Thursday, December 31, 2009

2010 Is Here... It's Still Shady Like Grady!!

Dude was rolling with the daughter of chaos..even shared his semen.

Mind were twisted like Geto Boys talked about..he was caught out there..rolling with Al Qaeda in Yemen.

Meanwhile big homie down in the A-Town..was the local pusherman...rolling in the Fleetwood Brougham.....when he turned the corner he left half of it around the block.

Meanwhile others waited on the Hale Bopp Comet..drunk Kool Aid while they waited..2009 soon ends..Bill Haley and the Comets Rock Around The Clock.

Hot Boys told us the Block Was Hot!!.man please!! things were Shady Like Grady...but damn!! it's like Afghanistan..what's up man? we rode into the ambush!!

Custers Last Stand? Napoleon's Waterloo? Black Hawk Down? some pondered the question while puffing on cush.

As we cold crush across the land conducting seminars...trying to heal emotional scars..the Ice Age isn't over!! what it do? we rock until the break of dawn.

Authorities rush the spot...didn't recognize the breakbeat science going down.

This brotha recognized the pattern..after I was knocked down...I Felt The Pressure..almost like Rush..they had me jacked up.

But I raised up!! Intergalactic journeys taken in the Mothership.. ...had an escape system..out beyond Mars and Saturn!!! frequent flyer miles racked up.

A brotha gets busy!! never slacked up!! work is put in blue collar style.

Dark blue uniform with my name on the front.Industrial Stength..Mechanical Engineering...don't front on the style.

Others are in back and in front of the dial or button..2009 drama into 2010?...they're ready to get busy.

But we're back with this funky style!! rolling on into 2010..rebuking a punishment glutton..trying to get ill with me.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Still Kept It Moving..

The profile is kept low..please..moving targets are hard to hit.

Caught up in the game..the heart of it...who'll start it?..what it do?...wrong place wrong time? haters want us to quit or forfiet.

The game is Shady Like Grady..the sport will get ugly....jokers that failed try to criticize others..bear witness.

How will you try to play it? finding a cure for the superbug? having to use physical and mental fitness.

Where you at? ecological ignorance will alter the fate...can we relate? will go down..from the O-Town to the A-Town .....from my hood to your hood.

Heard all the belligerence..trying to make a difference...but some will front on a brotha....somebody asked the question..what's good?

Artificial intelligence exhibited by those playing on artificial turf.

This art is official...recognized by aliens looking for intelligent beings on planet earth.

Intergalactic..NASA attempts a rendezvous with my home Pluto..will this plan work on earth funk is dropped straight from the Mothership.

Sonic Assaults are you how funky a brotha can get.

Veteran in the coaching..knowing how another can get ...letting the game get to them.

Dealing with naysayers and other way players..acting like they knew them.

Saying prayers..God is in the blessing business..getting busy...I run through the line like LT with the San Diego Chargers.

It's after Christmas..dipped to the service desk..returning bogus merchandise..haters tried to over charge us.

Or prosecutors try to introduce bogus charges to clear the books.

Those that try to persecute us? face the Sonic Assault soon fearing the drums, cuts, samples, bars and hooks.

Monday, December 28, 2009

The Hot Messenger Revisits..

they said I was a hot mess..just call me the hot messenger

On the First Coast down in the Jax..a brotha couldn't was like little homie on the airliner...I could see some are up to no good.

What's really going on? the shady transaction was going down over in Edgewood.

That's a hood thing!!! from the Orange Blossom Trail in Orlando to the trail of tears through the Midwest.

Now Indians are buying back their own wasn't a good thing..they were put to the ultimate test..

Not a good thing!! processes are set up to make us fail..bringing irrational fears..the by product of the stress.

Not a hood thing? please!! this is a natural the hot messenger brings another hot mess..

How will I conduct myself in this mess? governing myself accordingly.

So what's up? I'm looking for escape routes..intergalactic..moving through other galaxies.
So what's up? I'm back down on earth...Taking It Back To The Basics...dropping Street Funk...rolling down I-75 or I-95 exposing fallacies.

....Or Rolling down Memorial Drive in Decatur.kept my eye on a hater...meanwhile dials and buttons hit by punishment gluttons get everybody in trouble.

They are satisfied..misery loves the stress will double.

Scoping things out like a hubble telescope..trying to see what it do in your neck of the woods.

Word from Al Roker..what's the forecast? will there be any respect in these hoods?

A foul joker said they had the goods and services..but they were price gouging.

Gamblers are out for a fast buck..capers out in Las Vegas lounging.

One who rambles off at the mouth is dealt with..just fake ones bungee jumping..they land on the ground face first.

I shake shady ones off!! they bring a case of the scenario that's the worst.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

It Don't Stop

Ignorance was bliss..that's the catch phrase..the slogan.

Epidemic? pandemic? a lot of folk catching it these days!! they can't front...this world has them open.

Authorities roping off the area with crime scene tape and white chalk...a black man? another justice and no peace for ya..

Pharoah won't let my people go!!!.check how it's on another front we deal with Augustus Caesar..

Our way of getting open? we can catch passes..were in the lab ..working on fresh batches.

Conducting seminars and classes..out in the stream of consciousness ...making fresh catches.

Whose keeping track? security heightens..the screws tighten..we enlighten..who became suspicious?..whose grabbing the GPS to get coordinates?

I felt the pressure...who'll test ya? even Avatars from Hollywood ..but not showing any emotion...hip to the promotion..some don't have authority...they're just subordinates.

God is in control..but you know the sport gets ugly..see what it do..there are no perfect seasons.. while some were faking and fronting.

This brotha will be chilling...taking it back to the basics ...gathering and hunting.

Some are through dealing..can't even get on base!! even if they were bunting.

Some plot and scheme...others say they're killing it!!! but they were on that juice when they were home run hitting.

Dude was sitting up in the old Fleetwood Brougham on Edgewood Ave down in Jacksonville...trying to make a shady deal..but the ride had a flat tire..heard him say damn damn damn.

Saw him take a hit off the blunt..ready for the drama.but I heard shotters with the blam, blam, blam.

...Or it could be jackers..they'll slam the heater upside the head ...causing blunt force trauma..emergency vehicles are on the way to the Jax it's the A-Town it could be Grady or in Louisville it's University.

All up in trauma wards!! meanwhile with God I stay on one accord who else will work with me?

You heard me?'s going down from Iran on over to the Palestine..

You heard me? once again it's on..I'm just trying to get over with mine..

Sunday, December 20, 2009

We Were Just Trying To Live....

............can we groove? can we groove?............

We were just trying to live...trying to maintain..Can We Groove?

What did we have to give? had the Blues like Bobby Blue Bland..but that's not how we're trying to move!!

Could sing you a song like B.B King...but not trying to move like that!! trying to fight that..

Could ring the alarm..but a drama king or queen will try to trip..liking the darkness..not wanting me to bring the light back...

Caught out in the on the East Coast..but they fronted..but there's no perfect season like The Saints found out...

Caught out in the storm...upstate where the skies stay gray for two or three weeks..just waiting for the sun to come out...

Everybody loves the sunshine..word from Roy Ayers..that's why we had to put this sound out..took notes from him and James Brown..

Can We Groove? not done with on players was the pep talk given to us by old dude in The Fleetwood Brougham at the White Castle on 7th and Broadway in Louisville back in the day...he told us to lay it down!!!

Can We Groove? C'Mon Baby!! we play the sound...use it as a weapon in the ongoing spiritual warfare..

Can we move? trying to roll down I-20 in Atlanta..caught up in the Dekalb County Police rolling roadblock..they'll take it there..

Frontline spiritual warfare business..frontlines are can be from Iran on up to Copenhagen...

Everybody can sing a blues song...remix it like Lil Wayne...T-Pain..Bad Boy....get Drake on what you saying?

So what you playing they ask O-Dog?...C'Mon Baby? And Y'all Know!!!..act like you's Breakbeat Science..but if you don't know soon you'll find out...

Navigation through the smoke, fog, what it do? acting like you knew? please..things are Shady Like Grady...but we'll lead the blind out...

I'm saying!!!...leading the blind out of the darkness...It's Over Now..where do we go from here?...can we move forward?

I'm playing this hand that I was dealt....Can We Groove? please..I'm making moves like a power forward..

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Damn!! Here We Go Again..Once Again..

.....................once again it's on.......................

Damn!! here we go again!!! a slogan I keep using, all day everyday.

But using a fresh vision, a fresh view...everyday in everyway.

How am I living? like Kansas at number one..every play I run has a chance of scoring.

How am I living? low key...discrete...a hater might say circumstances are boring.

Whose paying attention to us? slipping through the cracks..going the station....opened the door..bringing this breakbeat science.

Whose paying attention? who lacks focus? the bogus are blowing minds.

Like Delfonics...seeing how ironic it is..mind blowing decisions are made like Heatwave.

Offers were made that some can't refuse..but O-Dog will use Sonic Assaults..he's a beat slave.

Don't misbehave!! can't lose with the stuff we use!! that's bossing like Rev. Ike.

Fate not determined by coin tossing!!! but referees keep tossing flags..calling fouls..they won't act right.

Some are determined to keep fronting and flossing..wearing fresh Digital Underground they do what they like.

But we're determined to drop this!! coming out fresh with a brand new batch..ammunition to fight.

Others were waiting for midnight...then food stamp cards will be credited..

As we try to get it a spot were the mediocre is accepted.

We bring the Natural Light..some didn't recognize the pattern..even I was disrespected.

As we try to get it right..errors were corrected..

But I took the USB cable off..disconnected from the mainframe.

Diplomatic immunity is exercised..God is blessing us!! that's how we maintain.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Acting Funny???

Damn!!! it's not hard to tell!! fellow tribe members were acting funny.

Damn!!! it's not hard to fail!! checked out the vibe members..they were chasing sex, drugs, and money.

Damn!! it was hard to bail out of the Buick Regal after the caper was pulled!!!...up in the Ville at Clay and Lampton.

Or was it in Atlanta..on Bankhead...AKA Donald Hollowell Parkway?..either way..the door was messed the score is messed up!! papers are pulled, and indictments authorities are stamping.

This world is messed up!!! will the climate change? everybody won't be happy... what it do? shape shifters fooled the masses with excitement..but it was an okey doke.

I even messed up!!! was it like Tiger Woods? only Human like the Human League !!so I was in on the inside joke.'s tight in these hoods!! not dressed up...Levi jeans..Beverly Hills Polo button down..but putting it down with broken beats and broken english.

Chilling...rested up after my embassy was bombed!!! they say I'm played out like a Saab!!! spirit once broken..but now releasing the pain and anguish.

Straight from the lab I bring this!! breakbeats funk hiphop even jazz and house.

Plus the Good Word!!! similar to little homie with the good the Park Hill projects inthe Ville..we're all up in the house.

But revolutionary feelings are aroused!!! what's up man? they're tripping in Pakistan!! my people will reach the threshold.

Intelligent design or evolutionary process? some were waiting for the truth to be told.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Collateral Damage....Revisited..

Some are just collateral damage...they got hit up!! while they were in the zone of discovery.

They wonder how did we manage...God blessed us!! but haters stressed us...were in the midst of disaster recovery.

The podcast will blast!! a brotha will be doing it!! once again it's on.

Check the steady bombardment of the enemy position!! what it do? seeing how some are living...others are plotting and scheming..while we're up in the danger zone.

Spotted the stranger on the phone...a enemy agent..he called in the coordinates.

Haters were GPS tracking..but dude in the A-Town said he was macking!! plus he had subordinates.

....Said he was in shape!!! eating Subs like Jared...but not a starter..a sub...the sport gets ugly sometimes.

Meanwhile a brotha is hunting and gathering!!! putting work in..a veteran in the game, now coaching..but still will get charged with some crimes.

Haters were putting us down in cartel we're approaching's blowing some minds.

Like the we unleash Sonic Assaults..on those poaching off my livestock at The Ponderosa..setting it off with their crimes.

Were on it!!! Transmitting Live!! rocking the universe..scientist found our planet..just another earth?

Was the formula found? Who delays our arrival knocking the hustle so what's it all worth?

The situation is critical!! we're in survival mode!! refusing to be collateral damage.

Rebuking the hostile takeover!! knowing the trilateral commission would do damage.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Thought It Was Rough Out Here....But....

Damn I thought it was rough in this spot!! until I visited others.

Spotted homie!!! he relocated to the so called Mecca!! Atlanta!!! now I'm at the Federal Pen visiting brothas!!

The game enlisted others..then their are others who are just stoners....others cruise down 1-85 smoked out...they enlisted like military service...whose caught up? there's a dense population.

The blame is shifted to others....above and below the surface relatives, trouble dropped in.

The lame were gifted!! how will they work this? running things!! is it the revenge of the nerds?

Thugs were running the hoods like Tiger Woods!! but in Atlanta projects were torn they're in the suburbs.

Gus and Herbs get played!! the dame sifted through their belongings ...they get ripped off.

Thrown under the bus or kicked to the curbs!! but observe planets are the Mothership lifted off.

O-Dog is getting off!! but we know it's rough on these streets.

But homie fronted like he was handling the Isley Brothers!! in between the sheets.

Didn't hear the footsteps in the another alt shift deletes glitches in the Modern Warfare..conquered by division.

But there's spiritual significance in this operation..haters will get conquered in this mission.

Collateral damage and attrition is dealt with..noticed that things are rough everywhere.

Please act like your knowing!! were on the frontlines of spiritual warfare.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Shady Like Grady..The Process Continues..

Man makes plans, plots, and schemes...God was heard laughing.

Once again it's on!!! word from O-Zone..what are we on? The Brotha O-Dog will adjust the bass, treble and it's math we bring.

Beared witness to the staff meeting..meanwhile we bring breakbeat science to the forefront.

Straight from the A-Town planet!!! brothas were taken for granted...caught up in the smoke and this region the fog was dense..were on the stormfront.

Fronted on by StormFront, Fox News, and other flagrant agents.

Society playing brothas and sisters like Atlanta Five Point Marta station vagrants.

Hoping the family vacates the premises..victimized by empty promises.

Whose part of the conspiracy? Aunt Jemimas and Uncle Thomases.

The Sonic Assault is dropped!!! our response to this and that and whatever.

Snares hit, plus the bass and 808 is in the face of those who wannabe cunning clever.

Ties we had to sever with those who are part of the were they trying to act?

Pulling the lever..hitting the switch now moving forward we have the knack.

Haters throwing eggs at the house like Brian Kelly's...strategies don't fail..ear shattering gunshots exploded..I fire back..'s like a meteor shower..out there..but at the last minute we'll get back..

Taking up the slack...scoping things out...lights blink on the instrument panel as the Mothership cruises the universe.

The sound is used as a a brotha gets funky..trying to reverse the curse.

From the scenario that's the one where it's all gravy.

But we recognize the pattern..knowing the whole game is Shady Like Grady.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Shady Like Grady...It Didn't Stop

............shady like grady............

Shady Like Grady..mentioned earlier..but not homie from Sanford & Son...

Bubba and Aunt Esther and them!! Lamont and Julio!!!...please..the system is testing us and them..want us to come undone...

Putting work collar that dark blue uniform with the name on it..

Putting work some it's all about a dollar...they'll game on it..

Putting work in....for a scholar a lot of external and internal stimuli..shame on it!! the establishment is like an open book..

Shady Like Grady..holla if you here me!!..running this embellishment..back in the day getting open like a crook...

What will the play be? getting open like Herbert Crook and Milt Wagner did for Louisville back in the day...

Fast forward to the future..not trying to act brand new with others....Shady Like Grady..

Shady like a Grady baby from down here in Atlanta...Shands in Jacksonville...or Vanderbilt in Cashville aka Nashville...

University in Louisville..real deal like Holyfield...funk like Curtis Mayfield....O-Dog's stash is real...

Work with's real funky...weapons stashed...they weren't intercepted like North Korea's...

Work with me..the style is blue collar..podcast blasting back at the enemy...frontline spiritual warfare business..going down in corporate businesses, government, plus on Wall the suburbs, ghettos and barrios..

Work with me...but checked these scenarios..drama even going down at Zesto's..

Work with me...sometimes magical...based on blessings that are presto's..

Work with me...they say team work helps...who will play their role? they said it's one for all and all for one..

Work with me...but superstars take slackers along for the ride..Shady Like Grady?...the whole team will come undone...

Shady Like Grady!!!!...but not homie from Sanford & Son...actually everybody's hands are dirty..where's the hand sanitizer?

Somebody's got to find a is messy..even the HNIC will get HIN1..but it shouldn't surpise ya..

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Fronting On Me..But Fighting Back..

Discussions were held..I had to tell big homie I was just staying in my lane.

Percussions were held by O-Dog in the stash..realized it's on longer staying in pain.

Cuts and samples were also in the stash...found shelter from the rain...the climate has changed...check out the inclement weather.

Cuts and bruises were peeps were prime examples..the apparatus will front on me and you..but helter skelter participants say whatever.

Like I said...the apparatus tries to front on me and you!! what it do? please..I felt the pressure..actually all of us do.

Check the status!!! as I drop knowledge!!!letting you know what it do.

After I let you know what it do what it does..sonic drones fly...the enemy gets hit up..I feel like the mission's accomplished.

Seeing how they do in Babylon..some are flabberghasted and astonished.

Seeing how they do..fronting on me and you..trying to run this.. bumping heads with these freedom riders.

Frontline spiritual warfare dwellers bumping heads!!! good and evil colliders.

Energy created fron the combustion like a gamma ray flare..front on mine? Goodfellas and mathematicians slide through the portal.

Veteran in the game now coaching..riding through the galaxy..from Mars to the A-Town...rolling down I-20...knowing how the sport will go.

Letting you know...superior court hearings won't go in a brothas favor.

Superiority complexs are defeated by reality check the flavor.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Shady Like Grady....Revisited..

Shady business going down!! my catch phrase? it's Shady like Grady.

But we're Taking Care of Business like back in the days..rolling up listening to Isley Brothers whose that lady?

Up in the hooptie the track up are my Curtis Mayfield joints.

What will the scoop be? bringing breakbeat science..who plays the field? one that society anoints.

Real deal like Holyfield!!! mind plays reruns of disappointing episodes...over and over.

The real deal? I build on positive episodes..rebuking the hostile takeover.

The real deal? no need for a hot style makeover..what it do? ...what's up with Wall Street? it is what it is.

The real deal? seeing the world and my place in it realistically it is what it is.

The real skill? mechanical collar style manufacturing.

Clearing a path through the Babylon wilderness....others they're capturing.

Might even be Rapturing others with a drone.. ...might have to step off like Tiger Woods..

Sick with it..called themselves slick with it...Shady Like Grady..economy on the upswing? please..things are still tight in these hoods..

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Mass Hysteria

............coming soon to your area...

Yellow crime scene tape and white chalk surround the designated area.

Trying to escape..throwing pitchs? might balk on the mound..causing mass hysteria.

Mass Konfusion in your area!! business as usual? has it always been that way?

Maybe some are in denial..had blinders on..defense didn't recognize the play.

Somebody lied to you!!! power rangers in the Babylon wilderness fight us on the frontlines...all day and everyday.

Whose friends? whose strangers?'s all game...but were coming through with a fresh view, a fresh vision, everyday in every way.

Cincinnati coach to Notre Dame? he already has it made and doesn't know it..meanwhile we're coming out fresh with a brand new batch..every play I run is set up to score.

Similar to jackers trying to catch you slipping!! you'll be set up for the score.

ESPN will give you the score!!! but we kept on running!!! like U of L, UK , UNLV, UConn or even Duke.

North Carolina Tar Heels, Florida Gators..meanwhile overseas? haters will try to nuke.

How am I supposed to feel? it goes down from Iraq to Iran to Pakistan to Afghanistan.

Devil is opposed to the deal..opposed to the real..who understands this man?

One who sticks to the original plan..but I admit I had to make adjustments.

Babylon will try to throw under the bus!! please it's hard for a brotha to trust this.

Whatcha on? what's up with this? I didn't stay in the designated area.

Escape routes were mapped out...refusing to succumb to the pressure.

Monday, December 7, 2009

They Didn't Know How To Play Me...

They don't know how to play a brotha...straight from Louisville..rocking the Midwest style.

But doing things down here in Atlanta!!! home of the wannabe macks and divas..real housewives of Atlanta?...this is where things are foul.

Going through things!!! but what goes around comes around..word from Mike Vick!! conquered the A!! I've got my hand on the dial making adjustments.

Championship rings coming like Los Angeles Lakers...ignored the fakers..who pulled my file? trying to implant a root kit.

Timberland boot kicks in the ass issued after the Mothership touched down!! left the rings of Saturn..back with the Intergalactic drum kit.

A brotha gets funky!! Motherland style!! down with the King of kings..down with other kings...that's who I run with.

Whose acting funny about? shadow of doubt about it? going all out like shadows fall..what's up y'all?..recognize the pattern..soon it's going down.

Acting like it's all about money!! but everybody's struggling..check out how it's going down.

Haters are throwing down for the material wealth!! bear witness to ongoing capers.

From the commonwealths of Virginia to Pennsylvania to Kentucky....check the news on TV and in newspapers.

Felt the pressure!! so I dipped..haters catch the vapors..coughing off the smoke from the Olds Cut Dog.

Some are blinded!! haters used mirrors to enhance the smoke and fog.

Broken beats and English used by O-Dog and O-Zone to repell the gossip lies and propaganda.

Babylon many hands are dirty!!! HIN1 for the HNIC? where's the hand sanitizer?

Sunday, December 6, 2009

I Had To Ignore Some Of Them..

...............I had a message for them though.........

Ignored the bleak outlook....please, God is in control!! going out there on faith.

Purged the negative....prepared eviction notices...I had to put out the time table like did they roll? they we're fueled by hate.

Who urged them..had them geeked up? some even tear the club up but they weren't Three Six Mafia!!'s hard out here for a player!!..they'll get straight jacked!!!but they said they were straight in the A-town!! they macked!!

Now the Geek Squad is all up in this piece!!! hate was shown..computers were hacked.

My squad rolls through Atlanta on I-20...other commuters slacked..holding up traffic like they were mesmerized.

My squad rolls through!! the marathon? others slacked..value meals were supersized.

My God is in the blessing business!!! like Georgia Tech we're winning champioships.. it's a supernatural thing, so dont be surprised.

Georgia Tech students still get jacked...but it's not odd for us to handle breakbeat science business..the real is recognized.

No Mod Squad afro like Linc Hayes!! rocking the baldy like Isaac Hayes...RIP..recognize the pattern.

But a brotha is afrocentric!! refusing to pump brakes like Bendix!! ...Intergalactic like Mars and Saturn.

Eccentric, eclectic, also electric as I slide through..but not scattering energy everywhere.

Disrepected!! but what else is expected in the midst of spiritual warfare?

What else is expected? out there...knowing these folk won't act right.

Behind the curtains...behind the scenes...comedy act like an updated version of Rowan and Martin? rehearsing..trying to get their act tight.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Check The Clock....

.................o-dog will rock.............

Checked the wasn't too I'll holla atcha..might even sly I dipped to the Discovery Zone.

Mechanical engineering takes place in the lab..O-Dog rocks..chilling out..not a sly fox..not even The Fantastic Mr. Fox ...he'll adjust the base, treble and tone.

O-Zone with the Good Word...usually one step ahead..coming soon to a Roku Box? usually trying to stay off the grid..with those that fake it.

Recognize the pattern! at the end of the day? we're all caught up in the matrix.

Wasn't rolling in a Toyota Matrix or any other hybrid..the ride will get ugly.

Wasn't trying to live without light in the's easy to hide the ugly.

A brotha will be checking the clock...actually my Terner watch I bought in Cancun.

The brotha O-Dog will rock!....mentioned earlier..breakbeat science dropped..maybe somebody will understand the tune.

Intergalactic showdown at high noon....explosions in black holes creat new galaxies.

Big bang theory like hadron colliders...but these freedom riders expose the fallacies.

Big bang theory in affect in Pakistan, Afghanistan...Somalia..even in alleys and on back streets of Atlanta...or even in your city..heavy artillery is heard.

Helicopters fly from Afghanistan to Compton California..even in Dekalb County Georgia..what's the word on the curb?

Get played like Gus or Herb check the clock to see what time it is.

You can use Timex..Rolex..whatever it is what it is.

Friday, December 4, 2009

The Brotha's Style...Strategy...

Urban guerilla style! but no fatigues worn..just non descript sweater and jeans.

Plus I have my Vans on!! meanwhile O-Dog rocks the J-Dilla style!! funk is in his genes.

Plus a brotha stands on the shoulders of giants in these scenes, but still humble.

Low key, low profile, some don't know the Midwest style..until it's like Afghanistan or Pakistan..the heavy artillery rumbles.

They'll be mesmerized...drunk like Otis Campbell on Andy Griffith ...stumbles into jail locking themselves up.

Surprised because its the funk that we bring you!! plus soul like Otis Redding..808 and bass rumbles that.s whassup.

Dunks are what we bring on the fast break!! Louisville style! a brotha plays above the rim.

But a short dog like Anthony Spud Webb..for those that ask what's up with him.

Shorts in the circuitry caused the lights to dim..there were glitches in the matrix.

Images were captured on security cameras..snitches were caught trying to fake it.

Trying to shake it off..break it up? we Transcend and Transform...

Championship battles lately it's the norm...

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Playing The Point Like Allen Iverson..

playing my positon

Still playing my position...point guard like Allen Iverson..I will take it in the paint.

Not playing around with those illing!! staying on point..they should show restraint.

Not playing around with me!! didn't defy authority....didn't flip out on fellow soldiers...but restraining orders and court injunctions were issued.

What's the function? playing the funk son! quarterbacking..but the defense pressured.

Who stays down for the cause? defending what's treasured..freedom.

Some chilled..hit the pause button..say they have freedom..I see them..but wouldn't want to be them.

As we pause for a moment of silence...punishment gluttons overdosed.

Weren't rebuking the hostile takeover...didnt realize the devil was opposed.

I stayed composed..some showed up and showed off...but I wasn't reaching comatose..sleeping giants were awake.

Standing on their shoulders...weapons holders...firing back at the fake.

Going in!! but we were fired on!! the media says security has heightened.

A couple of episodes or capers went down!! now everybody's frightened.

Playing my position..hopefully everybody's enlightened by this breakbeat science.

Playing my position..ignoring the doctrine introduced by dangerous minds.

Addition, subtraction, multiplication and division are part of the formula.

Avoiding the distraction..haters were holding mass weapons on ya.