the skyscraper....I fell many stories!! in pain!! but I landed in one piece.

I failed..damn!!! memories of capers stored on the justice no peace is the slogan.

I sailed through the galaxies!..just past the International Space the Russians..cold crushing...caught up in black holes..but climbed out..sometimes it's just us who are able to get open.

I sailed through portals that opened a High Velocity..dealt with a lot of junk...but survived..that just had to be God's will.

God is in the blessing business!! playing it like got's to chill.

But it's not odd..on earth you've got to deal with the madness...from Somali pirates...from ghettos to suburbs.

It's not odd..members of lame duck administrations get kicked to the curbs.

It's not odd..dealing with herbs in the suburbs..thugs from the hood and corporate CEOs.

Bill Gates in the streets? Tiger Woods in these hoods? I sit back and peep steelos.

Spotted wannabe divas in spotted po po charging negroes..clearing the books.

What's up with me? checking out the steelos of clergy and politicians..some of them liars and crooks.

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