Saturday, December 29, 2012

VSOP The Quintet Reunion / Eye Of The Hurricane

Digital Crate Digging Continues....still on some jazz / funk

..checking out VSOP The a reunion concert in 1986 at the  Mt. Fuji Jazz Festival. ...hitting us up with a song called Eye Of The Hurricane...

VSOP The Quintet is a super group consisting of  Freddie Hubbard: on trumpet / Joe Henderson on tenor saxophone

Herbie Hancock on piano /  Ron Carter on bass / and Tony Williams on drums...check them out...


I Wasn't Fooling With Them

As we proceed and continue; some jokers were acting funny like the GOP during fiscal cliff  I wasn't fooling with them! 

True indeed the saga / struggle continues; so that means I'm not through schooling them! 

Class is in session as we keep approaching reality checkpoints per Logistics! 

Blasted on during the aggression like New York fireman;  some jokers were flexing like a North Korea missile launch; they said its the next big thing!!  holiday season just passed...what can brown do for you per UPS Logistics?

Logic after the statistics were studied? please!!  check the information overload! 

.....after doing the math; climate change meeting with staff /players ball convention ....geeks transformation to a drug overlord? 

Check the aftermath; get over it!!  Lord made us in his image I was told!

After thoughts were scattered but collected; now check how the story is told! 

This world is cold like Russia!!  please!!  I even felt the pressure!!  some were acting brand new again! 

Check this afterbirth after landing back on earth;  jokers try to test ya..but I wasn't fooling with them!

Whats it all worth? a brotha is schooling them..telling them its like this and like that..

Otherwise...I ignored the wise and otherwise...I wasn't fooling with them..."they ain't right with that"


Friday, December 28, 2012

Schmoov! - The Swirl (Manuel Tur's Bubble Basics Remix)

Digital Crate Digging Continues...still on this house music

...checking out Schmoov! - The Swirl (Manuel Tur's Bubble Basics Remix). It's hot!!

Charles Earland - Betty's Dilemma

Digital Crate Digging Continues....still on some "other other" 

...checking out Charles Earland with his cut  called Betty's Dilemma!! its hot!! check out the players and the track...

 Gary Chandler (trumpet)  .....Jimmy Vass (flute, alto sax, soprano sax)

Houston Person (tenor sax)....Charles Earland (organ, vocal)

Maynard Parker (guitar).....Jesse Kilpatrick Jr. (drums).....Buddy Caldwell (congas, tambourine)

Cool Like That!!

They thought they were cool like that per Digable Planets; like they have diplomatic immunity!

 ...planets align today per the Full Moon in Cancer...but who has the answers? just because they're caught up in the system / matrix they want to act brand new with me! 

Rolling down I-20 in Atlanta...I slipped back into the community undetected..I blended in the woodwork!

.... Didn't trip!!! understand a bruh?  I might ruffle feathers like Vladimir Putin!!  back on the scene again!! but knowing how the hood will work! 

Back on the scene again...a sword is carried...not disputing the truth;  check the good word and brand new funk..were cool like that!

Back on the scene again!! but like Republicans and the fiscal cliff jokers act a fool like that!

 Back on the scene again!! another one will try to rule like that!! per Morsi in Egypt! 

Beautiful or obscene? after more is seen....whats the deal with it?

Who will be real with that? materialistic during the holiday season! 

Some didn't feel that!! like in the Central African Republic they're going ballistic! blowing up!! hot during the exercise of the treason! 

Some were surprised by the reasoning; damn!!  they thought a joker was cool like that! 

The aura underwent seasoning by chefs in hells kitchen; now jokers will act a fool like that!

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Still Out Here In The Smoke and Mirrors / Gray Area

Damn!! it's like the London Fog...its still hard to see in the smoke and mirrors / the gray area! 

Peace be unto you was the catch phrase for the Christmas holiday.. please!!  its a joke...check the situation that's  similar to we deal with the mass hysteria! 

Nothing is fair for ya in love or war...Harry Reid vs John Boehner?   ..check the aftermath...still more pain for ya...recognize the pattern! 

After doing the math? like Morsi in Egypt..soon jumping to the right conclusion; rebuking the confusion!!  your aura it was battering! 

Thoughts were scattering all over the galaxy like the AG5 Asteroid 2011; but they're collected like debts! 

...Unless one is spiritually or morally bankrupt / that's paranoid after the caper goes whats up with that?

 Whats the deally? some protest the Keystone XL pipeline. ..similar to O-Zone aka OMANXL1 fighting for whats up with that?

The saga / struggle continues...its hard to see in the smoke and mirrors....but there's no divorce from reality; Dr Phil will tell you to get over that! 

The saga / struggle continues...whats the deal with that? some were already influenced by the full moon in Cancer..soon spotted over in that gray area!

Vision blurred by the smoke and mirrors; soon succumbing to the horror and terror!

Fresh visions occurred due to the epiphanies..they'll appear on the clearance rack! 

Interventions and interdictions occurred because the apparatus didn't give us clearance for that!

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

'Infinite Elation' (Progressive House Mix)

Digital Crate Digging Continues...checking out this 'Infinite Elation' (Progressive House Mix) courtesy of the Mr SuicideSheep's  You Tube Channel..

Check out the tracklist and the mix...courtesy of Aaron Static

00:00 Oceanlab - On a Good Day (Acoustic Mix)
04:01 Massive Attack - Paradise Circus (Gui Boratto Remix)
10:20 Shingo Nakamura - Chrystallum
16:12 Above & Beyond - Love Is Not Enough
20:45 Deadmau5 - Brazil (2nd Edit)
25:36 Alpha 9 - Bliss
30:23 Mango - Good Morning Track
36:22 Mango pres. Shoreliners - Handelskai (Part 2)
41:07 Headstrong feat. Stine Grove - Tears (Aurosonic Progressive Mix)
46:48 Oneworld - Lingus
52:40 Shingo Nakamura - Hakodate
57:51 Matteo Marini - I Never Find
01:02:47 Kaskade - 4AM (Adam K & Soha Mix)
01:07:23 Youandewan - Anjou
01:12:03 Mad Eye - Sorrow (Mango pres. Shoreliners Remix)
01:17:31 Matt Lange - Rift
01:22:03 Darren Fisher - Sanctum
01:28:06 Orbital - Halcyon On and On (Aaron Static Bootleg) 

All Up In The Spot / The Aftermath

Damn here we go again!! its the day after Christmas..whats the deal with this? its the aftermath... were all up in the spot! 

Some are stranded due to bad weather...another on the inside said whatever...word from Egypt's President Morsi.. now its on again!! somebody adjusted the thermostat making it hot!

 Others need to "go on with that" .. faking it!! like the cell found in the United Arab Emirates...the plot or scheme will be exposed! 

Authorities are on to that!! setting up security checkpoints; some won't be composed! 

Hot stories or messages are composed; after getting gaffled at reality checkpoints! 

Hostile territories have the citizens baffled!! like LA Lakers without Nash...I laugh at the ones they anoint! 

We rock this funky joint per Poor Righteous Teachers!!  with Titans we clash...but its cold all up in the spot! 

Rocking the skull cap..they said " I ain't right with this" whats up?  Styles P mentioned hoody season;  but who rolls up per the treason?  they'll make it hot!

Knocking the hustle!! whats the reason? during this holiday season.. as the haves and have nots face off like Nicholas Cage!

Mental and physical muscle exercised all up in the spot;  other jokers freeze up like its the Ice Age!

My mind will engage...some are surpised...fresh visions were revealed after I did the was received from the Great Rift..

Feeling the rage during the aftermath? all up in the spot..things are not great..already fell off the fiscal cliff..



Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Monday, December 24, 2012

Everette Harp - Happy Accidental

Digital Crate Digging Continues...checking out Patrice Rushen on my other blog and noticed she had saxophonist Everette Harp playing with her group.

Found this cut by Everette Harp called  Happy Accidental produced by Chuck Loeb from his debut album called  "In This Moment" released in 2006. 

On this record, Everette Harp is joined by plenty of incredible talented musicians such as Norman Brown, Paul Jackson Jr., and George Duke. Check this out!!

At The End Of The Day / Christmas Eve Edition

Its Christmas Eve...the fourth quarter / the waning moments of the game;  now jokers act like they want to play! 

Going forth over the border....some thought they were gaining on their opponents; but it grows dark..its the end of the day! 

Going forth!! disrespecting like Django Unchained per Spike Lee?  some are in the way...but like Syria's president they said they were proponents of peace, understanding, and prosperity!

Going forth!! O-Zone maintained...but whose lacking the basic components? please!! in Atlanta / Dekalb County warrants were outstanding...meanwhile up in Rochester jokers were blasting on firemen...but some cry diplomatic immunity!

The shot clock is expiring man!! its the end of the day..but some jokers played Outstanding by the Gap Band when they dipped back to the community;  rolling down Broadway in Louisville..up in the Sedan Deville! 

Jokers were outlandish!! Christmas Eve / last minute shopping at the Gap and Old Navy at the end of the day; but acting brand new with me!! they didn't keep it real!

Going all out with this...I keep instilling this good word;  meanwhile O-Dizzle was like a small army or navy..or maybe  a Kentucky distillery with the brand new funk! 

Dealing with jokers trying to play at the end of the day;  like they're ATLiens getting crunk!

Chilling / zoning...but soon out breaking like a LA Clipper!! getting a dunk like Blake Griffin...

Chilling / zoning...dealt with the Total Chaos..breaking from it...not concerned with how the fake are living...

Chilling / zoning...taking a loss and winning at the end of the day...but not trying to blow up the house like the folk in Indianapolis... 

Dealing with the madness..taking a loss or winning at the end of the day...but we continue to play..all about this breakbeat scientific business..


Sunday, December 23, 2012

Rhythm Makers - Zone

Sunday Jazz Continues...with some digging in the crates type of business

Checking out some jazz /funk from the Rhythm American funk group from Bronx, New York City.

They were first formed in 1968 as Sabu & The Survivors, renamed to GQ ...of Disco Nights fame around 1978.

Members: Emanuel “Rahiem” LeBlanc – lead vocals, rhythm guitar
Keith Crier – bass guitar, vocals
Kenny Banks – drums, vocals 

Check out this cut from the group called Zone

Electronic Thoughts Transfer PT.3

                  "scattered thoughts are collected"

Scattered thoughts are collected...yes sir!! they were on an unexpected journey;  like the Hobbit!

Check the electronic thoughts transfer..not regulated by the the Federal Reserve..or G8 and G20; playing around with the money...chilling after I bruised and battered auras are fortified knowing that criminals go through their rites and rituals; supported by the NRA? they will try to steal or rob it! 

....this is similar to epiphanies on the clearance rack...was security clearance given for that? Blogster fronted on a brotha!! the job can get messy like life is;  but we continue to do it! 

The Lord will bless me if I keep it righteous;  so I act like I knew it! 

As we go through it..the galaxies;  like Sutter's Mill meteorites; space shuttles, old school  Chevy Vegas or even a Yugo!

Drunk driving drinking Sutter Home wine in a Nissan Versa?   pursuits are not trivial!! vice versa!!  so what do you know? 

Funk were bringing from Louisville / Newburg to Johannesburg; from Pluto to Mars and all points in between! 

From the ATL to Charlotte / Mecklenburg...earthlings were tripped up on trivial matters; revealed when I was observing the scene! 

Check how I work things...I'm ready to roll..I'm on my way!!  scattered thoughts are collected!!  now the areas cleaned and disinfected like I was a custodian! 

Check how I work things..electronic thoughts transferred..selected at random..but battered by the machine!! disrespected!! they were flexing like the Syrian government...but check out how the planets aligned and once again its on!

Still battered by the Uranus Pluto Square...but we take it there!!  breakbeat scientific business is going down! 

Scattered thoughts are collected!!  check out the electronic thoughts now we go for what we know ...its going down!

Saturday, December 22, 2012

They Were Rolling!!

They were way way out there!!  going all out!! they said they were rolling! 

Rolling like the big bodied old school 70's model Chevy Impala that was on I-20 in Atlanta doing 90 mph!!.... it was rolling!

In DC and in state capitols?  jokers were like new type gangsters; lobbied like Hobby Lobby!! old dude was heavy..but he can get foul with ya!! like or maybe unlike John Boehner he said he had connections! 

Small letters or capitals?  this good word is written!! plus the funk is Ursid Meteors ...we cosmic slopped through intergalactic intersections! 

Way way out there!!  were rolling..but wishing it was simple  as it seems!

As others go there..out there...ready for the Mayan Apocalypse?  some are rolling with the wrong team! 

Whose rolling with the wrong dream?  even if its an American one! 

Whose rolling with the wrong plot or scheme like the NRA?  in love or war its hard to find a fair one! 

...word from the Geneva Convention or the Kyoto Protocol?

The climate changes...but some kept rolling;  the definition of a pro to y'all? 

One call that's all!! said by the lawyer down here in Atlanta! 

Jokers are rolling!! but we our too;  but who will understand a bruh?

Friday, December 21, 2012

The Hot Messenger Is Back

They said I was a hot mess like Randy Travis;  I told them to call me a hot messenger!

Not the definition of what Herb or Gus like Harry Styles? please!! O-Dizzle has various sonic assaults are unleashed;  but all about peace like Henry Kissinger! 

Well..I don't know..but whose missing the word on the curb? maybe Wall Street and the fiscal cliff...whats the deal with it? no justice no peace taught us what the real deal is! 

Heard the NRA response to Newtown...they blamed parents, the music and the media...lines are blurred out there!! all up in the smoke and mirrors; as some deal with the horrors and terrors they can feel this! 

What occurred?  whats the response? some act brand new as its going a new pair of Air Jordans out today...others didn't know..they never did the math! 

Word from this hot messenger?  like the fiscal cliff progress was deferred...were dealing with every obstacle possible!! haters even hid on the path!

 Hackers and jackers wreaked havoc on the road to Damascus! 

Like New England Compounding Center card stackers continue to handle business..not checking for us; now issues come up..questions they ask us! 

Just were back with this hot message; but jokers are hating on the messenger! 

Trying to attack us!! the arch nemesis was on the premises leaving calling cards;  another hot mess for us?

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Motor City Drum Ensemble 60 min Boiler Room Berlin DJ set

Digital Crate Digging Continues...all up in the Boiler Room..once again

..checking out this smooth house music from the Motor City Drum Ensemble...with their 60 min Boiler Room Berlin DJ set..check the tracklist and the mix..

Alex M – It Works – Final Cut
Kurt Harman Project* – Comin’ Back – Prescription
KDJ – Untitled – Moods & Grooves
Groove Committee – I Want You To Know – Nu Groove
Gary`s Gang – Let`s Lovedance Tonight Edit – CD-R
Chicago Connection, The – Dancin’ (M Grant Mix) – Cajual
 Sound Sampler – B1 – Sound Stream
The Other People Place – Let Me Be Me – Warp
Gerd – Palm Leafes (Dub) – Clone
The Deep – Love Your Brother – Basenotic
Kerri Chandler – Thing For Linda B2 – Downtown 161
Lil Louis – Conversation Moton Edit – Moton
Loose Joints – Is It All Over My Face – West End
Syreeta – Cant Shake Your Love – Motown

Wednesday, December 19, 2012


Digital Crate Digging Continues...drum and bass plus reggae? a match made in heaven!! 

checking out the DRUM AND BASS - REGGAE MiX {VOL.6} (by faXcooL)...its smoking!! check out the tracklist and the mix!!

01 General Levy - Time Dread   02 Benny Page & Psycho Freud - Perdominent

03 Benny Page - Dangerous (feat Solo Banton)   04 Turntable Dubbers - Another One For The Road

05 Dark Able - Sound Boy (Bad Habit Muzik)   06 Enjoy Tribe Monster - Kill Dem (feat. Jovi Rockwell)

07 JFB - Five On It  08 Mooncat - Punta Natty  09 Alborosie - Kingston Town (Richie Stix RMX)

10 Fat Freddy's Drop - The Raft (Fokus RMX)  11 PsychoFreud - Dont You Try Con Me

12 PsychoFreud - Jah Rastafari  13 Inner Circle - Sweat (A La La La La Long) (Dark Able RMX)

14 Serial Killaz - Lovely Woman  15 Dub Pistols - Mucky Weekend (Stevens Kbosh RMX)

16 Groove Armada - Superstylin' (J-Rolla's dNb RMX)  17 Capleton - Prophet Rides Again (Krak in Dub Remix)

18 ZAA - Fire (faXcooL RMX)

Monday, December 17, 2012

Return Of The Shadetree Mechanics

All up in the spot!!  some lay low like the NRA Facebook page;  its business as usual..a brotha spotted the shadetree mechanics! 

They should have left that job to the the Facebook IPO by Morgan Stanley?...please!! they're shady fanatics!

Capers were jokers / crooks trying to profit off of Shands in Jax, University in Louisville, or in the ATL Grady is where fanatics chill..laying on gurneys! 

Capers were pulled...crooks were paying some mention Asperger Syndrome..understand these facts from life university; its real!! we can't play with these lessons..learn these!

Cd's ? we burn these!! based on MP3's ..who can we ask about the drum? please!! O-Dizzle is the funky type of soul brotha!

 O-Zone did the the Senate and Superstorm Sandy aid; ..the equations had permutations ...but I worked these situations!!  not concerned with the agenda of another! 

Danger zone warpaths were taken by shadetree mechanics; they were making a killing...they rocked polyester suits and perms!! rolling in Caddies or the you know work wasn't put in! 
Drones were on warpaths..they hit up fanatics overseas;  others succumb to the disease....just check their condition! 

As I petition the Lord;  Lord Help!! Lord Help!! was the battle cry!

A shadetree mechanic said he could fix your life; but that was a Deliberate Falsehood..he was a damn lie!

The breakbeat science is kicked during the toil and strife...O-Zone carries a Sword of Truth in the midst of so many falsehoods...why ask why? it got lonely out there..but we kept on running...

Dangerous minds thought they could foil the plot..but they were just fanatics..shadetree mechanics...they weren't running nothing!!  

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Archie Shepp Attica Blues Big Band - Mama Too Tight

Sunday Jazz Continues...had some jazz / funk / hip hop earlier with my Sword Of Truth Mix.. had some house / latin jazz from the Batidos / Ron Trent / Jay Rodriguez project...even had a drum and bass mix from Rameses B   that had jazz elements to it...

Now we've got some jazz / blues from saxophonist Archie Shepp and The Attica Blues Big Band with a cut called Mama Too at the Festival Jazz à la Villette - 9 Septembre 2012...check it out!!

Batidos - Tango Sed (Ron Trent Mix)

Sunday Jazz Continues....still checking out Batidos...this Jay Rodriguez and Ron Trent  jazz / funk/ latin / house music project....check out Tango Red...remixed by Ron Trent...

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Batidos - Myths & Realities

Digital Crate Digging Continues...checking out Batidos...with a track called Myths and Realities...reflecting while listening to this smooth track will make you ponder myths and realities...Batidos is House music DJ Ron Trent with sampling and drum programming, with Groove Collective reedman Jay Rodriguez on sax / flute and clarinet. 

They have help on the piano, courtesy of Cuba's legendary Grammy-winning Chucho Valdes, and percussion from Latin all-star Eddie Bobé. 

This song is from their  Olájopé. album.Check them out!! 

At The End Of The Day? Its Still A Hood Thing

Damn!! its at the end of the day...from Egypt to Sandy Hook jokers will play...after all this time? I realize its still a hood thing!

Whats the deal with it? whose representing? some can't understand...they say I'm a crook; maybe that's why nobody is checking for me..applications were rejected; but maybe that's a good thing!

......unless somebody needs to be the scapegoat or fall guy like Kobe with the Lakers....then they'll check with me...applications on the cell phone? please..they gave us a call..they try to tell us were all in! 

Please!!  O-Dizzle will take a beat and quote to use as weapons;  soon Babylon is falling! 

In this danger zone? some heard voices...the devil was calling;  he was looking for dancers! 

The stranger was just a Adam Lanza in Newtown;  confirming suspicions; no justice no peace for those looking for answers! 

Chilling with Aries, Capricorns and Cancers caught in the Uranus Pluto square / crossfire! 

Society scorns; influenced by the media...this hot message? we enhance it..but we were tossed out of the game by the umpire!

Horns on the Aries ram tore through the atmosphere; now words were exchanged!

Word is born!!  nothing fair in these love or war theaters;  it'll get shot up by James Holmes types..not a damn thing has changed! 

As we go there Holmes!! rolling down I-20 in Atlanta...but nobody was checking for us..but that could be a good thing! 

At the end of the day?  somebody will understand a bruh..they'll  recognize that this is a hood thing!

Friday, December 14, 2012

I Had To Back Away From The Buffet

The occasion was similar to eating at Ryan's or Golden Corral.. but not the one in Casper Wyoming...whatcha knowing? I had to back away from the buffet! 

I was Audi 5000...ghost like Casper..I heard the persuasions similar to hard sales;  what were spirits fed? now some are like Syria holding chemical weapons...but I knew how chefs in Hells Kitchen would play! 

The caste of a thousand was cutting up!! shooting it out like in Portland and Connecticut..indications of where spirits were led were right in front of me! 

Was the instigation  due to waiting in the dark? after being misled didn't give a hater the right to front on me!

Stimulation was received due to the hating...McCain vs Rice made me remember "it ain't nothing nice" led me to back away from the buffet! 

Inspiration due to relating led to this good word!! plus O-Dizzle let the music play! 

The muse is at play or at work..because that's what were putting in! we use prayer then we step outside the box society tried to put us in! we use the player / hustler mentality when we deal with these day trippers!

Per the Beatles..knowing how the street does; but backing away from the buffet...all up in the spot!!  not playing around with these ego / power trippers

Backing away from the buffet...please!! not a day or night tripper like John McAfee...everybody else was eating big meals during these holidays.. 

Backing away from the buffet..that's the deally..others soon out of shape..soon a shape shifter..but we had this gift for ya..dropping this good the sound plays...

Thursday, December 13, 2012

The Climate Change Meeting

All up in the spot...the players ball / convention was like the Kyoto Protocol meeting! 

Players fall off ...some opt out like the US and China...even though the gators they wore left a big carbon footprint...whats up with it? dude was even called a male cougar!! whats up y'all was the greeting! 

Players fall off!! defeating themselves..out at Hartsfield Jackson in Atlanta...caught with the Ruger or Glock by TSA at the airport! 

Alt-shift deleting was part of the ongoing climate...act like you knew it!! like the Susan Rice fiasco..hustles get knocked in the game; love or war?  nobody is fair in the sport! 

As we go there..'it ain't nothing nice"  ..spotted on Google maps?  we didn't abort this mission..we kept on running..even though its rough out here! 

Way way out there!!  and still here....chilling at the staff meeting ...some said their mind was clear! 

They were in denial like Syria with chemical weapons...whose victims of the climate change?  it affected the environment!

 They were in denial...chilling in the danger zone; even stranger ..they became a clone; didn't know anything about empowerment!

They were in Venezuela concerning Hugo Chavez's health...    whats the deal with it? 

They were in denial...superstorms and the climate change?  maybe somebody will be real with it..

Whats the deal with it? players at the staff meeting talk about how strange things are..

Whats the deal with it? prayers after this math is dropped? greetings? actually jumping and recognizing..seeing how strange things are..


Tuesday, December 11, 2012

As We Proceed / A Portal Opened Up

As we proceed and continue; a portal opened up for us to slide through! 

Somebody said it was because of the 12/12/12 portal...but I'm knowing what the sport will do...went back to the source..up in the streets of Louisville? a brotha will ride through!

Capers are pulled..from petty crimes in the street to the Michigan right to work laws....society is full of flaws...whose down for the cause? please!! nobody will hide you!! check how snitching aka whistle blowing is the latest fashion! 

Capers are pulled by frick and frack; reminded me of Romney / Ryan...or maybe Morsi in Egypt..authorities tried to police the thought and fashion! 

Whats the deal with it? soon clashing with other so called Titans during power struggles; like in whose ego tripping?

Meanwhile I'm cashing reality checks during these uphill struggles;  jokers say this Negro is tripping! 

Check the swag / steelo;  day tripping like the Beatles?  naw!! but I am paying attention!

Daggers will go in backs!!  that's how the street does!!  Wall Street to y'alls any dimension! 

Swagger jackers interfere..I tried to be discrete when moving through these dimensions; sliding through these portals!

Hackers interfere with the
offense was stagnant like the Knicks with Carmelo; but we know how the sport goes!

Slipping transmissions in the Cut Dog made us park!! Midnight Star said you can't do that on the dance floor! 

Dipping down Broadway in Louisville ...Transmitting Live..trying to advance we wanted more! 

They're tripping down here in Atlanta..its hard to advance!!  stuck behind the old Nissan Sentra on I-85! 

But were slipping and sliding through the portal; fusion centers process the info...but we survive!

Monday, December 10, 2012

These New Type Gangsters Are Still Doing Business

Still dealing with these new type gangsters..even A123 was up for sale..they call themselves doing business...

Still chilling..others were in the Congo with M23...others not believing the hype per Public Enemy..go on with your bad selves!! jumping off fiscal cliffs due to no income tax for the rich or entitlements?..who knows what the deal is? 

Still chilling..on Glenwood Rd in Decatur flea marketeers had the so called sale on Jordan's #23....but not from the product was counterfeit..

Still dealing with these new type gangsters...caught the number 23 bus on Broadway up in Louisville back in the did some play? the markets are flooded with cheap goods and services..the stock market will deal with it..      

These jokers were real HSBC smoke filled rooms they plot and scheme; when will the heist be? 

Whats the deal? from shady stock brokers to slick news reporters like Stephen Colbert to politicians;  they were all shiesty!

Check the Nathan "Shady" Deal types like in Georgia..check out how the sport does; from the Gaza Strip to the ATL morticians clean up the aftermath! 

Recognize the these new type gangsters move;  easy to spot after you do the math!

Recognize the pattern...peep game; soon jumping to conclusions; seeing it was all hype after going down the wrong path! 

Recognize the pattern..whose sleep in the game? they're the type to run with the wrong staff! 

These New Type Gangsters had them coming and going!!  like G8 and G20 controlling the money! 

Not acting brand new!! hip to the hate..not letting these jokers run me!

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Milt Jackson Quartet @ Jazz Baltic 99 - The Prophet Speaks

Sunday Jazz Continues...checking out the Milt Jackson Quartet at Jazz Baltic Jazz Festival with one of their classic cuts called The Prophet Speaks. 

The Milt Jackson Quartet consists of Milt Jackson on the vibes.. Mike LeDonne on piano

 Mickey Roker on drums.... Pierre Boussaguet on bass....check them out....

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Were Out Here Dealing With The Climate Change

Bearing witness to the players ball / convention; similar to being in Doha with the Kyoto Protocol! 

Listening to the Kyoto Jazz Massive...check the mind expansions while discussions were held about the climate change; some jokers were heard saying its hard out here for a player y'all! 

Some were passive / aggressive....cussing and fussing!! talking about She's Strange like Cameo!! heard saying life / she is a bitch! 

Praying and cursing at the same time!! heard asking have you seen her? per the Chi-Lites...or they call her name per Switch! 

Players are playing a role after rehearsing.. but the climate will we keep fighting like Marquez vs these  insights are dropped; we turn the switch on! 

Prayers protect my soul!! now I'm on a roll..intergalactic; out beyond Pluto and Mars....finding a star to hitch my aura on!

But the climate has changed check the  superstorms, earthquakes, and tsunamis!

....worldwide is where the dramas will be...haters try to get their terror and horror on! down here on earth?..were dealing with these fakes...trying to run those and these..

For freedom we ride...please!! why wouldn't we? its like D'antoni and Nash with the Lakers..others are feeling like Pau Gasol vs System...

For freedom we ride!! but the vehicle crashed and realizing that its on its easy to get caught up in the matrix / system..

For freedom we ride...with so called Titans we Egyptians making Morsi back down...

I see them..caught out there...the climate has changed..player players were rolling like Egyptian Lovers ..but in too deep ...the water was above us...but we regrouped...check this good we came back with the sound...


Thursday, December 6, 2012

Still Dealing With These New Type Gangsters

Winning battles like Obama beating Romney; John Boehner is now in the way... talking about a fiscal cliff..the saga / struggle continues! 

The trunk rattles in the Sedan Deville rolling down Broadway in Louisville Kentucky; check the drama...the first state to vote against Obama?  jokers are still hating in these venues! 

Check the drama..a power broker made decrees like a snitch tattles!! making deals...sleeping with the enemy; but earlier fronted like he was Mafioso! 

...actually down with these New Type Gangsters..even though he thought he had immunity like John McAfee..just part of the ongoing fiasco! 

Pranksters didn't want to let it go... a fanatic even tried to holla at me!! now Total Chaos is the ongoing business! 

Part of the ongoing process...we keep fighting like Manny Pac will be.. some will win / some will take a loss; soon finding out what the deal is! 

Finding out what the real Michigan right to work laws..after Senators / Congressman and Corporate execs collaborate! 

Rolling like the Koch Brothers and even the Walton family;  understand me!! some will come with the hate! 

Even media pundits try to run it like Rush and Hannity; some accept their words as facts!

Some are done with Superstorm Sandy blowing through; ...they'll have to start over whats up with that?

Where did the mothership land me? back on earth..where I'm not the norm..who'll understand me? this is where the one percent rule! 

Influenced by new type gangsters / pranksters; some will get played like a fool!

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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Play Or Played On...

Its going down...not at Citigroup with the white collar job..this  work is put in blue collar style! 

Rocking the lumberjack shirt..with Levi jeans..funk in my genes like Snoop Lion...chopping the tree down; Paul Bunyan style! 

Whats up jack? bunions on my feet from rocking the steel toe shoes; no fashion statements made with Timberlands! 

No Jack Nicholson front row seat either!! the Lakers suck right now did others play?  thought and fashion police still hating in these Babylon wilderness lands!

 Play or get played on!! ignored the fakers... scientific /intergalactic with it....peeping game like NASA's Suomi NPP the mothership lands on earth

Play or get played on!! but some said "it ain't right" threatening to go off fiscal cliffs....some wonder what its all worth? 

Play or get played on!! check the funk I drop this Syria planning to drop Sarin I use this philosophy! 

Issues get prayed on..I still felt the pressure; whats it all worth? Papa Johns and Applebee's fronted on Pres. Obama;  whose victimized by the socio-economic policy? 

Society will try to test ya...but we proceed and continue; the style will be funky!!  O-Dizzle is that type of soul brother! 

Black Friday has come and gone...fires burned in Bangladesh factories making clothing for Wal-Mart and the US Marines..
...whats up with another?

This black man will play or be played on..just check out the clearance rack epiphanies that are still available! 

This black man will play or get played on...please!! that's after jumping and recognizing; in the danger zone? we're knowing how it will go!