Thursday, February 28, 2019

DJ Maseo (De La Soul) Boiler Room London DJ Set

Digital Crate Digging Continues on a Throwback Thursday; excuse me, but retro-futuristic is how the work will be...

Taking it back to the future, still hungry and thirsty!! accused of acting brand new with it even on this last day of February..

Black History Month coming to a close, but we continue to make history!! it's going down all day and every day!!

The elixir / broth is served along with this word salad!! the devil will oppose but this good word is dropped and the good music will play..

Yes sir!! we're listening to this mix per DJ Maseo (De La Soul) Boiler Room London DJ Set; perfect for this Throwback Thursday or any day...

Check this out!! of course we know about the Tommy Boy vs De La Soul drama; Nas mentioned  Tommy ain't his boy!! in the meantime and between time check the playlist and the goos music that's play!! 

Tracklist: 1. Marvin Gaye - What's going on 2. John Legend & The Roots - Our Generation 3. Sly and the Family Stone - Runnin Away 4. Dionne Warwick - Walk on By 5. Roberta Flack & Donny Hathaway - Back Together Again 6. Diana Ross - I'm Coming Out 7. Teena Marie - I need your lovin 8. George Benson - Give me the night 9. Maze - Joy and Pain 10. David Bowie - Golden Years 11. Kool & the Gang - Jungle Boogie 12. Stevie Wonder - I wish 13. De la Soul - Keepin' the Faith 14. Keith Sweat - Just a Touch 15. The Police - Voices inside my head 16. De la Soul - Say no Go 17. Hall & Oates - I Can't Go for That 18. James Brown - Soul Power 19. Brentford All Stars - Greedy G 20. James Brown - Funky Drummer 21. Brass Construction - What's on your mind 22. Silver Connection - Fly Robin Fly 23. Paul Simon - 50 ways to leave your lover 24. Bob Marley - Could you be loved

Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Soul Deeper Vol. 56 (Deep & Soulful House Mix)

Digital Crate Digging Continues; it's the Humpday Extravaganza in conjunction with the O-Dog Day Party..

Setting it off early, told some of my constituents we'll hit the ground running!! good word dropping and funky drumming!! told a naysayer "don't even start with me"

Saying a prayer then hitting the start button!! check me out!! stunning a naysayer aka devil's advocate when we came back with it!! 

Rebuking a hustler / player rushing in like Trump, Roger Stone and Michael Cohen we're getting open!! dropping this science plus we brought a soundtrack with it...

Plans for nuking slowed down by Trump meeting with Kim Jong Un? I don't know but once again it's on!! meanwhile  we're listening to Soul Deeper Vol. 56 (Deep & Soulful House Mix)'s courtesy of eXogroove as beats bump, we stay on the move!! check the playlist and the mix!! once again it's on as we continue to get bteakbeat scientific!! 

Sky Blue - Happily Ever After Remixes (Jorge Araujo & Eric Faria Remix)
Derrick Da House - That's piano drop (Deep Lover Original Mix) 
Alex Preston - Treat Me Right (Original Mix)
Tommy Riley - Can You Feel It (Soulhouse mix)
Andrea Marchesini - Dance Like Children
Steven Stone feat. Nicole Mitchell - No Lies (Matt Early & Robert Rivera Remix)
Terry S. - Don't Say You Want Me (Vocal Mix)
Black Mighty Orchestra - Keep On Loving On (Bass Funk & Cev's Remix)
JazzyFunk - I Can Feel It (Sebb Junior Remix)
Diesler, Laura Vane - A Little Something (Sammy Deuce Remix)

Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Staying On Point PT.8

We're staying on point, especially on this Terrible / Terrific Tuesday where things can go either way..

Blessed to be up in this joint!! not a Throwback Thursday hole in the wall club / joint or the modern one in Buckhead where the drama is the same way? 

Rocking this Funky Joint like Poor Righteous Teachers after forgiving / forgetting purging my soul and spirit but its hard for a Scorpio to do!

Rocking this like I was anointed with oil, living my life like it's golden per Jill Scott even when things got hot!! like drama in Venezuela I'm hip to the scheme / plot!! staying on point or at least acting like I knew! Earth Wind and Fire for acting like I do? check out my seasoning / conditioning,  blame it on Louisville and Newburg!!

Seasons Change / Reasons Change but some were still waiting in the dark!! vehicles were in park, said they're waiting for answers..meanwhile I had to emerge!

A bruh  is staying on point, he had to merge with the universal, trying to get on the one with God's will!

Haters asked me, what's my point? they were submerged in the spot!! but like EPMD they got's to chill!

Haters even urged some to join them like ISIS during the ongoing crisis;  told some they couldn't beat them...

Staying on point; my advice? told them nobody would anoint them especially when they create their own National Emergency like Trump;  the matrix architect will do a data dump!! during the process the plan is to alt shift delete them..

"It ain't nothing nice";  it's rough out here in these streets!! it's all game, but games? I'm not playing with them..

Staying on point; this is for my folk!! refunds are due from overpaying the price as we expose the charade for them...

Monday, February 25, 2019

Staying On Point PT.7

Digital Crate Digging Continues but on this Monday Morning we're serving this word salad..

The saga / struggle continues, jokers will try to play you like Venezuela; snatching your money like the Bank of England then issuing sanctions; some are foul with it...

It's rough out here for a player, that's why we're staying on point; the process continues!! somebody said the healing of the spirit is not complete!

It's rough out here for a player, that's why we're staying on point; the process continues as we rock this!! per Music Monday? let the healing process begin!! but we're still out here dealing with the madness!! the matrix architect's  mission is to hit alt shift delete!

It's rough out here for a player, that's why we're staying on point!! peeping game per the Trump administration, will a hater's mission be blatant or discrete? per Music Monday you can' t trust it like Chuck D and them said!

..with Public Enemy; I told my kinfolk it goes from Louisville to the ATL and all points out there and in between; universal!! while trying to show and prove it maybe somebody heard what a bro said!!

Spotted the entity; the arch nemesis was on the premises!! damn!! some will be misled / waiting in the dark!! damn!! some even thought there would be peace in the Middle East but fires are stoked with the AIPAC vs BDS movement; I was using universal principles to peep game.

Lord help! Lord Help! was the battle cry!! but I'm  usually quiet, all about peace so some thought I was asleep in the game!

Per  the O-Dizzle mix on Music Monday? "Ain't that a shame" was heard and it wasn't from Fats Domino; was I missing in action? please!! your dude is staying on point!! check the steady bombardment of the enemy position.

Who's catching the blame? problems fall like Donald Byrd's Dominoes; we're  dissing factions that sweat the technique when Eric B and Rakim told them not to!! tripping on how this entity is living!

Who's catching the blame? reality is unforgiving especially after you play all your cards, supposedly like Jussie Smollett..

It's all game that's why your dude is staying on point; that's how I'm living!! refusing to quit / forfeit..

Sunday, February 24, 2019

Tom Browne - Promises For Spring

Sunday Jazz Continues; what else besides gospel music should we be playing?

The saga / struggle continues; check this good word / gospel according to O-Zone; what else should he be saying?

Danger zone business; what else should Robert Mueller be saying? Adam Schiff said he may have to ask with subpoenas..

Danger zone business? not acting brand new with ya even as priorities shift;  either some are for or against us...

Didn't believe the empty promise of the stranger bearing gifts, just an agent of the arch nemesis on the premises..

Listening to Tom Browne with Promises For Spring; as February, Black History Month comes to a close what will March and April bring? check the players and the track, we didn't let hope diminish..

Bass – Marcus Miller
Congas, Percussion – Sue Evans
Drums – Buddy Williams
Guitar – Ronald Miller
Percussion, Synthesizer [Mini Moog] – Dave Grusin
Piano [Acoustic], Electric Piano – Bernard Wright
Trumpet – Tom Browne
Written-By – Tom Browne

Saturday, February 23, 2019

The Funky Party Mix Vol. 2

Digital Crate Digging Continues on what I call my Saturday Night Fever edition...

The saga / struggle continues but positive vibes are exhibited; that's how we're living!!

Reality? unforgiving, the struggle is real!! some will caught up in the system / matrix / sport like Paul Manafort..

Reality? unforgiving, the struggle is real!! some are caught up  like  Maduro's Venezuela vs Colombia so what's up bro? they'll have to man up in the sport...

Reality? unforgiving, the struggle is real!! or mission? we didn't abort, partying like it's 1999 per The Funky Party Mix Vol. 2..

It's courtesy of DJ Steve Adams, on a Saturday Night? we're jamming!! check out the playlist and the mix to see what it do!!

1. Vutchican Soul ft Andrea Love - Back In The Day (Shane D Refreak Mix)
2. Shane D ft Andrea Love - What You Do To Me (Shane D Club Mix)
3. Sergio Flores vs Mitomi Tokoto - Hold On (That Piano Track) (Sergio Flores Vocal Mix)
4. Sergio Flores - Give It Back
5. DJ Fopp - Discofied Funk
6. Steve Silk Hurley ft Sharon Pass - The Word Is Love (Shane D Remix)
7. Soulsearcher - Can't Get Enough! (Dr Packer Extended Remix)
8. Kings of Groove ft Andrea Love - Dreaming About You
9. Random Soul ft Roxy Lebrasse - Let The Music Take Control
10. DJ Le Baron ft Heidi Vogel - Show Me The Way (Shane D Remix)
11. Triple Dee & Cozzetto ft Akira Dee - All You Need
12. Coolys Hotbox - Friend Of Mine (Rob Hayes Club Edit)
13. Pad Beryll & Andrea Love - Under Your Spell (Richard Earnshaw Remix)
14. Deft Bonz ft Simon Green - Music Makes The World Go Round

Friday, February 22, 2019

Shigeto- Detroit Part II

Digital Crate Digging Continues on a Flashback Friday, also know as New Music Friday..

Digital? analog? please!! let the music play!! it can be from today or back in the day!

Back in the way? Naw!! O-Dizzle will bring something relevant and it'll be funky fresh..

What's up yall? what's the dizzle? I told you we're bringing something!! funky fresh in the flesh!!

Listening to something new from Shigeto with a soul jazz / house track called  Detroit Part II..

Previously, per Flashback Friday?   Detroit Part 1 was on my satellite station, go see what that do!!

Thursday, February 21, 2019

Staying On Point PT.6

We're putting this down on a Throwback Thursday; as I reflect on past episodes it reminds me that I need to stay on point..

Actually? we'll go back to the future, that's how the work will be!! blue collar, getting the machine set / working it all out based on how the system will play; my kind they won't anoint...

Actually? we'll go back to the future but some try to act brand new with a brotha!!   I see ya!! wouldn't want to be ya!! man things are crazy!! some will manufacture drama like Jussie Smollett, they're on it!! then some have the nerve to claim ownership!

...Owned it like Robert Mueller and his report? check the sport /  check the business!! get a handle on it!

Some will gamble on it / gamblers are out for a fast back!!  rolling the dice like back in the day per this Throwback Thursday?  "big homie"  had the gambling spot in the old trailer in the backwoods of Kentucky..

Black jack also played  / brown liquor drunk!! damn!! who's smoking backwoods? they stunk it up!! Lysol was sprayed!! damn!! "little homie"  got played / lost his paycheck from UPS and his car!! he wasn't lucky!

Assets cut short like the Venezuela budget!!   what's up with it? what's up with me? I was laying in the cut!! practicing ownership.

Staying on point, not letting the money corrupt me so banks and other crooks  can own me!! I'm floating through the stream of consciousness on the Mothership!

...authorities in Dekalb County Georgia think they're on to it!!  speed traps and roadblocks were set up!

Hostile territories? that's where you found me!!  but a veteran now coaching, I was wise to the whole set up!

Check this hot style as we tell these stories... we can't let up!!!  we're staying on point as we  proceed and continue.

O-Zone? staying on point, this is "off the top";  freelancing / ad libbing / free styling but not out there like Roger Stone!! what's next on the menu?

Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Staying On Point PT,5

We're putting this down on a Terrible / Terrific Tuesday where things can go either way, so you know we're staying on point..

Blessed to be here, bearing witness to the Full Moon in Virgo reminding us we've got work to do; warriors were praying, with oil they'll anoint..

We'll take it there, but who'll work with a bro? they'll play us like Jeff Bezos and Amazon vs NYC; I was just trying to be Rocky Mountain High in Colorado like I was John Denver! I get free and stay free, advancing!! even trying a little tenderness like Otis Redding but history keeps repeating like Jair Bolsonaro and his grileiros  trying to pillage the indigenous lands in the Amazon region of  Brazil!! this brotha knew the deal so O-Dizzle is a sonic defender! 

He's the big beat blender, while the alter ego O-Zone is dropping this healthy word salad aka the  good word..

Similar to the dread named Tony from Jamaica up in Louisville, over in the hood; jokers said he was foul with it when he said he had the good herb!!

....filtered with parsley and oregano so whatcha know? what's heard? meanwhile we're told to render onto Caesar  what was his but he'll declare a National Emergency like Trump so he can shift the funds around;  these Romans were Shady Like Grady!

We're staying on point; I told a joker I see ya / wouldn't want to be ya!! shady like deals by Wells Fargo or  the Palestine embargo; things were getting hazy..

We're staying on point; I told a joker I see ya!! wouldn't want to be ya!! what it do? what it does? damn!! now backlash is received like it's the AIPAC vs BDS battle...

We're staying on point; I told a joker I see ya!! wouldn't want to be ya! what it do? what it does? O-Zone is rolling down I-20 in Atlanta listening to 2Pac with  that's just the way it is as the trunk will rattle!!

...or maybe listening to Bruce Hornsby and The Range with the original version, still swerving knowing how the sport will be but operating like I have free range;  still observing corporations treat us like fraternities and sororities; heard  homie say  they're trying to haze me!!

We're staying on point; I told a joker  I see ya!! wouldn't want to be ya !! but damn!! I  heard some talking a good game like Roger Stone;  heard of his shenanigans but unlike Luther, it didn't amaze me! 

Monday, February 18, 2019

Get Busy - Mr Lee

Digital Crate Digging Continues per Music Monday, check us out!!

....digging real deep for this one!! ....backhoes and bulldozers were used!!

...anyway.....check out...Mr. Lee with Get Busy...classic hip house...

Check it out; Let's Go!!!!

Karisma minimix 93 [Liquid Drum and Bass Mix]

Digital Crate Digging Continues; just chilling out checking out  on a Monday afternoon checking out this  Karisma minimix 93 [Liquid Drum and Bass Mix]. 

Perfect for this afternoon or whenever!!

 Check out the playlist and he mix!!


00:00 Big Bud - Thirty3
00:44 Odysseus - Used To Be My Friend (Pennygiles Remix)
02:56 Calibre - Easy Glide
05:53 BCee - Guilty
08:05 Glen E.Ston - Warmth In Winter
09:55 Nexus and Tight- Spirit
10:50 Radicall and Lesio - Underwater Jazz
12:30 Dawn Wall - Saigon Blaze
15:26 Confusious - What Lies Ahead
17:17 Colossus  - Beyond Compare
19:07 Fred V and Grafix - Vanishing Point
22:26 Satl - Tears
24:16 Soul Motion and Colossus - Bitter Sweet
25;44 Friction- All Nite
26:06 Moleman - Sensory


Monstercat Uncaged Vol. 6 (Album Mix)

Digital Crate Digging Continues during the Music Monday time frame; it's also President's Day..

We're coming through,  check these menus!! the music will play plus O-Zone will drop this word salad, based on what these earthlings / terra firma residents say...

The audit trail / evidence plays out in front of me; earlier I mentioned a dude was Reading The TelePrompter..

Y'all will run and tell that also, jokers will front posting it on social media with the quickness / they'll be prompt sir!!

...or ma'am somebody will understand; meanwhile we move in another direction, the past episodes have featured hip hop, jazz and house music..

We're listening to some house music / electronica courtesy of Monstercat Uncaged Vol. 6 (Album Mix) check out the playlist and the mix; for Monday Motivation? it's conducive...

0:00:00 RIOT - Jungle Fury 0:04:57 Trivecta - Axis 0:09:09 lil Hank - Hank's Back 0:12:45 Justin OH - Loving Her Loving U 0:15:21 RIOT & Slander - You Don't Even Know Me 0:18:52 Slander & SPAG HEDDY - Running To You 0:23:15 Modestep - Not IRL 0:27:18 Pixel Terror - Ultima 0:30:14 Kill Paris - Fizzy Lifting Drink (feat. Big Gigantic & Jimi Tents) 0:32:13 Grant - The Edge (feat. Nevve) 0:35:15 KUURO - What U Wanna Do (feat. Spencer Ludwig) 0:38:04 Slander - Hate Being Alone (feat. Dylan Matthew) 0:41:23 Crankdat & Tisoki - Wobble 0:44:22 Slippy - One Thing (feat. Tim Moyo) 0:47:45 KUURO & Clockvice - 1000 Cuts 0:50:21 Sullivan King - I'll Fight Back 0:54:35 Slippy - Show Me (feat. Sara Skinner) 0:58:05 Slumberjack x Troyboi - Solid 1:01:07 Protostar & Muzzy - MELTDOWN 1:05:30 RIOT - Overkill 1:10:05: Stonebank - The Government 1:13:41 Darren Styles & Dougal - Home (feat. Jacob Wellfair) 1:17:27 Bossfight - U Got Me 1:20:33 Julian Calor - You Might Get Lost 1:24:25 Will Sparks & SCNDL - Tombstone 1:28:17 Infected Mushroom & Bliss - Bliss on Mushrooms (feat. Miyavi) 1:37:16 Atmozfears - Lose It All 1:39:50 FWLR - How We Win 1:43:21 Tokyo Machine - EPIC 1:46:44 Aero Chord - Play Your Part 1:48:40 Noisestorm - Breakout (feat. Foreign Beggars) 1:51:21 Loosid & Holly - Fire Flower 1:54:39 Bossfight - Badmash 1:57:42 FWLR & A-SHO - Cave Me In 2:00:53 Pixel Terror - Machina 2:04:26 Notaker - The Storm 2:08:36 Notaker - Into The Light (feat. Karra) 2:11:30 Kill Paris - Magic 2:14:33 Kill Paris - I (Still) Dream of You 2:17:06 Au5 & Nytrix - Only In A Dream

Saturday, February 16, 2019

Charles Earland ‎– Over and Over

Digital Crate Digging Continues per this Saturday Night Fever segment; we're rocking it..

The saga / struggle continues; it's rough out here but we're getting our hustle on even though jokers are knocking it..

The saga / struggle continues; the path forward? some are blocking it but we're moving forward, never backwards..

The saga / struggle continues; power forward type of moves are made as we fight back against the charade dropping this good word and the sound; that's how it works!!

Listening to this disco jazz from Charles Earland ‎with a track called Over and Over; produced by Randy Muller with members of Skyy helping him..

Check the players and the track; right on time for this Saturday Night or whenever!! we'll keep rolling over and over; kept my head to the sky; O-Zone? God is helping him!!

David Newman - Ebo Man

Digital Crate Digging Continues on a Saturday afternoon; it's a good time for some Afternoon Jazz..

...especially since the madness continues!! sometimes it's heavy on the mind; playing a tune or two so I want spaz.. Gary Martin up in Aurora Illinois; ill with it bringing the noise!! or they'll conspire with others like Roger Stone and Wiileaks..

We're like the Aurora Borealis, or Northern Lights, check the voice after we broke north now dropping these insights; in these zones? experiencing winning and losing streaks..

O-Zone streaks down I-20 in Atlanta from the West End to Decatur; per David Newman? call him the  Ebo Man

Drones / clones try to understand transmittals from O-Dizzle, but they'll have to check out the players and the track to understand..

Arranged By, Conductor – Arthur Jenkins 
Backing Vocals – Deborah McDuffieFrank FloydPatti AustinWilliam Eaton
Bass – Bill Salter
Chimes, Tambourine – David Carey
Clarinet, Piccolo Flute – Billy Slapin
Drums – Andy Newmark
Flute – David Newman
Guitar – Jerry FriedmanKeith Loving
Keyboards – Arthur Jenkins 
Percussion – John RodrieguezRalph MacDonald
Trombone – Buddy Morrow
Trumpet – Burt CollinsJoseph Shepley
Tuba – Jonathan Dorn

Friday, February 15, 2019

David Newman - I Love Music

Digital Crate Digging Continues on a Flashback Friday!! this is my Friday Night Fever segment!!

We're listening to some disco jazz from David "Fathead" Newman with his version of the O'Jays  I Love Music!! 

Check out the players and the track..

Backing Vocals – Benjamin CarterBessye Ruth Scott, Yvonne Fletcher
Bass – Ron Carter
Clavinet – Pat Rebillot
Drums – Jimmy Johnson 
Electric Piano – Ben Lanzarrone
Flute – David Newman
Guitar – Jerry Friedman
Percussion – Dom Um Romao
Strings – Ariana BronneElliot RosoffEugene MoyeGene OrloffGuy LumiaHarold KohonHarry ZaratzianJulien Barber,Kathryn KienkeMarie HenceNorman CarrSanford AllenThomas KornackerTony PoskWarren LaffredoYoko Matsuo
Vibraphone – David Carey
Viola – Selwart Clarke