Thursday, November 6, 2014

Confusion, Failure, and Frustration

Confusion, failure, and frustration?  Oh Yeah!!! like the GOP running the House and Senate that's what we deal with!!

Confusion, failure, and frustration?  Oh Yeah!!! it'll provide fuel for the fire!! the mothership gets good mileage!! that's what we get ill with!!!!

Feel it as it consumes you!! please!!! jokers will talk the other way like Brad Paisley and Carrie Unerwood and other CMA jokers!! act like you knew!!!

Homie said he was full!! the style was retro paisley shirts and polyester slacks and Stacy Adams shoes!! supposedly running things in the hood but the game has changed; he was saying *It's Beyond Me* !! *What Shall I Do* ??

They respond to me like I'm a fool; but  O-Dizzle is jamming!! he doesn't drop the Purple Rain / Paisley Park type of stuff!!  the sport is complex so what's the reflex???

Reflex actions!! some will get what's coming to them!! what goes around comes around!! So What's Next????

Check the interactions;  due to old Russian engines in Antares Rockets exploding type of situations I didn't get the text message;  *confusion*  Damn!! no message was left on my cell!!!

Nobody e-mailed me *frustration* Somebody said I was like Democrats distancing themselves from Obama;  like Atari games off is where I fell!!!

But as far as I can tell?  due to *failure* I wasn't the only one!!

*Confusion, Failure and Frustration* can cause you to be a lonely one!!!

O-ZONE was the one? considered the main suspect per Ferguson Missouri attitudes!!  damn!! the program had faulty wiring!!

Corporations use reverse psychology per Obama; they say it's my fault they're not hiring!!!

Shot clock is expiring!!! per Gordon Hayward Will I Have Time To Get A Shot Off??

*Confusion, Failure and Frustration* it's on my mind..I can't get it off!!!!!

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