Saturday, February 9, 2019

Staying On Point PT. 2

Who's tripping and slipping? might have played themselves...didn't know how heavy the rain would get...

We're staying on point, going on with our bad selves but the devil's advocates aren't yielding; they're trying to play us like Roger Stone!! soon seeing us at the arraignment!

Whats up with the Brotha O-Zone?  we're back!! don't get me wrong, digital crate digging continues per the Saturday Night Fever! it's on once again!!

O-Dizzle will pause for the cause because he's down for the cause!! it's all game!! jersey was in the ceiling like Michael Jordan's; but now I'm back in the game again! 

What's the dizzle? staying on point,  rocking / wearing Air Jordans or Jumpmans!!  Throwback Thursday or Flashback Friday type of  business? fast breaking like James Worthy and Magic Johnson!!  going back the way I came in!

What's the dizzle? played by the anointed? hustle knocking  like the House Democrats jamming up Trump? oh! he figured there's no shame in the game he's in...

Staying on point but others were telling me I'm unworthy!! actually  fanatics were trying to get where I've been!!  told them good luck with that! 

God's will is done!! but told them to stay on point; the devil will try to interrupt that!

That's whats up with that!!  as we stay one step ahead!! we're dodging pitchforks, you know the devil stays busy!!

That's whats up with that!! .as we stay one step ahead / as we  stay on point; we proceed and continue!! dropping this breakbeat science is our top priority...

Staying on point, even as this Saturday Night Fever business of digital crate digging is conducted..

Rocking this funky joint!! "holla at me"  if you believe me; if not? act like you know per Matthew Whitaker as we get with ya; no bid rigging, this process is not corrupted..

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