Friday, December 18, 2009

Acting Funny???

Damn!!! it's not hard to tell!! fellow tribe members were acting funny.

Damn!!! it's not hard to fail!! checked out the vibe members..they were chasing sex, drugs, and money.

Damn!! it was hard to bail out of the Buick Regal after the caper was pulled!!!...up in the Ville at Clay and Lampton.

Or was it in Atlanta..on Bankhead...AKA Donald Hollowell Parkway?..either way..the door was messed the score is messed up!! papers are pulled, and indictments authorities are stamping.

This world is messed up!!! will the climate change? everybody won't be happy... what it do? shape shifters fooled the masses with excitement..but it was an okey doke.

I even messed up!!! was it like Tiger Woods? only Human like the Human League !!so I was in on the inside joke.'s tight in these hoods!! not dressed up...Levi jeans..Beverly Hills Polo button down..but putting it down with broken beats and broken english.

Chilling...rested up after my embassy was bombed!!! they say I'm played out like a Saab!!! spirit once broken..but now releasing the pain and anguish.

Straight from the lab I bring this!! breakbeats funk hiphop even jazz and house.

Plus the Good Word!!! similar to little homie with the good the Park Hill projects inthe Ville..we're all up in the house.

But revolutionary feelings are aroused!!! what's up man? they're tripping in Pakistan!! my people will reach the threshold.

Intelligent design or evolutionary process? some were waiting for the truth to be told.

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