Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Staying On Point PT. 1

Dude said he was a heavy hitter / heavy lifter; sounding like Trump and his State of The Union address; said he would light the fuse to spark the flames!

....a don't stop get it getter!!  but really lazy,  he couldn't get over the hump; when he picked something up he said he was having sharp chest pains!

Lessons learned?  heavy rains began with a drizzle; just like reigns; damn!! per this Humpday Extravaganza? were caught out in the inclement weather!

Bridges aren't burned,  but I heard the politicians talk junk; meanwhile we're staying on point!! O-Dizzle dropped the brand new funk while O-Zone will say whatever!

Danger zone residents are tripping!! some we're trying to be cunning and clever sounding like Trump with his reference to Nixon; heard another  homie saying he's not heavy he's my brother! 

Word from the Hollies, but I didn't participate in the follies!! so homie starts tripping when the funky drummer is drumming!! they see this brother is on some "other other"

I was staying on point!! dipping through Babylon like its a Discovery Channel or zone, studying the Dark Mystery Of Time and Space!!  we're even out there in the galaxy!! Longjiang-2 Chinese satellites try to capture my image out by the Moon but these earthlings can't find me; there's a bad reception to my "Arts and Entertainment"

I was staying on point!! others were  flipping and tripping,  like this brotha will be a menace to society;  they'll try to play me and my people!! plots and schemes are revealed for "me and my peeps"  containment..

I was staying on point, avoiding the so called Superior Court arraignment introduced by the thought and fashion police;  I told you earlier it was way too real!! I finished up that concept at my satellite station the Sonic Assault..

I was staying on point, especially after those with ulterior motives stained it; what? my soul / spirit like the little black spot on the sun mentioned by the Police in King of Pain; soon hell was caught..

Trying to avoid the distractions during the ongoing interactions even though I can feel it like the Jacksons per this Humpday Extravaganza!!

Praying then I take actions, knowing God is good!! it's not an Eddie Floyd Knock On Wood type of thing!! somebody might understand a brotha!!

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