Monday, February 4, 2019

Mike City feat. Carl Thomas - 100 Miles (Sumsuch Remix Voxtramental)

Digital Crate Digging Continues on a Music Monday!! by now you should know my motto; let the music play!!

The saga / struggle continues!! here in Atlanta? Super Bowl 53 is history, now we  Mass Exodus Monday;  on so many different levels? how will we play?

What will we say? talking crazy like Liam Nesson? I see you son, sounding like Trump still wanting his wall..

What will we say? it's hazy out here in the smoke and mirrors as haters will unleash the reign of terror on y'all...

So what's up y'all? per this New Moon in Aquarius some said we're acting nefarious because we came with something different; listening to this good house from  Mike City feat. Carl Thomas with Mike City feat. Carl Thomas - 100 Miles (Sumsuch Remix Voxtramental)

This courtesy of BBE Music; check out the tune ya'll, we're serious about this thing!! check out our response as we continue to get breakbeat scientific!! rebuking the detrimentall!!

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