Sunday, November 30, 2014

McCoy Tyner - Sahara

Sunday Jazz Continues; checking out this classic jazz from McCoy Tyner called Sahara. Check out the players and the track....

 McCoy Tyner (Piano, Percussion, Flute, Koto) /
Sonny Fortune (Alto Saxophone, Soprano Saxophone, Flute) /
Alphonze Mouzon (Drums, Trumpet, Percussion) /
Calvin Hill (Bass, Percussion)

Clifford Brown and Max Roach - Jordu

Digital Crate Digging Continues; checking out some of this classic jazz from  Clifford Brown and Max Roach with a track callled Jordu. Man, these cats are playing!! Check out the players and the track...

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Staying Strong (Supreme Courage and Maximum Strength) Part One

In this world?  you know you've got to be strong!!  just look around you and take notes.

Per Ferguson see when and where the damage is; Darren Wilson types show no remorse so we fight back!! weapons used by this brotha?  I'll take beats and quotes...

It doesn't matter if some lie to the masses per the GOP and Democrats or even take votes per Diebold machines tampered with!! 

Identify yourself at the polls!! laws implemented by trolls!! it's On!!  what? The Sonic Assault!! O-Dog is bold!! he's bringing beats to get amped with..

Caught up in the system / matrix but I wasn't stamped with the barcode!! plus the microchip wasn't implanted!! instruments will intercept GPS tracking...

O-Zone?  oh!! he's from anotha zone!! Micro/Macro economics studied!! work was put in!! a brotha is not slacking!!

O-Dog adjusts bass, treble and tone; It's On!!  we're not lacking the funky essentials..

In this world of trouble? supreme courage and maximum strength is needed!!  per the Lord?  we all have credentials!! 

The potential for trouble is everywhere;  check the mass hysteria from Egypt to Boko Haram in Nigeria!! outposts for Spiritual Warfare? 

Still blessed double for the trouble!! if your not like North Korea corrupting Sony Picture software..

Can't be soft over there or here!!  so the Sonic Assault will be what you hear....

In This World? know you've got to be strong!! overcome the irrational fear..

It can be local, national, international or intergalactic!! it's here!!! and you have to be strong to fight it...

Using this sound as we proceed through the darkness!! the fuse?  we light it!!


Friday, November 28, 2014

Monstercat Podcast Ep. 036

Digital Crate Digging Continues; checking out the Monstercat Podcast Ep. 036for the latest in house music, electro and drum and bass. Check out the playlist and the podcast.

00:31 Droptek - Killing Time (feat. Isabel Higuero)
02:46 Noisestorm - Breakdown VIP
06:05 Pegboard Nerds - BADBOI (Dani Deahl Remix)
09:19 Protostar - Scorpion Pit (Mandorli Remix)
12:31 Haywyre - Synergy
15:52 Aero Chord - Break Them (feat. Anna Yvette) [Monstercat Spotlight]
19:49 Muzzy - Shank
23:34 Mystery Track
25:20 Rameses B - Serenity (feat. Charlotte Haining)
28:40 TwoThirds - Origami
33:43 Rootkit - Too Late
37:34 Rich Edwards - Sweetest Addiction (feat. We Ghosts) [Unreleased]
40:50 Soulero & Hellberg - Because We Are
44:06 Stephen Walking - Birthday Cake
49:06 Vicetone - Heartbeat (feat. Collin McLoughlin) (Rogue Remix)
53:22 Au5 - Crossroad (feat. Danyka Nadeau)

Ricardo Miranda - Urbanism

Digital Crate Digging Continues; just rolling through the streets of Atlanta on this so called Black Friday. How will this black man play? 

Should have been listening to Ricardo Miranda's Urbanism when I cruised through, that would have provided ambiance. We're checking it out now though; Let's Go!!


Thursday, November 27, 2014

Collection Activities Are Escalated PT.7

 It's going down like no indictments in Ferguson!! thoughts are gathered like family reunions but  this is a strange season. 

It's going down like the bad weather on this Thanksgiving holiday; retailers were promoting Black Friday!!  I'm not feeling it for some strange reason.  
Clearance rack epiphanies per Pre Black Friday reveal how this black man will play!! Like Big Bank Hank (R.I.P.) I'm still giving out breakbeat scientific lessons. 

Taking it to the bridge like James Brown told the boys!!  funk is dropped in these sessions.
What was taught? how did some get down? per grand jury decisions in Ferguson stories were conflicting!! a Deliberate Falsehood?

Perpetrators were contradicting themselves per Darren Wilson!! acting false in the hood?

Haters said it's all good!!  but after Black Friday / Christmans check the shady dealing per harmful debt collection practices!! these jokers aren't playing fair!! we looked around and took notes!!

Now that our own collection activities have escalated were fighting back with the Sonic Assault!! O-Dog brought the sound and O-Zone took quotes!!

Mentioned in other episodes!!  slick ones hacked Diebold machines!! they took votes!! they weren't processed!!

This brotha interpreted codes per street modes!! now the scenario will run something like this!!

Damn!! that's what's heard!! Haters will no doubt receive with mixed emotions the news of my imminent reappearance!

The brief hiatus is over!! collection activities have escalated but we chill!!  showing  no ill emotions!! bringing the truth!! you know some will fear this !!!

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Harvey Mason - Modaji

Sunday Jazz Continuess; checking out this classic jazz / funk track from  Harvey Mason - called Modaji. Check out the players and the track....
Bass Guitar – Chuck Rainey  / Drums, Finger Cymbals, Cabasa, Xylophone, Marimba [Bass] – Harvey Mason  / Electric Piano, Written-by, Arranged By [Rhythm] – Dave Grusin  / Flute – Hubert Laws  / Guitar – Lee Ritenour

Steve Khan - Darlin' Darlin' Baby

Sunday Jazz Continues; checking out this smooth track from  Steve Khan -with his version of the O'Jays  Darlin' Darlin' Baby. Check out the all star players rolling with him and the track...

The Outback Chronicles (Winds Of Change Were Blowing)

High winds of change blew through the neighborhood!! plus the rain was falling!!  I'm outback on the deck assessing the damage. 

My blends had spiritual significance;  O-Dog wasn't out of it like others thought! I didn't fall for the deliberate falsehood!!  I'm just processing the ongoing scrimmage.

....between good and evil; damn!! the reign is falling!! plus its hard to see through the smoke and mirrors!! as I go there I'm waiting on the smoke to clear. 

We're chilling out in attack zones;  haters try make sales pitches or try to accost us like John Boehner suing about Obamacare

I see what it do;  I raked leaves last week but now there's a yard full of them. 

Snakes revealed themselves!!  they deceived the masses per GOP winning midterm elections but Democrats aren't any better!!  snakes?  the yard was full of them. 

Sacks are full of them!! what?  the good word!!  plus the brand new funk mesmerized when I was on some I-20 Chronicles business. 

Slackers?  I didn't fool with them!! I was reflecting on past episodes while on this Outback Chronicle business. 

Hackers will knock you out of it; what? the server!! now you can't log on!! but I wasn't out of it!! I respond with this breakbeat scientific business!!

Outback the winds of change blow!! they had a bite to them since it was coming from the east per the wedge; famine or feast? my peeps know what the deal is!!

Some are out of it like they were hit by Manny Pacquiao!! they're finding out what the real is as these winds of change blow!!

I was outback on the deck energized by the New Moon in Sagittarius soon going for what I know!!

Saturday, November 22, 2014

DJ Karizma / Ride

Digital Crate Digging Continues; checking out this classic house track from DJ Karizma  called Ride. 


Collection Activities Are Escalated PT.6 (Maintaining Focus)

As we proceed and continue!! collection activities are escalated!! we have to maintain focus....

Visualize The Sequence?  oh yeah!!  I had to peep this!! society hated per Ferguson Missouri manuevers!!  pain is brought on by the bogus....

So we approach this another way!!  check out how we work this son!! moves are made by this Veteran In The Game..

Now a coach in the game per Jason Kidd with a bad reception in Brooklyn!! but this is a good one!! I didn't get here the other day so I'm not the one to blame..

Not the one to shame kid!!  scattered thoughs are collected after being disrespected like Bill Cosby finding out what the cost will be!! but I didn't fall for the distractions!!

It's all game kid!! who's jumping and recognizing after karma is rectifying?   Adam Lanza types get seduced!! drama is introduced by ill factions!!

It's all game kid!!! so these collection activities are escalated!! I wasn't joking like Tony Danza on a Honeymoon in Vegas!! interactions are limited I'm not dimwitted!!  I'm not out here falling for the bogus!!

It's all game kid!! but we proceed and continue!! a brotha will Maintain Focus!!!

It's all game kid!! so Once Again we bring it back after scattered thoughts are collected!! like the GOP still worried about Obamacare the struggle continues....

Check out the Sonic Assault as we strike back at chefs up in Hell's Kitchen with their  ill menus!!

We strike back!!  we're rocking these venues with the Sonic Assault!!

Left for a moment; but scattered thoughts are now collected!! like bad debt collection these collection activities have escalated!! we're right back!! the battle is fought...


Friday, November 21, 2014

Deep House Mix #52 2014 HD Mixed by Jordi Castillo

Digital Crate Digging Continues; checking out this  Deep House Mix #52 2014 HD Mixed by Jordi Castillo. Nice mix for a Friday Night!! This mix is courtesy of DeepMixNation.    Check out the playlist and the mix..

 △ Tracklist

1.- ScheinizzI - The Anthem (Club Mix)
2.- The XX - Intro (Jordi Castillo Remix)
3.- Wade, Artslaves - Promiscuouos (Original Mix)
4.- Lexer - Thoughtful (Original Mix)
5.- Arnold Jarvis, Danism - Reciprocated Love (Deux Tigres Remix)
6.- SoKool - Recognize feat Mr Schug - (Ektschn Remix)
7.- Jordi Castillo - Trust Me (Original Mix)
8.- Dennis Cruz, Iluliano Mambo - Expander (Original Mix)
9.- Sofi De La Torre - Vermillion (Andre Crom, Chi Thanh Remix)
10.- Cervendos, Sonny Fodera - Let's Go (Original Mix)
11.- Lana Del Rey - Ultraviolence (Jordi Castillo Remastered Edit)
12.- Vimes - Celestial (Gardens Of God Remix)
13.- Ryan Padley - Baseballs Fury (Original Mix)
14.- Ten Walls - Walking With Elephants (Kant Remake)
15.- Jay Lumen - Dusty Memories (Original Mix)
16.- Lane 8 - Be Mine (Original Mix)
17.- Caribou - Can't Do Without You (Original Mix

Monstercat Podcast Ep. 035

Digital Crate Digging Continues; checking out the  Monstercat Podcast Ep. 035 for the latest in drum and bass, electro, dubstep or whatever!! Check out the playlist and the podcast!!


Hood Hits 24 Various Artists Hosted by DJ Anonymous

Digital Crate Digging Continues; checking out some hip from the  Hood Hits 24 Various Artists  
 This mixtape is Hosted by DJ Anonymous
Getting this weekend thing off to an early start!! Rick Ross, Migos, Rich Gang, Bobby Shmurda, Lil Wayne, TI, Future and Jeezy are getting it in. This mixtape is courtesy of Spinrilla. Check it out!!

Powered by

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Roy Porter Sound Machine '94 ‎–Mr. R.P. & Me (feat. Chet Christopher) (Instrumental)

Digital Crate Digging Continues; checking out the  Roy Porter Sound Machine '94 ‎– with a track called Mr. R.P. & Me (feat. Chet Christopher) (Instrumental) ..Check out the other players and the track!!

Collection Activities Are Escalated PT. 5

A brotha slips through the cracks; but I wasn't over on Glenwood Road in Decatur!! I didn't slip through with loose rocks / cracks!! I don't do that!!!

Scattered thoughts are collected!! now a brotha slips through portals!! but I had to admit like SpaceShipTwo I crash landed!!  but I had parachutes!! act like you knew that!!

No golden parachutes like corporate execs!!  even though the economy is bad some crooks still get them!! corporations blew that!!

...Profits listed as down; the money is parked offshore!! parking lot pimping?   or it's like Beatnuts!! money off the books!! damn!! now the pension funds gone after they loot that!!

It's bigger than an Adrian Peterson suspension!! they got cute with that!! I did the knowledge per business school so I'm hip to those crooks and their creative / high technical accounting principles!!

Soon some will crash and burn; what did they learn?  they thought they were the invincibles!! .

Meanwhile due to collection activities that have escalated we're following sonic principles established by Dr. James Brown!!!!

We *Make It Funky* that's how me and 0-Dog get down!! get down!!

Sounds blast from the  O-Dog Podcast as we blast on the enemy position like bombs dropping on ISIS during the ongoing crisis; this is how we get down!! get down!!!!

*All The Way Live Like Lakeside* but we're in survival mode because we know how the fake ride due these collection activities that have escalated!!  as we bring the good word and the sound!!

Local, National, International and Intergalactic after scattered thoughts are collected!! we get around per Tupac /Digital Underground!!

Whatcha know? some act irrational!! fanatics disrespected but we hit them up per this digital crate digging!! check how we get down!! 

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Lounge Beats 2015 - Dj XS presents the Funk Lounge Session 2015

Digital Crate Digging Continues; checking out  Lounge Beats 2015 - Dj XS presents the Funk Lounge Session 2015. It's a trip seeing 2015 mixes now!! 2014 has flew by!! This is a nice mix to carry us over into the new year. Check out the playlist and the mix..

 Lounge Beats 2015 - Funk Lounge Session 2015 Tracklist

1. The Hellen Hollins Singers - Consolation (Nicolas Jaar Edit)
2. Lil' Flip - Game Over (Prince of Ballard Remix)
3. Common - Car Horn (Cool Common Collected Bootleg)
4. Nova Fronteria - Keep It like This
5. John Phonics - The One
6. Scolla feat Skewby - Play it Cool
7. Gramatik - Muy Tranquilo
8. Rayko - Little Baby
9. B.Bravo & Teeko - More Than Just a Reprise
10. Toto - Georgy Porgy (RLP I Got Soul Re-Edit)
11. Nujabes - Luv(sic) part 4 feat. Shing02
12. 45 King - Tuff Ass Jazz 1 - Break 12
13. Ben & Lex feat Pharcyde - Bang Like Thia (Tom Showtime Remix)
14. Brutal Disco - Make Me Feel Good
15. Orgone - I Get Lifted
16. Soul 2 Soul - Keep On Movin (Kompleks Sweet Edit)
17. Nu Shooz - I Can't Wait (MCA Jazz Hop Edit)
18. Gizelle Smith & The Mighty Mocambos -The Time Is Right for Love (45 Swing-o Remix)
19. The Tall Black Guy Productions - The Return of Here & Now
20. Lee McDonald - We've Only Just Begun (TM Juke Remix)
21. L.A.X. - All my Love (Francois K Mix)
22. Hackney Colliery Band - Superhero Disco (The Reflex Revision)
23. Hackney Colliery Band -All of the Lights
24. Hackney Colliery Band - State of Mind

Collection Activities Are Escalated PT 4 (Humpday Edition)

Scattered thoughts are collected; might even go back in the day and play some old school, I want to be free like Ohio Players!!

Back in the day?  lived on Ezzard Charles up in Cincinnati, Ohio near Washington Park so I know all about those players!!

Hustlers and players!! these days they transformed coming in many shapes and forms!! from Keystone XL supporters to Bill Cosby finding out how the sport does!! meanwhile I say prayers!! Lord Have Mercy!!!

Experiencing scenarios;  from grey areas to Bay Areas; now telling you what the worst case can be!!!

Per Ferguson and other areas authorities chase me and my kind!! they said we match the composite.......

But work is put in!! Hmmm; college educated / religious and conducting this breakbeat scientific business!! I'm the polar opposite......

Not bi-polar out here in the middle of the ongoing polar vortex!!  stop this madness!!  scattered thoughts are collected but as I come back with this? I see the madness doesn't stop!! it doesn't stop!!

Collection activities are escalated though some still hated!! ISIS takes over Syria!! or maybe business is conducted per Goodluck Jonathan and Boko Haram?  they won't quit and won't stop!!

Did they miss you? trapped in the Gaza Strip isolated with no supplies!! waiting on helicopters and cruise ships!

Israelis set up an embargo!! you know how it go!! did they dis you? worried about reactions when one loses!! who flips? who flips?

O-Zone trips!! but not on controlled substances!!  scattered thoughts are collected!! collection activities have escalated!! it's just how my mind works!!

The danger zone? a bro skips through / dips through; analyzing circumstances that are debatable!! being built or torn down? why is it that my kind hurts?

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Collection Activities Are Escalated PT.3

My mind travels from the present, back to the past, and then back to the future!!

Searching for something? someone?  suspended for the season like Adrian Peterson? Why?  they ask, they said we already knew ya!!!

We already knew ya!! that's what somebody said!!  but I see they're waiting in the dark / misled!! they *Don't Know This One*

Stereotypical!!  pitiful!! but check out what we do as scattered thoughts are collected on this one!!

*This one* is O-Zone!! residing in a zone!! let the healing process began!!  after the ego was bruised and battered!! it's like Jerusalem were we in the danger zone? we were disrespected!!

O-Zone?  jokers are acting brand new with him!! *On My Own* like Patti La Belle- Michael McDonald? disconnected?

Electronic components are connected in the lab; check out the sonic smash and grab as O-Dog's mixes are hooked up!!

Evil opponents confronted / rebuked? with hazardous materials spots will get nuked!!  it was due to nefarious plots that were cooked up!!

Evil chefs cooked up food in Hell's Kitchen with no nutritional value!!!

This brotha likes to *hoop* but like Trevor Booker hacking Blake Griffin when driving to the basket?  somebody will foul you!!

Another said this world is foul dude!! like Keystone XL business bear witness to what a crook will do!! get used to the toil, strife and suffering!

Another said your not immune!!! just buy you some Aleve, Tylenol or Bufferin!

If the suffering continues? get you some Ritalin, Lipitor or even Prozac...

But a brotha like me is different; collection activities are escalated!! I get my mind right so I can do more; Let The Healing Process Began!! I drop this good word and hook up an O-Dog track..


Monday, November 17, 2014

Nino Bless / Illuminati Reject

Digital Crate Digging Continues; checking out some hip hop from the  Nino Bless Illuminati Reject mixtape courtesy of DatPiff

This mixtape features production by Scram Jones, and his in house production team of Neenah, Scottzilla, Nemisis and others. Cambatta also spits on a few tracks. Check it out y'all!!


Catching Up On Things

What's the deal?  were coming out fresh with a brand new batch!!  were catching up on things. 

What's the deal?  like Mexican cartels supplying Chicago with that product were batching up things. 

What's the deal? I  had to admit we were once latching on to things!! but the Lord provided signals that we needed to let go and move on!

Per Dwayne Woods Let Go Let God!! it's not odd!! it's like authorities telling us to *move on, nothing to see here*  but let me be clear;  in Ferguson they were wrong. 

They were strong!!  residents of hostile territories were heard saying that!!  like we were that Frenchman in ISIS or somebody.

We're not about that life / doctrine;  me and O-Dog are rocking!  the sound will make you think or move your body. 

We're locked in!!  focused on these breakbeat scientific principles!!  taking things to the next level

R.I.P.  to Thomas Eric Duncan in the lime green shirt;  also to  Dr. Martin Salia  from Sierra Leone!!  check out what were on as we rebuke the next devil.

Dunking like Lebron James in these games!!  lime green safety vest worn by first responders after the fact!!

.... Trying to catch up on things;  this veteran in the game shows rookies he had the knack. 

.....Trying to catch up on things like cookies in the browser tracking all the moves that are made!!

Trying to batch up things!! check out this product from the lab!! grooves are made!!

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Airport Lounge Mix by DJDimsa

Sunday Jazz Continues; checking out this atmospheric,  smooth jazz / lounge music per this Airport Lounge Mix by  DJDimsa 

Right on time for a Sunday Evening!! It's like your chilling in the lounge at the airport sipping on an adult beverage, soon flying off to your destination. Check out the playlist and the mix!!
01 00:00 The Karminsky Experience - Departures
02 03:55 Mr Untel - The Day The Sun Exploded
03 08:37 Monre la Rue - Fleur rouge
04 11:38 Merge Of Equals - flavors place
05 15:55 Superlounger - Superlounger
06 18:50 afterlife - roodbeets
07 23:17 Room Service Feat. Daryl Bowmore - Ambrosia
08 26:38 roudoudou - bikini in the chamber
09 28:46 Mo´Horizons - Shake It Loose
10 33:42 Racoon - beautiful smile
11 39:14 Merge Of Equals - Yumenonakade
12 42:57 Redfish - 4 Seasons 4 Loves

Blue Rhythm Combo / BRC's Groove

Sunday Jazz Continues; checking out some jazz / funk from the Blue Rhythm Combo  with a BRC's Groove!! Let's Go!!

They Wanted To Know How I'm Living

Inquiring minds asked me; They want to know how I'm living?? How am I living??

Until the shot clock expires? I told them today and *Everyday* I'm using a *Fresh Vision*Fresh Vision**

A *Fresh Vision* * Fresh View* That's how I'll do; that is what it do!!

That's how I'm living!! It's no joke!!! the brotha O-Zone will not lie to you!!

I'm not a politician Democrat or Republican; what's up man? I won't choke up in tears and cry to you per  **Cry Me A River** like Justin Timberlake!!!

I'm not sleepin!! please!! evil is "creepin"  : they can be dressed up *funky fresh*  or bummy!! as we deal with the fake!!

My people will be blessed up in the piece!! the drum will be the weapon of choice as we come out fresh with a brand new batch!! a lot is at stake as these so called *Movers and Shakers* implement policy!!

My people will be stressed up in this piece per Ferguson type shenanigans!! It'll shake our souls as we go through this journey / this odyssey!!!

How am I living? I'm dipping down I-20 in Atlanta behind the slow moving Honda Odyssey reminding me of setbacks and obstacles but G-O-D will sponsor me and you, all we have to do is send up prayers!!!!

He provides a kinetic energy interceptor, shielding our auras with many layers!!

How am I living? no ace inhibitors are needed!!  dropped the sodium!!  no high blood pressure!!!

How am I living? I grew up around habitual criminals down to Plan Z!!  but these days? I'm repelling evil ones; they're creeping not sleepin!!  they'll apply the pressure!!

Evil ones will test ya; the apparatus is using Psychology; Sociology; Economics and Political Science!

What's the response??  Me and O-Dog will use** BreakBeat Science**

Exercising our minds; ignoring the smoke and fog enhanced by mirrors!! the apparatus is unforgiving!!

Answering the question!!! somebody wanted to know how I'm living!!

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Doing The Knowledge PT.2 Work Is Put In

O-Zone handles his business!! please!!  there's no telling what he's doing!!!

Hooking up beats with O-Dog or writing until his wrist is hurting!!

From Carpal Tunnel Syndrome? finger falling off like Jose Canseco?  whatcha know? I'm open minded!! no tunnel vision!!!

Once again it's on!! the truth? I'm not disputing!! I'm Coming with a Fresh Perspective *A Fresh View* A Fresh Vision*

No intermission *Work Is Put In*  I'm not like Tony Abbott not shirtfronting Vladimir Putin when Stephen Harper had to rebuke him!! I'm in search of clarification!! .

*Extraordinary Flexibility Is Required For Success*'s part of the equation

Providing *Illumination* per G20 black money!! to some it's a rude awakening!!

Lights shine down!! peeped the attitude!! they didn't want to give a black man the money that he's owed!!  it appears some are faking!! .

But I was going for mine!! I'm  taking what I could get out of every situation!!

Studied the streets, studied in college, and studied in church;  in search of clarification!!

Hit the nation up with the sound!! I keep telling you work is put in!! .

*Extraordinary Flexibility* enabled us to have a *Fresh Vision*

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Ta-Ku - 25 Nights For Nujabes (FULL ALBUM)

Digital Crate Digging Continues; checking out Ta-Ku - with 25 Nights For Nujabes (FULL ALBUM)..tribute album to Nujabes. Nice!! Nice!! Check out the playlist and the album!!

1. 00:00 - Night 1
2. 03:04 - Night 2
3. 05:07 - Night 3
4. 07:48 - Night 4
5. 10:11 - Night 5
6. 13:07 - Night 6
7. 15:42 - Night 7
8. 18:18 - Night 8
9. 21:10 - Night 9
10. 23:43 - Night 10
11. 26:09 - Night 11
12. 29:19 - Night 12
13. 32:18 - Night 13
14. 34:48 - Night 14
15. 38:03 - Night 15
16. 39:10 - Night 16
17. 41:15 - Night 17
18. 43:34 - Night 18
19. 45:48 - Night 19
20. 47:18 - Night 20
21. 48:52 - Night 21
22. 51:14 - Night 22
23. 56:00 - Night 23
24. 59:22 - Night 24
25. 01:00:36 - Night 25

Monstercat Podcast Ep. 034

Digital Crate Digging Continues; my fingers are burning!! grabbing this Monstercat Podcast Ep. 034 straight out of the oven!! Just released!! check out the playlist and the podcast!!


00:31 Vicetone - Heartbeat (feat. Collin McLoughlin) (Cash Cash Remix)
04:40 Pegboard Nerds - Hero (feat. Elizaveta) (Stonebank Remix)
09:41 Hellberg - I’m Not Over (feat. Tash)
12:19 Favright - Taking Over (feat. Cassandra Kay) (Synchronice Remix)
17:04 Laszlo - Supernova [Monstercat Spotlight]
21:50 F.O.O.L - Punks
27:44 Going Quantum & Stephen Walking - Full Grizzly
30:43 Astronaut - Quantum (Virtual Riot Remix)
35:17 Droptek - What’s Going On (feat. Isabel Higuero)
38:25 Mystery Track 1
40:47 Tristam & Braken - Frame of Mind
44:49 Rameses B - We Love
48:51 DotEXE - Run Away From Me
52:50 Haywyre - Dichotomy (Soft Mix)
57:12 Mystery Track 2

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

The Lox / The Trinity (3rd Sermon)

Digital Crate Digging Continues; Jadakiss, Styles P and Sheek Louch return for the third installment in The LOX's "The Trinity" trilogy. 

Chris Stylz, Jimmy Dukes, Jahlil Beats and DJ Uneek handle the production. It's courtesy of DatPiff. Let's Go!!

Outback Chronicles (A Different Perspective)

What's the deal?  the change of scenery / different perspective had taken on a whole new meaning. 

What's real? I'm not left hanging out there like World Trade Center window washers!!  what does it all mean to me?  scattered thoughts are collected for a whole new meaning. 

Who's hanging on a string like Loose Ends?  please!! Mitch McConnell was left out there per the US-China Climate Change deal!!

Beats are banging per the O-Dog blends while O-Zone drops the good word!!  letting you know the struggle is real!!

So what's the deal? these Outback Chronicles seem to have a new shine or veneer from the fresh view / fresh vision

Outback!!  raking leaves, cutting grass; like veterans from this past Veteran's Day the war didn't blow my mind this time per Delfonics!!  fake moves by those deceiving fall apart!!  cutting the grass revealed the snakes!! it showed me how they're living! 

Outback in 70 degree weather in November down here in Atlanta!!  soon were shivering due to the return of the polar vortex.

 "Holla back"  after 360 degree maneuvers!!  you might understand a bruh when I say the sport is complex

Give the dollar back that they bought you with!!  these days it can be Democrat or Republican. 

The scholar is back!!  studies conducted while sitting outback on the deck!!  after putting work in. 

Episodes in Ferguson reminded us we can be put into a trick bag

Modes of transportation vary from the Rosetta Philae Lander on 67P to  the hooptie dipping down I-20!!  or rolling with my brother in the vintage Jag.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Collection Activities Are Escalated PT.2

Reality was inspiring O-Dog to undertake sonic assaults; the mixtures are universal / celestial!!

Inspiring the masses  with sonic motivation as we rock the nation with the drum kit!!  soon we'll reach our potential!!

But you know how it goes!! from the ATL to to Putin pimping at the APEC Summit the ambiance was disturbed!!

Corporations have nations in a choke hold!! similar to Tony Abbott shirtfronting Putin? the truth some are disputing!! that's why my appetite is curbed!!!!

I didn't abort operations; let the truth be told!!! O-Zone aka OMANXL1 disturbs the peace!! I'm back from vacation!!

Providing proof?  be bold? mandatory!! but like Obama vs Republicans I'm facing aloof and arrogant accusations!!

Scattered thoughts are collected; collection activities have escalated!! situations show I'm not sold out;  not bossed, not bought!! similar to Hosea Williams!!

He was a foot soldier with MLK or those not knowing; I'm not through dealing!! It's all love, respect, no hurt feelings!!

Feel this!!  As we do this!! scattered thoughts are collected!! activities have escalated it's about to go down in a big way!!

Feel this!! Betcha By Golly Wow!!! per Stylistics as we put it down with no delay!!

Like the snowstorm in the Upper Midwest per the Haarp induced polar vortex Big Things Are On The Way!!

This is not the norm as we bless you with this breakbeat science per collected scattered thoughts; this is how we play!!


Monday, November 10, 2014

Monstercat Podcast Ep. 033

Digital Crate Digging Continues; trying to turn things up on a Monday night with the  Monstercat Podcast Ep. 033. Check out the playlist and the mix...


00:31 Sound Remedy & Nitro Fun - Turbo Penguin [Monstercat Spotlight]
03:47 Soulero - Seconds Away
07:06 Vicetone - Harmony
12:06 TwoThirds vs Throttle feat. Laura Brehm - Waking Dreams vs Next Big Thing (Monstercat Podcast Edit)
16:47 Laszlo - ????? [Unreleased]
20:18 TwoThirds - Skywards (feat. Lambert McGaughy)
26:05 Stephen Walking - Motions
29:18 Favright - Taking Over (feat. Cassandra Kay) (SirensCeol Remix) [Unreleased]
31:34 Astronaut & Eyes - Pinball (Bear Grillz Remix)
34:33 Fractal - Duality
40:10 Hot Date! & Chrisson - Overcome (This Time)
45:37 Draper - Joyride
49:23 Tut Tut Child - Breathe (feat. Danyka Nadeau)
53:09 Mystery Track [Unreleased]
55:00 Grant Bowtie - Reach


Collection Activities Are Escalated

I'm just playing it like this; thoughts are collected like bad debt by collectors; I'm not on the no call list..

*BreakBeat Science*  *Scattered Thoughts Collected*  the activity is escalating!! will I rise or fall with this?

Thoughts are collected!! Total Recall per Colin Farrell and not Arnold Schwarzenegger!! theres's no Sympathy For The Devil like the Rolling Stones!!  I'm not at the banquet with the beggars!!  this science is connected to soul, rock, jazz, and hip-hop

*Next Level Dramatics* are interpreted;  like Boko Haram in Nigeria the drama doesn't quit and it doesn't stop

Tired of the hurt and the pain;  so I was either cruising down I-20 in Atlanta, West Coasting out on I-80 in Oakland  or even Carnival Cruising in the Caribbean.

Just Trying To Maintain!! trying to stay one step ahead of jackers and the Pirates Of The Caribbean.

Just Trying To Maintain!! once winning / ahead;  sometimes losing / behind; like 49er's against the Saints? we sometimes win in overtime up in this sport!!

In the land of the Aztec and Mayan?  O-Zone  wasn't playing!! he wrote his own scriptures and put them the Jan-sport!!

....And I know how to play the sport up in this danger zone; O-Dog's sonic mixtures / pictures that are  developed show that I have credentials!

Elixirs, tonics and other mixtures are in the melting pot; my mind is taking pictures!! local, national, international and intergalactic? I'm channeling spirits of residentials!!

Respect these Sonic Assaults as some will get whats coming to them!! check the karma!! it comes back like collection agencies trying to collect old debt!!

Hell was caught!! let the healing process began!! now scattered thoughts are collected!! activities have escalated!! we won't stop and quit!! 

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Kerri Chandler - Red Sun

Sunday Jazz Continues / checking out some future jazz / deep house from  Kerri Chandler - with a track called Red Sun.  The Co-producer is DJ Deep , on Guitar – Francisco Pancho Navarro and providing Vocals is Anthony Flanagan 


What Does It Tell Us? (Jumping and Recognizing)

Some may jump to the same conclusion I have after doing the knowledge; what did it tell you?

Alarms go off!! lights come on!! we wake up from the illusion / the confusion!!  so what are you using after defense mechanisms fail you?

The GOP type of shadetree mechanics say they can fix it!!  meanwhile merchants sell you products that you don't need!!

Now your hooked!!  capers go down! into jail you're booked!!  that's the kind of conduct you didn't need!!

...Said you had the need for speed; O-Dog's High Velocity track is heard!! jokers said he was trying to impress when he came with these fresh batches;  was it the performance syndrome?

But you didn't have the need to bleed!! that wasn't the priority!! per Obama and immigration we know how to play with matches;  some jumped to the wrong conclusion.

This world is full of confusion; who's in conflict with it?  conditions can be adverse...

Hooked up with O-Dog!! the funk? that's what he was using!! O-Zone? I had a verse..

I had a verse or two; while others were like Democrats vs Obama they're cursing you; Democrats taking blacks for granted? we're observing you!! we come to put it down!!

Here We Go!! Here We Go!! we're back with this!! letting you know what's up with the sound!!!

We had to let things go that were a distraction!! we're  ignoring the science dropped by an ill faction!!  situations we're rectifying!!

We did the knowledge; we're up in the action after seeing what it tells us!! after jumping and recognizing!

Friday, November 7, 2014

Courtney Pine - Don't X'plain (Roni Size Remix)

Digital Crate Digging Continues; checking out  Courtney Pine - Don't X'plain (Roni Size Remix) featuring vocals from Cassandra Wilson. Let's Go!!


Hospital Podcast 244 with London Elektricity

Digital Crate Digging Continues; Hospital Records is in the house!! checking out this Hospital Podcast 244 with London Elektricity for some of the best drum and bass on the planet!!  

They've got tracks from Logistics, Nu:Tone, Etherwood, Marcus Intalex and others. Check out the playlist and the podcast. Let's Go!!

Nu:Tone ‘Til Dawn’
Chroma ‘Always Be There’
Logistics ‘Colour Wheel’
Nu:Tone ‘Say That You’ll”
Anile ‘Redirection’
DKay ‘Babylon’
Lynx ‘Where are you?’
Vromm ‘El sol’
Etherwood ‘Disposition’ (alt. version)
DJ Detweiler
Digital ‘Red Tape’
John B ‘Robot Lover’ (Logistics remix)
High Contrast ‘Somethings Never Change’
Concord Dawn ‘You don’t have to run’
Villem ‘Another Star’
BCee ‘Beyond Relief’ (Technimatic remix)
Logistics ‘Wanderlust’
Logistics ‘City Life’
Nu:Tone ‘Tides’ feat. Lea Lea
Marcus Intalex & Calibre ‘Somethin’ Heavy’
Anile ‘Losing My Mind’
Thunderbirds Are Go!

Going Off On Them / Doing What I Do!!

The brotha O-D-O-G will get off!!!  I'm doing what I do!! Sounds are manipulated!!

It's not beyond him!!! that's what he'll do!!!!. how will they respond to him? disrespected like Obama by fellow Democrats? what's up with that? Don't you hate it?

Learned it's never too late! please!! per Brothers Johnson  Blessings come right on time!!

Where you tipping off to?? that's what they asked a brotha after I cut the corner!! Please!!! *I'm Trying To Get My Mind Right*..Now is the time!!!

Where are you slipping off to?? like the The Bengals Beaten By The Browns You Fell Off??...It's a damn shame!!

Check what I'm flipping to you!! breakbeat science is used as a weapon in spiritual warfare!! *We Have To Fight* up in this game!!

But I'm not tripping on you!! *This Is Not A Game* word from a veteran in the game!! it's real.

 From the ATL to Pluto / Mars; local, national, international, intergalactic or even interstellar we face the drama; now that's the deal!!

I'm feeling you based on what we do to ourselves!!  knowing your caught up in a similar  situation!!

*We Have To Struggle And Fight Through The Confusion, Failure and Frustration*

So what you facing?? Please!! like Russia vs Ukraine It can get *Way Too Real*Way Too Real*

But praying to God will get us through!!! He'll give us strength!!! now we're going off on them!! doing what we do!!  that's the deal!!!



Thursday, November 6, 2014

Breakbeat Scientific Plans Are Executed PT.2

*Plans Are Executed* nosy ones think they know what's up!! but they don't know this one!!!

So called truth was disputed per Koch Brothers campaign ads; but I took the time to listen!!

I read between the lines;  soon the treasury is looted per the Ebola crisis and war drums per ISIS;  OhYeah!! this brotha is on top of it!!  I *Did The Knowledge*Did The Knowledge*

I read their minds;  it's all about money, power and greed;  that's easy to acknowledge!!!!

Good mileage? true indeed!! we got that on the mothership but bad mileage received by the Crown Vic; it's a gas guzzler! it's a V-8!!

Elixirs, Crunk and energy juices are drunk;  damn!! I even had  a V-8!!

Not discouraged like Cleveland Cavaliers because they're not fast breaking or dunking!!  check out our sound, it's not too late to drop the funk on ya!!

Oh No!!! It's not too late after we peeped game with a *Fresh View**Fresh Vision** now we clean it up like ammonia!!

As we put it on ya!!! patterns are broken that were stereotypical!! plans are executed even though jokers thought they knew what was up!! but *They Don't Know This One*They Don't Know This One**

*Spaced Out* like Saturn: Broken Beats?  Broken English? Check Out The Tools Used By This One!!

*You Don't Know This One* that's what I told pundits and so called experts; as BreakBeat Science is dropped on my kinfolk!!

Check Out the O-Dog Podcast to see how we work it!!  O-ZONE and O-DOG go for broke!!