Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Playing The Point Like Allen Iverson..

playing my positon

Still playing my position...point guard like Allen Iverson..I will take it in the paint.

Not playing around with those illing!! staying on point..they should show restraint.

Not playing around with me!! didn't defy authority....didn't flip out on fellow soldiers...but restraining orders and court injunctions were issued.

What's the function? playing the funk son! quarterbacking..but the defense pressured.

Who stays down for the cause? defending what's treasured..freedom.

Some chilled..hit the pause button..say they have freedom..I see them..but wouldn't want to be them.

As we pause for a moment of silence...punishment gluttons overdosed.

Weren't rebuking the hostile takeover...didnt realize the devil was opposed.

I stayed composed..some showed up and showed off...but I wasn't reaching comatose..sleeping giants were awake.

Standing on their shoulders...weapons holders...firing back at the fake.

Going in!! but we were fired on!! the media says security has heightened.

A couple of episodes or capers went down!! now everybody's frightened.

Playing my position..hopefully everybody's enlightened by this breakbeat science.

Playing my position..ignoring the doctrine introduced by dangerous minds.

Addition, subtraction, multiplication and division are part of the formula.

Avoiding the distraction..haters were holding mass weapons on ya.

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