Friday, January 14, 2011

We Never Quit / Stop

O-Zone never stops...never's's all natural...I'm outside...outback on my deck as I type this.

Down here in Atlanta on the snow it's 1/14/11..the media told us what the hype is.

Don't believe the hype was the joint from Public Enemy..Flavor Flav and Chuck D!

Checking the Geico commercial..already knew where the wood chuck would be!

Chucking the farmers wood into the lake!!  in the hood some were fake..fronting like its this and that!

What's up with them? they lit the flame like Sarah Palin!! so whatcha saying?  little homie went on with that! 

Whose playing games?  told them to go on with that!! please it's not that serious!

Also told them that it's no joke....please!! not a damn thing is funny like Eddie Murphy's Delirious!

Are you serious?  are you kidding me? those were the questions!!

We didn't stop and didn't quit...we kept rolling on the train of thought...we proceed and longer second guessing.

As we accept our blessings..we had to do the knowledge..we had to recognize the pattern...

What it do..what it does? it's going down from Louisville /Newburg to Johannesburg...from ATL to Charlotte/Mecklenberg ..from Pluto to Mars to Saturn!!

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