Thursday, February 7, 2019

Chicago - Happy 'Cause I'm Going Home

Afternoon Jazz Continues, in conjunction with digital crate digging; it's going down!! conjunction with Throwback Thursday; who'll work with me? some of my constituents are digging the way this is going down!!

The function? getting breakbeat scientific, that's how the work will be!! no need for a subpoena like Matt Whitaker 

Dropping the funk son!! along with jazz, rock, hip hop and house music along with other elements; we'll get with ya!!

What's the deal bro? we're checking out this smooth jazz / rock from Chicago with a track called  Happy 'Cause I'm Going Home.

What's the deal bro? just check us out, not trying to spaz on anybody even though we checked the flow per our satellite station!! we'll just drop this breakbeat science on the dome!!


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