Saturday, November 1, 2014

Lost In Translation / Transition PT.3

Like the fight against the Ebola outbreak  in West Africa the saga / struggle continues;  especially since we're in transition.

We continue to fight!! a brotha drops this good word and brand new funk;  some of these peeps won't act right like the Republican Party so some of it will be lost in translation. a brotha hip hops or jazzed it up it's a revolutionary party!! but  I knew everybody wouldn't be able to grasp the concept.

Collateral damage drops around us from Ebola patients like Thomas Earl Duncan in the lime green shirt to victims of other weapons used by flagrant agents;  we were wise to the set up!!  we know how a con gets.

Check the response to that and this; emergency first responders in lime green safety vests say this is hazardous material because I'm in transition!!  I'm finishing what I started.

Let the healing process began!! damn!!  I had to admit I was broken hearted.

What's the deal with it?  like President Blaise Compaore in Burkina Faso I departed from the hostile territory!!  a dude is in transition.

Using a hot style to tell the story; now check the attitude!!  but some of this science will be lost in translation.
As we proceed and continue;  we're not worried about what the score will be God will continue to bless us!! it's a new day!!! we're using  **A Fresh Vision**

Not geeked!!!! I read the menu!  genetically modified organisms were used!! the meals weren't nutricious!!  I peeped game!! I was blessed with intuition!

**What's Really Going On??? that's per my satellite station;  what's  calculated by these hip-hop mystics?

**Did The Knowledge** now we drop this knowledge but some will be lost in translation as we make the transition; we checked the statistics!!

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