Saturday, January 15, 2011

Lights Were Flashing

Flashing lights streak across the it sounded like Kanye West was playing.

Clashing with titans when dropping these insights..blessings received from fasting and praying.

Others were fast and loose!! busting loose like Chuck Brown when playing the game!! operating like the B More Ravens!! said they had the speed we need.

Guns blast!! rockets red glare..bombs burst in the air!! plus in cars in Baghdad.

Would peace last in the Middle East? not say the we prepare the feast..we blast the podcast!!  fighting back haters that disturb the peace we once had!

What's popping..whats the fad? in Arizona whose next?  things get complex..they'll fold ya like a piece of paper!

Funk were dropping..messages are in the songs; and this good heard? what occurred? some will fold!! there's no justice or peace after the caper!

The shape shifter couldnt uplift ya!! was the covenant based on an ill doctrine?

Priorities shift for ya..caught up in the drama!! whose loving it  when reality is rocking them?

Priorities shift!! hustles..whose knocking them? throwing dirt on your shine!

Priorities shift!! whose strong arm muscling like in Tunisia? as the torture works on their mind!

Priorities shift!! as the blind led the blind up in the spot where others were waiting in the dark! 

About to blackout!! dipped in Chevy Suburbans with blacked out windows!! those hating rode off into the dark.

It's not like True Grit..didn't ride off into the sunset like heroes in cowboy movies!

So what's the deal..what will you get as we go in getting it in? boy please!! funky is how the grooves will be!

Moves will be made as we proceed and continue..universal..following flashing lights in the sky..

Moves will be made..ignoring blue flashing lights from Dekalb County cops...dipping..signals interpreted..what it do...what it does? why ask why?

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