Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Collection Activities Are Escalated PT.3

My mind travels from the present, back to the past, and then back to the future!!

Searching for something? someone?  suspended for the season like Adrian Peterson? Why?  they ask, they said we already knew ya!!!

We already knew ya!! that's what somebody said!!  but I see they're waiting in the dark / misled!! they *Don't Know This One*

Stereotypical!!  pitiful!! but check out what we do as scattered thoughts are collected on this one!!

*This one* is O-Zone!! residing in a zone!! let the healing process began!!  after the ego was bruised and battered!! it's like Jerusalem were we in the danger zone? we were disrespected!!

O-Zone?  jokers are acting brand new with him!! *On My Own* like Patti La Belle- Michael McDonald? disconnected?

Electronic components are connected in the lab; check out the sonic smash and grab as O-Dog's mixes are hooked up!!

Evil opponents confronted / rebuked? with hazardous materials spots will get nuked!!  it was due to nefarious plots that were cooked up!!

Evil chefs cooked up food in Hell's Kitchen with no nutritional value!!!

This brotha likes to *hoop* but like Trevor Booker hacking Blake Griffin when driving to the basket?  somebody will foul you!!

Another said this world is foul dude!! like Keystone XL business bear witness to what a crook will do!! get used to the toil, strife and suffering!

Another said your not immune!!! just buy you some Aleve, Tylenol or Bufferin!

If the suffering continues? get you some Ritalin, Lipitor or even Prozac...

But a brotha like me is different; collection activities are escalated!! I get my mind right so I can do more; Let The Healing Process Began!! I drop this good word and hook up an O-Dog track..


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