Thursday, December 31, 2009

2010 Is Here... It's Still Shady Like Grady!!

Dude was rolling with the daughter of chaos..even shared his semen.

Mind were twisted like Geto Boys talked about..he was caught out there..rolling with Al Qaeda in Yemen.

Meanwhile big homie down in the A-Town..was the local pusherman...rolling in the Fleetwood Brougham.....when he turned the corner he left half of it around the block.

Meanwhile others waited on the Hale Bopp Comet..drunk Kool Aid while they waited..2009 soon ends..Bill Haley and the Comets Rock Around The Clock.

Hot Boys told us the Block Was Hot!!.man please!! things were Shady Like Grady...but damn!! it's like Afghanistan..what's up man? we rode into the ambush!!

Custers Last Stand? Napoleon's Waterloo? Black Hawk Down? some pondered the question while puffing on cush.

As we cold crush across the land conducting seminars...trying to heal emotional scars..the Ice Age isn't over!! what it do? we rock until the break of dawn.

Authorities rush the spot...didn't recognize the breakbeat science going down.

This brotha recognized the pattern..after I was knocked down...I Felt The Pressure..almost like Rush..they had me jacked up.

But I raised up!! Intergalactic journeys taken in the Mothership.. ...had an escape system..out beyond Mars and Saturn!!! frequent flyer miles racked up.

A brotha gets busy!! never slacked up!! work is put in blue collar style.

Dark blue uniform with my name on the front.Industrial Stength..Mechanical Engineering...don't front on the style.

Others are in back and in front of the dial or button..2009 drama into 2010?...they're ready to get busy.

But we're back with this funky style!! rolling on into 2010..rebuking a punishment glutton..trying to get ill with me.

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