Saturday, December 5, 2009

Check The Clock....

.................o-dog will rock.............

Checked the wasn't too I'll holla atcha..might even sly I dipped to the Discovery Zone.

Mechanical engineering takes place in the lab..O-Dog rocks..chilling out..not a sly fox..not even The Fantastic Mr. Fox ...he'll adjust the base, treble and tone.

O-Zone with the Good Word...usually one step ahead..coming soon to a Roku Box? usually trying to stay off the grid..with those that fake it.

Recognize the pattern! at the end of the day? we're all caught up in the matrix.

Wasn't rolling in a Toyota Matrix or any other hybrid..the ride will get ugly.

Wasn't trying to live without light in the's easy to hide the ugly.

A brotha will be checking the clock...actually my Terner watch I bought in Cancun.

The brotha O-Dog will rock!....mentioned earlier..breakbeat science dropped..maybe somebody will understand the tune.

Intergalactic showdown at high noon....explosions in black holes creat new galaxies.

Big bang theory like hadron colliders...but these freedom riders expose the fallacies.

Big bang theory in affect in Pakistan, Afghanistan...Somalia..even in alleys and on back streets of Atlanta...or even in your city..heavy artillery is heard.

Helicopters fly from Afghanistan to Compton California..even in Dekalb County Georgia..what's the word on the curb?

Get played like Gus or Herb check the clock to see what time it is.

You can use Timex..Rolex..whatever it is what it is.

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