Sunday, January 9, 2011

What's The Value? What's It All Worth?

What's the deal..what's the value? who's eating value meals and looking for value packages?

Didn't value the life of another ...whats real?  hackers foul you on the way to the hoop!! plus GPS kept track of this.

From cell phones to Tom Toms...sleeper cells had dirty bombs....check the Sonic Assault..O-Dizzle had dirty drums.

Like the Genius of Love  by the Tom Tom Club!! or even Suzanne Vega...Toms Diner...O-Zone was rescued like Chilean Miners!!  but on the table there's still crumbs!

At the Five Points Marta Station in Atlanta?  drama jumps off..first we lose Rueben Hand and then Derrick hurts..then bums wanna ask me for change..told them I was about to ask them for some!

Obama was supposed to have brought change  to the nation!! mathematicians calculate the sum!

The drama brought an unpleasant situation!! morticians get some business..from AD Porter in Louisville to Donald Trimble..that's the by product!

Governing myself accordingly!! a line borrowed from old school baptist preachers..while authorities question my conduct! while governing territories they spotted me!! chilling with the corrupt up in Louisville / Newburg!

Those were my folk!! doing what they do!! that's all they knew!! even down here in the ATL and up in Charlotte Mecklenburg!

We didn't merge with those who said there was a yellow brick road..something was wrong with the shine!

It was gold plated!!  in the cold some skated on the thin ice!! affected by global warming..what was wrong with their mind?

The wrong place wrong time theory was valid!! no crash test dummies are needed to prove it!

The wrong race being run by the wrong kind? please!! I wasn't feeling the movement!

As we proceed and continue...moving with it...grooving with's part of a bigger plan...

As we proceed and continue..doing it..proving it...somebody just might understand..

The Mothership has landed on earth...what do earthings value...the epiphanies are put on the clearance rack...but they are nuggets..

What's up with this brotha? how will he get? breakbeat science is dropped..thats whatsup with this!!

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