Saturday, December 19, 2009

Damn!! Here We Go Again..Once Again..

.....................once again it's on.......................

Damn!! here we go again!!! a slogan I keep using, all day everyday.

But using a fresh vision, a fresh view...everyday in everyway.

How am I living? like Kansas at number one..every play I run has a chance of scoring.

How am I living? low key...discrete...a hater might say circumstances are boring.

Whose paying attention to us? slipping through the cracks..going the station....opened the door..bringing this breakbeat science.

Whose paying attention? who lacks focus? the bogus are blowing minds.

Like Delfonics...seeing how ironic it is..mind blowing decisions are made like Heatwave.

Offers were made that some can't refuse..but O-Dog will use Sonic Assaults..he's a beat slave.

Don't misbehave!! can't lose with the stuff we use!! that's bossing like Rev. Ike.

Fate not determined by coin tossing!!! but referees keep tossing flags..calling fouls..they won't act right.

Some are determined to keep fronting and flossing..wearing fresh Digital Underground they do what they like.

But we're determined to drop this!! coming out fresh with a brand new batch..ammunition to fight.

Others were waiting for midnight...then food stamp cards will be credited..

As we try to get it a spot were the mediocre is accepted.

We bring the Natural Light..some didn't recognize the pattern..even I was disrespected.

As we try to get it right..errors were corrected..

But I took the USB cable off..disconnected from the mainframe.

Diplomatic immunity is exercised..God is blessing us!! that's how we maintain.

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