Monday, January 31, 2011

In The Meantime...And Between Time

In the meantime and between time..typing this at high noon...please!!  I'm going for mine!

The mothership floats through the galaxy like I'm out by the ISS listening to I-Tunes.....spotted the cosmic swirl..rolling through streams of consciousness ..I'm floating...going for mine!

Knowing another gets ugly here on earth..they bring more beef than Taco Bell.. a penalty or fine awaits me!! from those trying to slow my roll!

They were mad at me!! I wasn't like the clones....I haven't sold my soul! '

They said I haven't been on a roll..accepted status quo..but that's not the situation!

It's like Egypt..change is coming.they say Mubarak has to go?  as I go for what I know...I'm rolling up cashing reality checks with no identification!

In the meantime and between this good word similar to Tales from The Crypt?..please!! indications reveal that class is still in session!

Reality is a good teacher..making a hell of an impression!

So what's the deally? please...snitches were confessing like its an episode of First 48! 

Up in Louisville? the G's lawyer up..they know whats up with the hate!

We come to set it straight!! up in the Midwest..up in the middle..but right now they expect a storm per Al Roker....somewhere in between. ..

Drama goes down in the meantime and between time...expect a storm from a foul joker..but I'm laying in the cut..observing the scene.

Soon ready to roll...I'm on my way!! seen heard and done things..some ask questions looking for answers..but I'm knowing what it do!

Others were waiting in the dark...vehicles in park..waiting for did we roll? we hit a lick..then were dipping through!

Rolling out on I-20 in Atlanta...all up in the rental..the big Mercury Marquis!

Still in discrete mode!!  nobody's heard of me or checking for me.didn't drop 41 like Kobe and still names not on the marquis!

I'm somewhere in between...rolling with saints and sinners!

In the meantime and between time until I see a sign..then soon and very soon...I'll be rolling with the winners!

The game is Shady like's rough on beginners...they'll have to catch up on their pimping...

Down here in Atlanta...spotted The Grady Baby...a player player with Stacy Adams on walking down by the Five Points Marta Station..he was limping...

In full effect...Full Force..Bow legged like Lou and pigeon toed..somewhere in between...stated that he runs Atlanta like the mayor!!

But a fool gets no the meantime and between time...the simple was made complex..and the minor became major!!

The Out There; We Kept On Running Mix

.....monday morning blahs...they got us out there!! but we kept on running....this mix will kick things off!!

The Out There; We Kept On Running Mix

Friday, January 21, 2011

The Train of Thought Is Up and Running..

This is the alternative school of thought....alternative transportation...the train keeps rolling!

Whatcha working with? some move on like Keith Olbermann.. whatcha know man? others come back home like Jean Claude Duvalier..some were played like a the pain keeps growing..

"Everybody plays the fool sometimes there was no exception to the rule"

That's word from the Main Ingredient..that was the jam from the old school!

Pain is caused by progress being delayed..whose impeding it? plans were flawed like the California pipeline that blew up...even an old or new fool  tried to flex their little authority.

They were getting played like water and weed carriers!! owning very little in this territory!

Oh yeah!! they had fly rides and fresh gear!! but sold out the next man to get it!

Now whats the deal? karmic repercussions occur..they get sold out!! now they'll have to quit or forfeit.

O-Dizzle wasn't going for it..the okey-doke..I was hip to the inside Somali pirates going for broke! percussions are part of the rebuttal.

Broken beats and English are part of the O-Zone has universe concepts..intergalactic like a space shuttle.

What did a bruh do? please!!  I was out there!! just got back from another galaxy..M-82. 

Out beyond M-81!! stars exploding like an feel me? act like you knew!

Astronomers tried to kill off Pluto  our home planet..but we do what we do!

Astrologers try to add another sign and another planet...not knowing what they do!

This psychology was learned out in the gray areas!! in between the lines.

Plans for rocking me were exposed.. a bruh could easily read these earthlings minds!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Lights Were Flashing

Flashing lights streak across the it sounded like Kanye West was playing.

Clashing with titans when dropping these insights..blessings received from fasting and praying.

Others were fast and loose!! busting loose like Chuck Brown when playing the game!! operating like the B More Ravens!! said they had the speed we need.

Guns blast!! rockets red glare..bombs burst in the air!! plus in cars in Baghdad.

Would peace last in the Middle East? not say the we prepare the feast..we blast the podcast!!  fighting back haters that disturb the peace we once had!

What's popping..whats the fad? in Arizona whose next?  things get complex..they'll fold ya like a piece of paper!

Funk were dropping..messages are in the songs; and this good heard? what occurred? some will fold!! there's no justice or peace after the caper!

The shape shifter couldnt uplift ya!! was the covenant based on an ill doctrine?

Priorities shift for ya..caught up in the drama!! whose loving it  when reality is rocking them?

Priorities shift!! hustles..whose knocking them? throwing dirt on your shine!

Priorities shift!! whose strong arm muscling like in Tunisia? as the torture works on their mind!

Priorities shift!! as the blind led the blind up in the spot where others were waiting in the dark! 

About to blackout!! dipped in Chevy Suburbans with blacked out windows!! those hating rode off into the dark.

It's not like True Grit..didn't ride off into the sunset like heroes in cowboy movies!

So what's the deal..what will you get as we go in getting it in? boy please!! funky is how the grooves will be!

Moves will be made as we proceed and continue..universal..following flashing lights in the sky..

Moves will be made..ignoring blue flashing lights from Dekalb County cops...dipping..signals interpreted..what it do...what it does? why ask why?

Friday, January 14, 2011

We Never Quit / Stop

O-Zone never stops...never's's all natural...I'm outside...outback on my deck as I type this.

Down here in Atlanta on the snow it's 1/14/11..the media told us what the hype is.

Don't believe the hype was the joint from Public Enemy..Flavor Flav and Chuck D!

Checking the Geico commercial..already knew where the wood chuck would be!

Chucking the farmers wood into the lake!!  in the hood some were fake..fronting like its this and that!

What's up with them? they lit the flame like Sarah Palin!! so whatcha saying?  little homie went on with that! 

Whose playing games?  told them to go on with that!! please it's not that serious!

Also told them that it's no joke....please!! not a damn thing is funny like Eddie Murphy's Delirious!

Are you serious?  are you kidding me? those were the questions!!

We didn't stop and didn't quit...we kept rolling on the train of thought...we proceed and longer second guessing.

As we accept our blessings..we had to do the knowledge..we had to recognize the pattern...

What it do..what it does? it's going down from Louisville /Newburg to Johannesburg...from ATL to Charlotte/Mecklenberg ..from Pluto to Mars to Saturn!!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

What's The Value? What's It All Worth?

What's the deal..what's the value? who's eating value meals and looking for value packages?

Didn't value the life of another ...whats real?  hackers foul you on the way to the hoop!! plus GPS kept track of this.

From cell phones to Tom Toms...sleeper cells had dirty bombs....check the Sonic Assault..O-Dizzle had dirty drums.

Like the Genius of Love  by the Tom Tom Club!! or even Suzanne Vega...Toms Diner...O-Zone was rescued like Chilean Miners!!  but on the table there's still crumbs!

At the Five Points Marta Station in Atlanta?  drama jumps off..first we lose Rueben Hand and then Derrick hurts..then bums wanna ask me for change..told them I was about to ask them for some!

Obama was supposed to have brought change  to the nation!! mathematicians calculate the sum!

The drama brought an unpleasant situation!! morticians get some business..from AD Porter in Louisville to Donald Trimble..that's the by product!

Governing myself accordingly!! a line borrowed from old school baptist preachers..while authorities question my conduct! while governing territories they spotted me!! chilling with the corrupt up in Louisville / Newburg!

Those were my folk!! doing what they do!! that's all they knew!! even down here in the ATL and up in Charlotte Mecklenburg!

We didn't merge with those who said there was a yellow brick road..something was wrong with the shine!

It was gold plated!!  in the cold some skated on the thin ice!! affected by global warming..what was wrong with their mind?

The wrong place wrong time theory was valid!! no crash test dummies are needed to prove it!

The wrong race being run by the wrong kind? please!! I wasn't feeling the movement!

As we proceed and continue...moving with it...grooving with's part of a bigger plan...

As we proceed and continue..doing it..proving it...somebody just might understand..

The Mothership has landed on earth...what do earthings value...the epiphanies are put on the clearance rack...but they are nuggets..

What's up with this brotha? how will he get? breakbeat science is dropped..thats whatsup with this!!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

A New Year...Some Are Still Waiting For Answers...

.....Waiting for answers...what's the deal? like Muqtada al-Sadr  back in Iraq..we're back!! as these epiphanies appear out of nowhere!

Waiting for dancers so the disco inferno can get underway!!  burn baby burn!! what will you learn as we go there?

Word from a bro!! over or under was the bet placed from Las Vegas or Atlantic City or to the Iroquois Homes projects!!

....Up in Louisville...what's the deal? NFL wild card matchups this weekend!! for some it'll be the end..meanwhile others  fake us
..acting frantic..wanting pity!! but the prosecution objects.

What's the deal? no pity from the street commitee..some talking  health care repeal!!  but the persecution connects like minded and kindred spirits that recognize the natural process.

New Years day in Atlanta? it rained!! washed away the negative impact from 2010...part of the healing process!

Some held on to those thoughts and patterns...not a damn thing has changed!! but we do this!!  it's part of the natural process!! now check this poetry in motion.

The train of thought  is rolling down the tracks!! as we bring the sonic assault...the sonic locomotion!

The pain was chronic!! the TV promotion said drug companies had the answer that was therapeutic!

Now a commotion was heard....drugs get recalled ....side effects from the drug made some neurotic!

We had our own commotion!! the brand new funk!!  based on the cosmic slop introduced by the Funkadelics.

Whats the notion? brand new cutting edge elements combine with old relics!

Elementary like Holmes told Watson!! what's up with them? Wikileaks  disclosing what the strategy is or was?

What's up homes? what's up cousin? what's up uncle? cats greeting me on the street...then asking if I can spare a dollar..Obama trying to tell me what the deal is!!

What's up? I took a look around..I can see what it's gonna take time to straighten things's gonna take a miracle... like Deniece Williams

What's up? things can turn around. what it do..what it does?..please....even Oprah is trying to holla at Ted Williams!!

 Your homie is chilling...answers were right in front of us..all we had to do was look up...

Now check this by product from the lab...breakbeat science is what we cook up...