Saturday, December 8, 2012

Were Out Here Dealing With The Climate Change

Bearing witness to the players ball / convention; similar to being in Doha with the Kyoto Protocol! 

Listening to the Kyoto Jazz Massive...check the mind expansions while discussions were held about the climate change; some jokers were heard saying its hard out here for a player y'all! 

Some were passive / aggressive....cussing and fussing!! talking about She's Strange like Cameo!! heard saying life / she is a bitch! 

Praying and cursing at the same time!! heard asking have you seen her? per the Chi-Lites...or they call her name per Switch! 

Players are playing a role after rehearsing.. but the climate will we keep fighting like Marquez vs these  insights are dropped; we turn the switch on! 

Prayers protect my soul!! now I'm on a roll..intergalactic; out beyond Pluto and Mars....finding a star to hitch my aura on!

But the climate has changed check the  superstorms, earthquakes, and tsunamis!

....worldwide is where the dramas will be...haters try to get their terror and horror on! down here on earth?..were dealing with these fakes...trying to run those and these..

For freedom we ride...please!! why wouldn't we? its like D'antoni and Nash with the Lakers..others are feeling like Pau Gasol vs System...

For freedom we ride!! but the vehicle crashed and realizing that its on its easy to get caught up in the matrix / system..

For freedom we ride...with so called Titans we Egyptians making Morsi back down...

I see them..caught out there...the climate has changed..player players were rolling like Egyptian Lovers ..but in too deep ...the water was above us...but we regrouped...check this good we came back with the sound...


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