Thursday, December 13, 2012

The Climate Change Meeting

All up in the spot...the players ball / convention was like the Kyoto Protocol meeting! 

Players fall off ...some opt out like the US and China...even though the gators they wore left a big carbon footprint...whats up with it? dude was even called a male cougar!! whats up y'all was the greeting! 

Players fall off!! defeating themselves..out at Hartsfield Jackson in Atlanta...caught with the Ruger or Glock by TSA at the airport! 

Alt-shift deleting was part of the ongoing climate...act like you knew it!! like the Susan Rice fiasco..hustles get knocked in the game; love or war?  nobody is fair in the sport! 

As we go there..'it ain't nothing nice"  ..spotted on Google maps?  we didn't abort this mission..we kept on running..even though its rough out here! 

Way way out there!!  and still here....chilling at the staff meeting ...some said their mind was clear! 

They were in denial like Syria with chemical weapons...whose victims of the climate change?  it affected the environment!

 They were in denial...chilling in the danger zone; even stranger ..they became a clone; didn't know anything about empowerment!

They were in Venezuela concerning Hugo Chavez's health...    whats the deal with it? 

They were in denial...superstorms and the climate change?  maybe somebody will be real with it..

Whats the deal with it? players at the staff meeting talk about how strange things are..

Whats the deal with it? prayers after this math is dropped? greetings? actually jumping and recognizing..seeing how strange things are..


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