Saturday, January 8, 2011

A New Year...Some Are Still Waiting For Answers...

.....Waiting for answers...what's the deal? like Muqtada al-Sadr  back in Iraq..we're back!! as these epiphanies appear out of nowhere!

Waiting for dancers so the disco inferno can get underway!!  burn baby burn!! what will you learn as we go there?

Word from a bro!! over or under was the bet placed from Las Vegas or Atlantic City or to the Iroquois Homes projects!!

....Up in Louisville...what's the deal? NFL wild card matchups this weekend!! for some it'll be the end..meanwhile others  fake us
..acting frantic..wanting pity!! but the prosecution objects.

What's the deal? no pity from the street commitee..some talking  health care repeal!!  but the persecution connects like minded and kindred spirits that recognize the natural process.

New Years day in Atlanta? it rained!! washed away the negative impact from 2010...part of the healing process!

Some held on to those thoughts and patterns...not a damn thing has changed!! but we do this!!  it's part of the natural process!! now check this poetry in motion.

The train of thought  is rolling down the tracks!! as we bring the sonic assault...the sonic locomotion!

The pain was chronic!! the TV promotion said drug companies had the answer that was therapeutic!

Now a commotion was heard....drugs get recalled ....side effects from the drug made some neurotic!

We had our own commotion!! the brand new funk!!  based on the cosmic slop introduced by the Funkadelics.

Whats the notion? brand new cutting edge elements combine with old relics!

Elementary like Holmes told Watson!! what's up with them? Wikileaks  disclosing what the strategy is or was?

What's up homes? what's up cousin? what's up uncle? cats greeting me on the street...then asking if I can spare a dollar..Obama trying to tell me what the deal is!!

What's up? I took a look around..I can see what it's gonna take time to straighten things's gonna take a miracle... like Deniece Williams

What's up? things can turn around. what it do..what it does?..please....even Oprah is trying to holla at Ted Williams!!

 Your homie is chilling...answers were right in front of us..all we had to do was look up...

Now check this by product from the lab...breakbeat science is what we cook up...

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