Friday, December 30, 2011

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Dwyane Wade Celebrates Does Cam Newton's Superman Celebration for Newton

...From the same game with the Lebron dunk....D Wade mocking Cam Newton's Superman move in front of him..

All Up In The Spot....We're Still Holding It Down...

Were all up in the spot!! all up in the lab holding it down! 

Down here in Atlanta; home of the smash and grab..Plan Z for some; the system was holding them down! 

Some couldn't pass the employment test, the gang initiation, or the hazing to get in the Red Dawg Order!

Sonic troop deployment is taking place!! we're on the case!!  its so Amazing like Luther;  but some are down with you know things are out of order!

....Knew the scoop; like GOP primaries there's no enjoyment when faking takes place!! from outside the border..outside the box to inside the structure! 

Who will toy with it? instead of taking care of business the shady business will corrupt ya!

Boy!! you need to go on with that!! that's what old girl in Decatur Georgia told dude that was fronting and faking...

Rolling down Candler Rd in the old Chevy Impala...the style was fouler...drawing Rick Santorum vs Ron Paul..whose bringing the drama?...peep's the kind that a Dekalb County Jake will bring...

Who'll understand this code? the style of a Louisville / Newburg brotha who took intergalactic journeys. but were not wrecking out on I-10 in New Orleans..whats up y'all? I'm hip to whats going on....all up in the spot...

Who'll understand this mode? breakbeat scientific business gets itsold like F-15 fighters to Saudi Arabia?..naw!! we're holding it down..but sometimes its too hot!!

We're rolling in a discrete mode..ignoring a fanatic that's trying to shut things down like K-Mart and Sears...

...Or knock us out like Colt McCoy..please!! boy!! we're still rolling in street mode..even though we dealt corporate and government officials..know how the sport will get..we're official..we got over the irrational fears...


Disoriented...The Random Thoughts Edition

The drama continues!! some of it will spill over into 2012..its going down here in the states, over in the motherland, and in the orient! 

There's no where to run or hide..its even intergalactic!! whose going off like Russian satellites launched into space?...whose caught up in  drama introduced by a fanatic? it'll leave you disoriented! 

...As we drop these insights...we're not trying to fade like incandescent rights and privileges..soon your disappointed by the turn of a fanatic circumvents your movement..

Whose anointed like Iowa caucuses?  it makes you wonder as you see some move with it! 

As we move with's easy to get disoriented..but we found a portal to slide through..but damn!! it was more like a gauntlet! 

It was like a Blood or Crip gang initiation !!! or a FAMU band initiation; what will the sport do? even though some fronted and flaunted! 

..It was like D Wade's Superman Celebration vs Cam Newton...the truth some are disputing...soon left disoriented; plus the house was haunted the arch nemesis was on the premises! ..

We're dedicated to the truth..but  during the orientation I heard politicians make empty promises! 

Per Herman Cain its obvious Aunt Jemimas and Uncle Thomases are still all up in the house! 

Two sides to the game like Gemini!! I checked the coordinates during intergalactic journeys; now check the sound..I return with jazz, funk, hip hop, and house!

All up in the house!! as we put it down like this and like that! 

The spiritual warfare is ongoing!! but we win some...lose some; whose disoriented? as we continue to fight that!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

I Guess They've Got It Like That....

Whats the deal? peeping game... I see how some are rolling!! I guess they've got it like that! 

For me its still way too real!! not sleeping in the game..routes can get shut down like the Hormuz Oil Route.. so we're going all out..cultural and spiritual warfare? I still fight that! 

Others act like they've got it like that...but they're rolling like Vladimir Putin...the truth? some are disputing... like old girl in Decatur Georgia asked me; you ain't knowin? 

Whose put in a choke hold by this economy? Sears and K-Mart are even talking about closing stores...the drama will unfurl; introduced by a hater ..but I couldn't relate to another; down the mainstream I wasn't flowin! 

This brotha is broke but paying like Rick Rubio I dish out assists...I was flowing down the stream of consciousness; but ecological ignorance will alter the fate! 

Waters are polluted...some full of sharks and the air is polluted; I was dedicated to the truth but it was disputed by Republicans like Paul, Perry and Romney...what will the response be? society will still hate! 

Treasuries are looted from Wall Street to Europe..whats up with it? on thin ice some skate; they were fronting like it was all this and that!

Global warming affected things; made hunting and gathering harder;  had me wishing it was simple....I guess I don't have it like that! 

....Like others; so called powers that be front on these brothas!! its easy to be subject to the authority!

But we continue to fight; brothas are gonna work it out like Willie Hutch; surviving in this hostile territory!

What's on the menu? as we use a hot style to tell this story..breakbeat science is dropped..

Others were fronting like they've got it like this and that..the madness never stopped....

Monday, December 26, 2011

Bags & Trane - Milt Jackson & John Coltrane

A brotha is in chill mode....still listening to some jazz..trying to "get my mind right" ...check out this cut from Milt Jackson (Bags) and John Coltrane (Trane) .....classic are the players..

 John Coltrane - Tenor saxophone ..Milt Jackson - Vibraphone
Paul Chambers - Bass ...Connie Kay - Drums ...Hank Jones - Piano

Feeling Some Kind Of Way About It PT.6

A couple of episodes knocked a brotha off balance!! like it was Boxing Day or something!!  now I'm feeling some kind of way about! 

O-Dizzle is rocking this way!! but like the Christmas Day rainy weather in Atlanta I was still caught up in a storm...after clouds of suspicion rolled in;I was played like Kim there were smoke and mirrors...I had to find my way out of it! 

Whats the dizzle?  what was I on? what's blocking my way? some said I was out of it ..played this like a joke...I felt the pressure...they might be right to an extent! 

Getting revenge like Lebron in Dallas? bear witness to what the style is...usually chilling outside the box; especially when insiders roll like John Boehner...trying to circumvent! 

Jokers act like they're on a binge...bear witness to what the style is...I'm feeling some kind of way about it....usually dealing with the madness...its that season; there's no reason! 

Usually chilling..especially since its the Holiday Season...but I've had enough of this!! questions were asked...but some said theres no treason! 

But questions answer themselves; check's  like Newt Gingrich taking Herman Cain out of the race; actions speak louder than words!

Going on with my bad self!! some heard I was in pain..let the healing process begin...I'm feeling some kind of way about it!! after seeing reality baffle and gaffle busters and herbs!

Going on with my bad self!!! like the Adrian Peterson injury the word on these curbs didn't sound too encouraging!

Going on with my bad self!!! now like Donald Lawrence and the Tri-City Singers ..myself I was encouraging! 

Dipping from city to city...rolling down I-85 from Charlotte to the ATL...but still feeling some kind of way about it; encountering turbulence on my flight through these galaxies!

Lessons I'm learning..wishing it was simple....peeping game; now I'm exposing these fallacies!

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Gene Harris - Losalamitos (latin funk love song)

Sunday Jazz Continues....check out my man Gene Harrris with this jazz / funk track...

I Heard What Was Said....Somebody's Lying..

I heard three sides of the story; the truth was in the middle...

Other sides of the story were based on opinions; Republicans like Romney and Gingrich were heard in debates...on thin ice one skates...but through these dominions a brotha will slide...I was able to solve the riddle..

Sliding through the portal...whatcha know?  dedicated to the truth and reality!!! telling some they cant stand it like Jack Nicholson's character told Tom Cruises!

...In a Few Good Men..what's happening? is the Mission Impossible?  The Ghost Protocol has importance..but knowing how the sport will it gets...last second shots are dropped in like the Bulls and were caught up caught out there!!  sometimes your dude wins..sometimes he loses!

Whose subject to the authority? so called powers that be were breakbeat science is dropped in response; a brotha chooses to take the assignment..but I can see the no justice no peace cliche is in full effect! 

Fake ones with dangerous minds were like bombers in Nigeria..they plot and scheme on our confinement; they'll show a fool no respect! 

But we did we expect in Babylon? check the mass hysteria..what were some on?  its like a big danger zone! 

Ecological ignorance will alter the fate; is it too late?  they had your fingerprints and carbon samples of your breath in the ozone! 

O-Dizzle is rocking you!! plus O-Zone is on it!!! its like this and like that! 

The saga /struggle continues...its spiritual warfare; we continue to fight that!

We dipped for a minute...but came right back..what's it all worth? I heard what was somebody's lying...

Some said they were in it to win it...going all on Christmas Day out in Fort Worth somebody's dying...

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Damn Damn Damn!! Like Florida From Good Times...Once Again..

Mentioned previously....once again its on!! but soon we play it like Florida from Good Times!

Damn! Damn! Damn! is heard from ya!!! after the drama goes down..the truth some are disputing..who perpetrated bad or good crimes?

Russians were mad with Vladimir Putin...whatcha doing?  I heard Good Times played by Chic; I interpreted it in the mothership that will streak across the universe while its bumping! 

Good times during this Christmas / New Years Holiday Season? it might not be for some since the economy is slumping..

Witnessing hard times from Louisville / Darfur  / Charlotte Mecklenburg...they're even spotted out on Mars and Saturn! 

Good and evil merge; they coincide..will they collide? who will recognize the pattern?

As we emerge from the darkness!! it was bruising and battering egos but I see some were still waiting! 

Even Obama said 2012 is gonna be rough..the power surge didn't work!! as we park this mothership on earth; chilling with the rest of these Negroes that society is still hating!

Damn! Damn! Damn! is heard like Florida from Good Times! 

O-Dizzle will jam!! O-Zone drops this good word; consider it one of the good signs!

What's good? family lines get some assigned the job of Supreme Leader like Kim Jong Un....others continue to experience hard times... 

What's good? theres no where to run or I'm going hard for mine...

Thursday, December 22, 2011

All Up In The Spot....Just Laying In The Cut Like This!!

Posted up like Dwight Howard since the NBA Lockout is over; they just beat the Miami Heat..I took a break from the street..I'm all up in the spot..laying in the cut;  Christmas / Holiday season...broke, put I can still pay attention! 

Slackers were like House Republicans..they coasted up in this piece!!! meanwhile O-Dizzle rocked!!  breakbeat science is always in season..but its no joke..we still face opposition! 

Jackers boasted up in this piece!! as bombs burst in Baghdad..some are talking about the busters and marks that got hit up!

Mackers said its hard out here for a pimp!! some mentioned no justice no's easy to get caught up...but I was already wise to the set up! 

...Still wishing it was simple;  as we deal with glitches in the matrix! 

All up in the spot..just trying to lay in the cut..out here surrounded by the corrupt rolling like Ron Paul and Newt Gingrich..meanwhile these other snitches that fake it! 

All up in the spot...just laying in the cut; so whats up?  we'll  take a beat and break it!! plus the so called Kings English is broken! 

All up in the spot...check out the hostile territory type of business!! theres no where to run or hide...dealing with pain and anguish; but plans are put in motion!

All up in the spot..just laying in the cut; some peeps had a notion like Bradley Manning..they found out the whole game is shady! 

Laying in the cut!! so whats up? like a linebacker after Peyton or even Eli Manning...a hater creeps up...found out they were corrupt after they tried to play me!

We're back with ya....whose understanding this? who sleeps up in class? O-Dizzle will play the sound...O-Zone drops this good word...

All up in the spot..laying in the cut..putting it down like this and like heard?

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The No Where To Hide Mix

...caught up...caught out there in the deep waters...with the sharks and where to run or hide..

The No Where To Hide Mix

Monday, December 19, 2011

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Azymuth 'Aurora'

Sunday Jazz Continues...Lets Listen To Some south of the border jazz / funk from Brazilians Azymuth..with a track called Aurora...big ups to 91.9 WCLK here in Atlanta for hipping me to them...

What's The Business? Just Trying To See What It Do...

Whats the business? I'm down here in Atlanta..its a cold day but I saw a joker rocking shorts, flip flops, and a hoodie! 

Whats the business? I'm down for the cause but who will understand a bruh? jokers play me like John Boehner does Obama..they try to bring the drama...but O-Dizzle is rocking it!! check the track...its guaranteed to be a goody!

O-Zone has the knack for showing you what hood will be; especially since I'm a bonafied resident!

A Louisville / Newburg representative down here in the ATL..down here in the danger zone; once again it's on!! were stacked by a gambler out for a fast buck trying to make a pile of money off you; soon busted and disgusted like the Euro zone...these folk are no where close to being benevolent!

Whats the deal..whats the business? the devil is up in it the details; so we can expect glitches in the matrix!

Don't blame it on Mercury being retrograde!! it's moving forward...but games are played when these snitches fake it!

Basically your homie is just trying to make it!! trying to move forward but slowed down like the Patriots did Tim Tebow and the Broncos..of course I meet opposition!

Shouting Damn! Damn! Damn! like Florida from Good Times; haters try to stop my mission! 

Asking myself; whats the business? from Cali to Florida..then reminding myself I already knew! 

Now I'm going on with my bad self!! the train of thought is rolling...I recognize what it do!

Now acting like I knew..dropping this breakbeat science like Russian oil spills...

What's the business..actually I see what it do..God is in control plus he's in the blessing a bruh just chills.. 

The Train Of Thought Mix

....the train of thought is rolling!!

The Train Of Thought Mix

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Setting Up Shop

A bruh is setting up shop; stepping out of the box they try to put me in! 

Getting up to get down!! stretching out..check the sound..the brotha O-Dizzle rocks out; while O-Zone puts his two cents in! 

....It was a penny for your thoughts..but check the economy..will the payroll tax cut and spending bill help?  prices have doubled just like the stress has! 

Whats the deally? check these random thoughts!!  but were facing character assassinations and assaults like it's Egypt..they said bear witness; to what? a hot mess! 

But haters can't stop this!! we slide through the portal.moving at a high velocity....sliding through the tunnel like the Cartel out in San Diego! 

We kept it moving!! avoiding NASA harpoons..intergalactic with it!! local like the ATL...or worldwide!! its like where in the world is Carmen San Diego?

They say I need to let it go!! its just another Love TKO like Teddy Pendergrass said! 

But we stay on the go!! it's elementary like Sherlock Holmes told Watson...whats up son? I'm ignoring what a snake in the grass said! 

What's up Holmes? now were setting up shop in your area; rebuking the mass hysteria that's going down! 

It's similar to Egypt or Syria; breakbeat science is what we give to ya...its going down! 

O-Dizzle is throwing down..getting busy; he is setting up shop! 

Breakbeat scientific business gets handled!! featuring breakbeats, jazz, funk, and hip hop! 

We didn't stop!! even though shady business was going down; we weren't in sync with it! 

Peeping setting up shop..even though we spotted the upcoming disaster...realizing were on the brink of it!

Friday, December 16, 2011

Young Jeezy - Trapped (Feat. Jill Scott)

Young Jeezy...Jill Scott...Trapped...TM103!!!

They Were Peeping The Steelo...

They were trying to see what it do!! they were sweating the technique like Eric B and Rakim mentioned...they were peeping the steelo! 

I was already seeing what it do..chilling down here in the ATL..little homie was loud..asking me what it do?  said I was handling business like the Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac CEO's...said I was a fly Negro! 

Understand me...not playing the role of a mack..please!! I try to fly below the radar...not trying to get caught out there like the homie Barry Bonds...doing my own thing..dedicated to the truth...but jokers were saying its not fair how he responds!!..they didn't like the attitude..they're mad because I wasn't fooling with them! 

Understand me...the brand new funk and Random Thoughts are dropped; this dude is schooling them!

The mothership landed me back on earth....what's it all worth?  the Gemenid Meteor Shower delayed these earthlings tried to play I noticed that the apparatus was ruling them; they were subject to the authority! 

It was like protesters in Egypt..drama kings and queens harassed them; they were subjects of the drama royalty! 

Whose rolling with a brotha? no loyalty was shown!!! it's not hard to tell..they tried to throw me under the bus! 

It didn't matter if it was MARTA...The Greyhound.. or even the short bus...I already knew the cliche; no justice or peace..just us!

What's up with us? please!! were not trying to start with ya....were just playing the sound and dropping the good word...

....Might get a contract extension like Billy Donovan...or maybe even Eric Spoelstra.   whats the deally? how are some responding? you know the devil is opposed to heard?

Now what occurred? hazed by the Red Dawg Order? please...O-Dog is not out of order...stayed one step ahead of the Red Dogs down here in Atlanta... 

Now what occurred? Kathryn Johnston was a martyr..O-Zone was a firestarter...whose peeping the steelo? they couldn't understand a bruh... 


Wednesday, December 14, 2011

I Gotcha Covered

They wanted to know this and that; like the defense bill just passed.. I told them I had them covered!

...Similar to Waffle House hash browns that are smothered and covered!

Some wonder why I even bothered!! I told them its part of a bigger plan! 

Some wondered why others bothered...they weren't initiated into the  Red Dawg was similar to a Blood or Crip initiation..
now some are headed for the taking me under was the  mission; they're trying to introduce petty issues..but I'm a bigger man! 

But I Felt The Pressure;  I was ready to pull the trigger man and blast on fools! but actually I'm all about peace like the Dalia Lama! 

Over in Tibet..with China mad at whats up with it? O-Dizzle blasted the next schools sound; he's the funky soul brotha! 

Drama was introduced...the bull was in the china shop..I tried to work with another..opposition was met like David Stern tried to block the trade of Chris Paul..some wonder why I bothered!

How will I behave with it?...focused man!!..but some say stern..I told them I was doing this for my people; I gotcha covered! 

Fireman smothered the flame; all up in the spot?  its all game!! crooks collaborated with the thought and fashion police! 

Empires were falling man!! like Greeks and Romans; melting pots boil the ramen noodles; whose acting brand new with us? we gotcha covered..but it ain't nothing nice!

Now some think the Orlando Magic halting trade talks concerning Dwight Howard..

Others skate on thin ice...affected by global oil companies returning to the Gulf of Mexico...haters were slick like oil...but it's magical they way we survive the toil and strife..still learning lessons though...might even have to fight a coward..

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

What's Up With Him?

They saw me bouncing through the ATL with the number 20 Barry Sanders throwback; they asked others; whats up with him?

I'm down here in the ATL;  home of the number 7 Mike Vick Falcons or Eagles jersey..who will work with me? others talk about me..they ask..has the hood corrupted him?

Its going down!!  they might be right about that notion..a victim of circumstances; did ecological ignorance alter the fate? 

Its going down!!  the environment is messed up; but some say the God Particle is discovered...theologians and evolution or intelligent design scientists continue to debate! 

Doesn't it seem odd to you...what it do? the Trojan busted!! now the daughter of chaos is impregnated in a cheap hotel on Independence Blvd in Charlotte! 

Spartans and Trojans battle...but it's not Michigan State and USC..what will the math do? it's coming from the House of Prayer with Sweet Daddy Grace to the Billy Graham Library; this is ground zero..the Bible Belt..were in the heart of it! 

Who played a part in it?  dude in the suit and bow tie sold the Final Call and bean pies around on West Blvd; please believe me..times are hard!! somebody asked whats up with him? 

I dipped back down I-85 to the ATL...where it's not hard to fail...letting the truth be told..rolled up in the hooptie..peeps asked what's up with him? 

They played me like Dick Cheney...talking about Obama asking Iran to give the drone back.. please!! even I know that's not happening..

Whose talking about the Brotha O-Zone?..apparently they saw that once again its on!! but they want to know..did the hood corrupt him?

What's up with him? I had answers for them...let them know he's not a clone...winning games like Tim Tebow..

What's up with him? the brotha is still is's hard to be a fly Negro.. 

Monday, December 12, 2011

Common - The Believer (feat. John Legend)

....Science is dropped by Common with help from John Legend....No I.D on the beat...

Showbiz & AG (DITC) - Here And Now

What I Listen To At Work....veterans in the game..Showbiz & AG.....DITC representatives...check this new product they have out!!!

All Up In The Spot...Realizing That It's All Game..

I went back the same way I came; I wasn't out on West Coast ports though...they're occupied...please!! I didn't burn any bridges! 

Check the sound....I went back in the day plus into the future; plus O-Zone is not acting brand new with ya...I see that its all game; that's what the knowledge is! 

Good mileage is gotten on the mothership; but fuel was not from ExxonMobil or BP Amoco! 

They're already making phat profits..posting up in Iraq..cutting side don't know how it go? 

O-Dizzle is posting should know he'll rock!! whose expecting me to go with the flow? I had to laugh at that one!

Whose disrespecting me? trying to decode my drone like what's up man? they're flabbergasted!! they didn't know I had the math for them! 

The path I'm on is a rough one...maintaining the street code as I cut through the Babylon wilderness with a machete! 

Who felt the wrath? please..soon they'll get slapped upside the head with the blackjack..that's what they'll get..

Who felt the wrath? my staff is on it like an episode of Babylon 5!

All up in the spot...its all game!! you'll get gaffled in the danger zone; whatcha on? please!!! a bruh was riding down I-20 in Atlanta listening to that new Showbiz and AG! rolling through...Transmitting Live...

All up in the spot...its all game!!  haters act like they know me!! so they can try to run some kind of scam! 

Like the real estate crash or college students owing student loans; whose caught up in a jam?

All up in the spot...O-Dizzle will O-Zone plays it like the Dark Knight Rises..

All up in the's all game..the reign began with a drizzle..danger zone residents come in all shapes, forms and sizes..

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Brooklyn Funk Essentials - Take The L Train (To Brooklyn)

Sunday Jazz Continues....lets do some jazz / funk...lets take the L Train to Brooklyn with the Brooklyn Funk Essentials...we outta here!!

All Up In The Spot...Conducting Business As Usual

Whats the deal? were all up in the spot..breakbeat scientific business is being conducted..actually that's business as usual! 

So whats really going on? this is scientific like the Higgs Boson search of the God Particle?  whose trying to start with ya? in this danger zone some will act like they know a bruh! 

But I'm seeing what it do....who'll front like Manuel Noriega? ..fronting like they're bossing?..what part of the game the game is that? I know.. I know!!  its business as usual up in the spot! 

But I'm seeing what it warming..climate control...but earthlings will try to manipulate the weather; making it either too cold or too hot!

The dirty work brings storms!! like Newt Gingrich who'll weather them?  that  karma is something else!! check the glitches in the Russian elections the plot or scheme fell through! 

It didn't work!! it'll bring us back to square one..some will come undone; the coping strategy will fail you! 

What can I tell ya?  I was rolling down I-20 in Atlanta..peeping game while I circled the block in the hooptie; progress was delayed by the Chevy I'm over in Decatur..through the hood I rolled!

All up in the spot!! please...these  peeps in my circle will rock!! plus we told a hater the truth will be told! 

Spotted proof of the ongoing madness..please!! some need to stop it like Edo G mentioned..I bear witness to it...I  wasn't told about it; you know somebody would probably have the story twisted!

Arrogant and aloof when I'm in the spot? I guess...sometimes because I have the gist of it! 

But not like Newt Gingrich concerning Palestine..I'm not foul with mine...some won't act right...the drama is revisited; some need to stay in their lane! 

....That would solve half of their problems; I  heard and see they stay in pain!

That's word from Herman Cain... all up in the will some work that thing? to me it seems unusual...

Were all up in the spot..check how we do the damn thing!!..conducting this breakbeat scientific business as usual...

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Could Crosstown Shootout take a break? talking about the brawl at the crosstown shout about between Cincinnati and Xavier..

Could Crosstown Shootout take a break? | |

It's Going Down Like This and Like That And A.....

Its like this and like that and a!! like the drama at Occupy Boston; I heard old girl say it is what it is! 

....Another old girl over here in Decatur Ga said "I know dats right" the corner store she tried to handle her biz!

It's the neighborhood casino...she was buying scratch off lottery tickets with a Newport cigarette hanging out of her mouth!

Illegal slot machines were in the backroom..meanwhile I came back with the I'm not lying with this math..I get off!! breakbeat science?  I kick it!! not new in this sport..I told a hater to watch their mouth! 

Politicians need to wash their mouths out with soap!! that's word  to Rick Perry...or even Vladimir Putin...whatcha doing? average citizens are out here trying to cope due to policies some implemented!

Enemy positions get hit up with the steady bombardment!! might have to slap somebody with the blackjack...they were the ones who started it! 

...What's up jack? please!! some talk out the side of their neck like Newt Gingrich mentioning the Palestinians..others played a part in it; the conspiracy!! they were knowing or unknowing participants!

What's up jack? it's going down like this and like that and a...some fools have lost their damn minds...just flagrant agents of the system; but at the end of the day they get played like dimwits! 

It's going down like this and like that and a... you can't even make a trade like the Chris Paul these matrix glitches even dominate the landscape! 

Its going down like this and like that and a...for some theres no escape!

It's going down like this and like that and a...O-Dizzle flipped vinyl, cassette tapes..CD's and MP3's...using them as a vehicle to dip through the galaxy before 12/21/2012..but NASA said don't worry..

It's going down like this and like that and a...the reign begin with a drizzle...when they see me..they might have to worry...

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Twilight 22 - Electric Kingdom

What I Listen To At Work....I'm all over the place with this..check the mood changes!!..pulled out some old Twilight 22..Electric Kingdom...whoa!!

Taking It Back To The Basics..

So whats the deal? a brotha is taking it back to the basics; check out the street funk..we're just using the fundamentals! 

Hunting and gathering; didn't lose $1.2 billion like Corzine; check this math we's based on O-Zone's good word and O-Deezy's instrumentals! 

Didn't lose a drone to Iran..what's up man? we're confronting the arch nemesis!! as they attack your mental and physical fortress!

Who will understand? we're confronting a politician making empty promises; plus others want me to abort this! 

..mission....but I keep on pushing like an Impression; Jerry Butler and Curtis Mayfield! 

Cold crushing the opposition!! the work we put in is blue collar style; unlike Herman Cain...I didn't have time to play the field! 

If we did we would play it like Willie Mays!! or maybe even Lou Brock!

Didn't try to hype things up like Billy Mays; please!! PE said don't believe the hype ...but who knew O-Dizzle would rock?

Please!! I Felt The Pressure..this brotha knew someone would knock the hustle..that's how its done! 

But our response? we took it back to the basics..this is how it should be done!

As O-Dizzle comes with the drum... trying not to get traded like Chris Paul...

O-Zone lets some know he's not the one..just dropping this good word on y'all...


Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Booker T. Jones - Harlem house

Organist Booker T Jones from Booker T & The MG's fame hooks up with the Roots...funky funky funky..

Edo. G - "Stop It" directed by Edo.G

What I Listen To At Work....listening to WRAS 88.5 ..the student run station at Georgia State University in the ATL...they put on the vet in the game Edo. G ...whatcha know about him? peep game...

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

M.O.P. & The Snowgoons "Get Yours"

Back on that hip hop again...this might be too much for some...this is not that emo stuff put out by Drake and some of those other cats....this is that real / hard core hip hop from none other than M.O.P. of Ante Up fame!! produced by the Snowgoons  a German underground hip hop producer trio consisting of DJ Illegal (Manuu Rückert), Det (D. Keller) and Sicknature ..fiyah!! check it out!!

Monday, December 5, 2011

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Bill Summers - Brazilian Skies (DJ Spinna & Ahmed Sirour Remix)

Sunday Jazz Continues....shifting gears a little...check out this "south of the border" flavored jam from percussionist Bill Summers...remixed by DJ Spinna & Ahmed Sirour...

Ronnie Foster / Diamond D - Summer Song

Check Out This Joint From  Blue Note Project Remix...hip hop producers raided the Blue Note Jazz label's vaults...flipping joints like this and like that!! Diamond D of Brand Nubian fame added the hip hop flavor to Ronnie Foster's Summer Song...check this out...

McCoy Tyner Quartet - Moment's Notice

Sunday Jazz continues...check out the McCoy Tyner Quartet...with Moments Notice...featuring McCoy Tyner on piano...Bobby Hutcherson  on the vibes;..Charnett Moffett  on the bass with Eric Harland on the over in the UK in 2002...

All Up In The Spot...Holding It Down In The ATL....

I'm all up in the the hooptie out on I-20 riding through Atlanta listening to DJ Dramas Gangsta Grillz! 

The drama's going down..even the DEA is laundering drug money...what's up money? please!! I'm witnessing the battle between the haves and have nots down here in Georgia; spotted Nathan making shady deals! 

All up in the spot....the drama continues..still dealing with the glitches in the matrix; who'll take the red or blue pill?  please!! Dr. Phil said the right pills were Ritalin and Prozac! 

Dealing with snitches that fake it due to the aftermath; as I drop this math rocking the Barry Sanders throwback!

....On a different path...had a different vision; who will understand us? I go back...yet a bruh is also futuristic!

This is a different math from a Midwest alien or immigrant stranded in the ATL; trying not to fail like Herman Cain..I just might go ballistic! 

Check the gets cold and hot....out on Buford Highway in Atlanta some of the staff is dealing with Georgia immigration laws...trying not to become a statistic while we're all up in the spot! 

Peeping game; whats the deal?  it's easy to catch a beat down like LSU did Georgia...even like the Saints did the Falcons...Louisiana taking over the A-Town? whose aware of the scheme..the plot?

Peeping game..whose wise to the set up?  all up in the spot!! they want us to be caught up! 

But I rise up!! getting free and staying free...that's how a Louisville bruh was brought up!

As we rise up...intergalactic like the Mars Rover Curiosity...but we don't contaminate the galaxy...

Doing the knowledge...sizing things up..were exposing the fallacy..

Saturday, December 3, 2011

The Crucial Conflict Is Here

Back after a hiatus...back on the grind..checked the clock..Flavor Flav's or even Morris Day's with Jerome and the mirror? it didn't matter...its near the end of the day; so this conflict is crucial! 

Whose been in the way?  invading space!! trying to burglarize auras ....acting brand new with a bruh? 

Whose been in the way? like Russian election monitors; were they delaying Putin's progress in the race?  please!! checking the case...bad breaks and obstacles face ya!! whose dealing with a cross somebody else has to carry!

How have you been trying to play? dealing with the madness..but getting hated on like Tim Tebow...survival tactics and methods to the madness vary!

How fair will it be in love or war? conventions in Hague and Geneva established the rules of engagement! 

But the drama goes down like in Syria and Egypt..please!! in this crucial conflict haters truth or dare me!! but my methods are some are enraged about it!

Now they're mad at a bruh because I had my doubts about this and that!! acting like I knew!!  now kicking this breakbeat science! 

All up in the spot!! the crucial conflict is going it the final one? I'm checking all the symbols and signs!

All up in the spot..winds of change blow like Santa Ana winds in California..a Wind Parade like Donald Byrd? we're out here on these battlegrounds...dodging improvised explosive mines were planted everywhere..

Glitches in the matrix heard? in the lab we prepare battle sounds..after being left to our own we go there...

Snitches fake it...who do you know out there? it's hard to see in the smoke and mirrors...

Were hitting switches..turning we'll break it..during this crucial conflict...we're fighting horrors and terrors..

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

DJ Cam Quartet - Think Twice

 Rolling down I-85 in Atlanta Listening to WCLK  91.9....they played a cut by the DJ Cam Quarter that consists of DJ Cam on scratches, strings, drums and programming; Alexandre Tassel on the Bugle; Christian Brun plays guitar and Jerome Regard is on bass; InLove on the vocals..check this rendition of Donald Byrd's Think Twice..

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Kenny Garrett - Happy People - Part 2

Sunday Jazz Continues.....You don't quit and you don't stop!!! even Kenny Garrett followed that philosophy..the party don't stop!! ...check out PT.2 of Happy People!!

Kenny Garrett - Happy People - Part 1

Sunday Jazz Continues....check out Kenny Garrett on that sax!! live from The North Sea Jazz Festival in the Netherlands..he's got Vernell Brown on the piano....Kris Fnn on Bass and Ronald Bruner Jr on the Drums...check this out!!

It's Still Hard To See In The Smoke and Mirrors PT.2

The smoke and mirrors show was in full effect; whose putting it down like Newt Gingrich...or even Vladimir Putin.?..we were dedicated to the truth..others are disputing it...whose waiting on the fog to lift?

Whose dealing with these glitches in the matrix? snitches fake it..the joke was on us the comedians said; now were caught out there after the priorities shift! 

Authorities were like Israel over in the Gaza Strip..they will or won't lift the embargo in some spots; so knowledge wasn't dropped! 

Hostile territories representatives try to start with a bro!! they're flagrant agents hoping that are endeavors are stopped! 

The fire was fully involved!!! I stopped dropped and rolled like I was advised to! 

The smoke was heavy!! plus it was enhanced by was hard to see!!  I know it surprised you! broken beats and English are the essence of this discipline; R.I.P Heavy how are my peeps living? it's hard to see in the smoke and mirrors!! that's how it is in the swamp lands; out in the marsh!

What's the deally? please be advised some have had enough...check the Occupy movement...some are ready to get amped out there where conditions are harsh! 

The static will cling even if you starch those jeans!! were you observing these scenes?  everything is f@cked up!

Its electric out there in the smoke and mirror show; they'll  make a mockery of yours; its mucked up!

Breakbeat scientific resources and materials are trucked up into this piece; we took Eddie Kendricks advice...we didn't pump breaks like Bendix or Wagner...even though "it ain't nothing nice"

Of course cultural and spiritual warfare are still going down...even though it's still hard to see in the smoke and mirrors..some will have to think twice..

Saturday, November 26, 2011

It's Still Hard To See In The Smoke and Mirrors

Its still hard to see in the smoke and mirrors; plus the fog is heavy like it is in Atlanta when I wrote this! 

...Plus others are waiting in the dark about to black out; you'll get jacked out there!!  found out by the river in Montreal like the mafia boss Salvatore Montagna...the drama goes down from Tripoli to Cairo; on out here to Atlanta; you can quote this! 

...Plus others are hating; whatcha know about this?  they're telling you your vote was worthless; Obama won't accomplish much! 

....Plus others are debating irrelevant issues like Republicans; please !! they won't accomplish much! 

.....So on and such and such!! what's the cliche?  it is what it is!! plus its like this and like that! 

It's hard to see in the smoke and mirrors...but once again its on!!  were at the Critical Stage of Development...another battle in culture and spiritual warfare? know we had to fight that! 

.....Easy to get caught up..caught out there..what's happening man? please!! like NATO in Pakistan you'll get hit I dipped for a minute; but I came right back...mystic voyages were taken..had to admit I tried to get lost on purpose! 

...In it to win it!! dedicated to the is put in blue collar I show a sense of purpose!

As we work this....paying the price to be free..actually overpaid..but like the NBA Lockout ending the game will be played..even though I almost crashed the train of almost derailed!

...Let the games begin!! but it was hard to see in the smoke and mirrors; so some of my endeavors failed! 

.....just like the deficit panel; who'll understand a brotha?  like the Space Shuttle Endeavour on it's final voyage  or even the Mars Rover  about to take off I sailed across the universe!

....Now using a fresh view fresh vision...a bruh will reverse the curse!

Friday, November 25, 2011

The Wishing It Was Simple Mix

.....chilling...pondering...reflecting...contemplating....wishing it was simple....

The Wishing It Was Simple Mix

All Up In The Spot...Posted Up

Were all up in the spot...posted'll get pepper sprayed like at that Wal-Mart in LA..were we back at the scene of the crime?

Peeping game...please!! you'll get played...whose knowing how these clowns will do?  like Michael Jackson we remember the time! 

.....It wasn't when we fell in love; we remember the crimes perpetrated against the people! 

...As people push and shove like Black Friday....pushing and shoving for a euro or a dollar..both which are the root of evil!

What's the deal? is there any love shown? please...whose all up in the spot?  the Occupy movement mentioned a Black Friday Blackout.. 

What's the deal? some are following hunches...waiting in the dark...about to blackout...meanwhile I'm posted up in the hood..Decatur Georgia..all up in the spot..I heard the playa playa in the Cadillac Escalade back out..

.....beep beep beep!! ....dude said he was cold crushing them!!! spotted in the flowered or paisley shirt, polyester slacks, and Stacy Adams kicks!

...Whose trying to creep..what's the attitude? service employees were rude!! they showered customers with like Van Damme the breath kicks! 

Whose at your service with this? ready to roll after observing the scene;...the whole scenario was viewed..a politician was stealth!! he had more tricks than Richard Nixon! 

All up in the spot posted up.....some called themselves shrewd...cunning and did they work this? mental, spiritual and physical health is threatened with this mess they're kicking!

I even heard dude was even talking about it ain't tricking if you got it! 

We're dedicated to the truth...other jokers were sticking to their stories; that's how it is in these hostile territories....all up in the spot; that's how it will get!