Monday, December 3, 2012

Dropping A Load On Them...

Rolling through in a dump truck...approaching the construction site that's surrounded by yellow caution tape..were ready to drop a load on them! 

Rolling the rest of these jokers in the bump up in the truck; Range Rover or Lincoln Navigator..or the Dodge Ram or Ford F-150; the game is over for a hater...O-Dizzle went into funk mode on them!

Scientific like the Mars Rover...dodging Donald Trump types; shady and shifty with a lot of belligerence! 

Rolling trump tight like in the spades game!! big and little jokers and the ace of spades; soon haters will know what the deal is! 

Rolling up in the dump truck or tractor trailer; hazardous material?  authorities out on the interstate want to weigh or check the load! 

They think I'm carrying contraband....a big time drug bricks mixed in with vegetables from Mexico; cartel mode! 

Flowing in Carvel or Baskin Robbins mode; with the ice cream and cake!

Flowing!! but "it ain't hard to tell" ..per Nas;  that some of these jokers are fake! 

It "ain't hard to fail" ...per Mitt Romney..but what will the response be? we drop a load on them!! check the steady bombardment of the enemy position! 

We drop a load on them; check the Sonic Assault..this is how were living!

We drop a load on them!! but no chemicals like Syria..contributing to the total chaos...the mass hysteria..not living that kind of life..

We drop a load on them..we've got the power like Typhoon Bopha  

....going in funk mode on them ...overcoming toil and strife...

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