Thursday, December 6, 2012

Still Dealing With These New Type Gangsters

Winning battles like Obama beating Romney; John Boehner is now in the way... talking about a fiscal cliff..the saga / struggle continues! 

The trunk rattles in the Sedan Deville rolling down Broadway in Louisville Kentucky; check the drama...the first state to vote against Obama?  jokers are still hating in these venues! 

Check the drama..a power broker made decrees like a snitch tattles!! making deals...sleeping with the enemy; but earlier fronted like he was Mafioso! 

...actually down with these New Type Gangsters..even though he thought he had immunity like John McAfee..just part of the ongoing fiasco! 

Pranksters didn't want to let it go... a fanatic even tried to holla at me!! now Total Chaos is the ongoing business! 

Part of the ongoing process...we keep fighting like Manny Pac will be.. some will win / some will take a loss; soon finding out what the deal is! 

Finding out what the real Michigan right to work laws..after Senators / Congressman and Corporate execs collaborate! 

Rolling like the Koch Brothers and even the Walton family;  understand me!! some will come with the hate! 

Even media pundits try to run it like Rush and Hannity; some accept their words as facts!

Some are done with Superstorm Sandy blowing through; ...they'll have to start over whats up with that?

Where did the mothership land me? back on earth..where I'm not the norm..who'll understand me? this is where the one percent rule! 

Influenced by new type gangsters / pranksters; some will get played like a fool!



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