Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Jazz-Funk 1976 posts — Soul and Jazz.com | Stereo, not stereotypical ®

.....check out this classic jazz funk from soul and jazz.com....per j scott fugate....

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Young Jeezy & DJ Drama "The Real Is Back" Mixtape

 ....listen to the Real Is Back Mixtape..by Young Jeezy & DJ Drama

Young Jeezy & DJ Drama "The Real Is Back" Mixtape | MyColumbusPower - Power 107.5 Columbus' Home for the Hip-Hop Community

Nelly & Booking Manager Go At It On Twitter

Nelly & Booking Manager Go At It On Twitter; Claims Nelly Is Broke! [TWEETS INSIDE] | MyColumbusPower - Power 107.5 Columbus' Home for the Hip-Hop Community

They Weren't Checking For Us...Didn't Realize It's A Hood Thing...

They weren't checking for me;  I wasn't rolling on the bus with Sarah Palin..but  mentioned before..that could be a good thing!

At the end of the day? you'll get thrown under the bus!!  they'll feel the energy; what's up with this entity? some will recognize that this is a hood thing!

.....Spotted the wood grain in the old Buick Regal after I played it like Steve Miller;..they see me flying like an eagle!

.....Knowing a hater would bring the pain like Ratko Mladic; they were supposed to be a legal eagle!

In the hood chasing a brotha with a blood hound or beagle; plus the Ghetto Eagle or bird was flying high; scoping things out with the infrared!

Whats good? a brotha kept ghetto passes up to date!! I knew the apparatus would have some misled! 

Whats said? the streets keep calling me even though my number is unlisted!

Caught out in these streets?  it's like NATO vs Hamid Karzai; the drama will jump off after its revisited!

Caught out there!!  just as soon as you get the gist of it your soon held hostage!

Lights camera and action like Mr. Cheeks? or dirty gritty funky like some old sausage!

Was postage paid up when they went off?  rights suspended!! lacking the stamina for status quo!

As we post up with this like Dwight Howard; check the status as we go for what we know!

Can't coast up in this spot; its too intense!!  had to fight a coward!! they sweated like is Dwight going to stay in Orlando?

This homie dipped in the hooptie in Atlanta; rolling down I-20...it's  a hostile land for a bro!

Monday, May 30, 2011

Damn!! The Winds of Change Are Still Blowing...Don't You Feel Them?

I can feel the wind blowing but it's not as bad as in Joplin..but its no ordinary breeze!

....Change is in the air; but in love or war nothing is fair...so I maintain the same steez!

Please!!  adjustments are made though; is it due to three eclipses coming?  you'll get caught out there using the same pattern!

...Nothing is new under the Sun; that's even out there on Pluto Mars and Saturn!

Dude said he would holla at them!!  rolled up in the Buick Regal;  I heard Rick Ross talking about he had Eight Balls like MJG; Lil Wayne and TI were co signing!

Whats the word?  another dude in the hood was hearing impaired but still a wannabe mafioso type; flashing gang signs or was a bro signing?

Using sign language; meanwhile pain and anguish was dealt with by big homie in Louisville in what was once the Southwick area!

Posted up in the wheel chair; but had blocks of hash and bags of weed for sale that's the scenario!

How about it? mass hysteria from Louisville to Bin Laden on over to Islamabad!

Whats the deal? in the background I hear Michael Jackson asking whose bad?

But who backed down? they'll get thrown under the bus..could be Sarah Palin's;  the action was a bit too much for them; whose sad about the outcome?

We came back with the sound; a weapon used during the interaction with the ill faction;  O-Dizzle pulled out the drum!

....Cuts and samples accommodated it; O-Zone summed up the consequences.

....Already told the masses about astro turf on the other side of the fences!

Sunday, May 29, 2011

The Misled; Waiting In The Dark Mix PT.3

.....O-Deezy is back on that breakbeat science business!!

The Misled; Waiting In The Dark Mix PT.3

Where's The Duct Tape? The Structure Is Falling Apart

The structure is falling apart; who has the duct tape? please!! even the plumbing is stopped up!

Whats up with ya? during the home invasion up in North Carolina?  tied up with duct tape...plus Georgia is a corrupt state...even the  janitors and custodians stayed busy; the floor is mopped up!

Scores are given by O-Zone like he was ESPN reporting on Lebron and them;  might try to start something like Howard Cosell did with Muhammad Ali..feel me!! plus O-Deezy hip hopped up in this peace!

Residing in the danger zone like were dealing with Al Qaeda in Yemen...we didn't hold our breath waiting on the madness to cease!

Wasn't waiting for answers up in this piece!! questions will answer themselves!

Dancers and critical thinkers are both mesmerized by the funk we pulled off of shelves!

Others went on with their bad selves!! but I didn't understand the rationale..

They were still in the hood; while I was rolling both local and international!

Actually I'm still in the hood..but the style is intergalactic when I holla atcha with this secret knowledge!! gained from hanging out beyond Pluto and Mars! 

Moves made are blatant and discrete; as we go for what we know..healing the scars!

Scarred and bruised up!! hands and clothes dirty; mind even dirty!! let the healing process begin!

Others were scared after being used up; they kept their guard up; said it was the only way they could win!

Whose clocking the steelo? would a friend sell them out?

Friends and Strangers like Ronnie Laws? umpires will tell them they're out!

Ends and means pursuits have us going all out!! coming and going!

Please!! where's the duct tape?  as the structure falls apart; had to show some of these fools I had heart...I found a portal to slide through...please!!  I'm going for what I'm knowing!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Was Time Wasted?

Damn!! so whats up? still fighting the corrupt...asking myself was time wasted?

Doing the knowledge; seeing whats up; were concepts just cut and pasted?

Going the extra mileage; oil companies foul with it...gas prices were high  cutting into our profits!

Thought and fashion police get foul with it; thought I was pimping like Straus Kahn..plus O-Jays Backstabbersplot and scheme on cutting into these prophets!

These are retro futuristic mystics; its hard to stop this !! we see everything moving; that's word from O-Zone...but started by Funkmaster Flex!

...what's the deal? Louisville Metro police were patrolling as we cruise down Broadway in the Brown Brothers Cadillac Sedan Deville listening to old school funk; trying to flex!

Fast forward to the next episode; we're rolling in the hooptie down here on Candler Rd in Decatur Georgia.

....Or maybe on Old National in College Park; them boys will try to start with ya!

Whats up with ya they asked? I'm peeping game like Herman Cain..a bruh told them I'm seeing what it do!

Moving at a high velocity; I might blast right past ya; I heard you were in pain...but I'm on a destiny rendezvous!

O-Dizzle is grooving!!  act like you knew; old girl down here in Georgia was on some you don't know you better find out stuff!!!  her home girl said I know dats right!

But as the drama unfurls; I was in the amen corner like a church deacon sounding like Barry White saying sho you right!

Wrote this on Easter Sunday; now fast forward to today....trying to be a beacon of light to those waiting in the dark. 

I know things are not like the Commodores; trying to be easy like Sunday morning but its a revolution we spark!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Cali Swag District urges public's help in police investigation of M-Bone killing

Cali Swag District urges public's help in police investigation of M-Bone killing | L.A. NOW | Los Angeles Times

Shadow Boxing...

Shadow boxing in the shadows; jurisdictions were fighting shadow wars like Ghost Recon..

Soon waiting in the dark healing physical and emotional scars...that's what they're on!!

Fast cars waiting in park; Tracy Chapman seldom seen them.

Others waiting to spark the flame like NATO crossing into Pakistan airspace; but lacking matches and an accelerate like gasoline or kerosene.

I see the them but wouldn't want to be them; not pimping like Arnold..I'm just trying to do me!

Out here in Babylon trying to make it!!  act like you knew me!

But if you babble on trying to fake it? you need to miss me with the nonsense.

I already knew about the astro turf on the other side of the fence.

Plus I cut down the tall fescue!! I knew the circumstance; snakes try to hide in the grass.

But I do come to the rescue dropping break beat science; but some were sleep or try to hide; didn't want to come to class.

Theme from Cops?  "Bad Boy Bad Boy!! whatcha gonna do? when they come for that ass?

Authorities down here in Georgia put out an all points bulletin like Jamie Hood; spotted you trying to dip real fast!

Now waiting in the dark; once playing games in the hood..that soul is about to blackout!

No Dwight Out when the Orlando Magic came to Atlanta; where did the mothership land this brotha? some hear the beep beep when it backed out!

Noticed I-Phone users were tracked out in cyberspace while I was out there I spotted signals and other transactions!

Similar to fashion and thought police trying to track me; sweating the technique; all up in a brothas interactions.

But we deal with these factions...their actions backfire like Newt Gingrich vs Paul Ryan..

RIP to Harmon Killebrew..peace...not acting brand new...fronting..who knows what a killer knew? now caught out there Drivin N Cryin!!

Woman charged in September uptown club death of Nick Mahone in Charlotte

Woman charged in September uptown club death | CharlotteObserver.com & The Charlotte Observer Newspaper

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Ronnie Laws...Always There (Live Version)

.....daydreaming on a saturday afternoon....this song came to mind.....found the live version..check it out!!

Slide…By Slave

......old school funk...

Slide…By Slave

McCoy Tyner & Phyllis Hyman; In Search of My Heart….Remember Me..

McCoy Tyner & Phyllis Hyman; In Search of My Heart….Remember Me..

Bishop Eddie Long: Judge Says Settlement Unlikely

Bishop Eddie Long: Judge Says Settlement Unlikely

Right Place Right Time? Right Space Right Frame Of Mind?

They said it's the right time...whats the deal? I guess your homie is looking in the right place!

Trying to get their mind right like  Osama Bin Laden with the porn...whats the deal? was he looking for the right space?

Trying to get their mind right with the weed at the compound....true players for real!! .meanwhile O-Dizzle will get down...was a bruh making the right moves?

Right Place Right Time? whats the by product; soon falling in the right groove?

Right Space...Right Frame of Mind!! did we have the right to prove that we were worthy?

Fast breaking like old school LA Lakers!! Magic Johnson and James Worthy!

Not falling apart like Kobe and them...please!! we're breaking beats and the so called Kings English; who will work with me? its a rough job but somebodys got to do it!

A hater brings pain and anguish; ingredients to a recipe like some kind of chef from Hells Kitchen!! so act like you knew it!

As we go through it!!  were on a journey; an odyssey.

Were on I-20 in Atlanta stuck behind a van with a soccer ball on it; a Honda Odyssey.

.....And a bruh was behind homie in the Chevy Monte Carlo; with hats with A's on them in the window..I guess representing the Braves, Falcons and the Hawks.

.....Hawks were knocked out of  the playoffs by Derrick Rose and the Bulls; they ran plays on them!!a player like Joe Johnson balks.

The player player talks junk; he said flood the market like the Mississippi!!  he told the rest of the ATLiens to keep it pimping!

Yellow crime scene tape and white chalk surrounds the spot!! complex problems made into simple ones.

....Or vice versa; simple problems turn complex; shadetree mechanics told me what it sounds like but could neither confirm nor deny!

Wheres The Mechanic?...the real one. word from Jason Statham!!. haters sounded like shady politicians; fanatics with shoddy workmanship; why ask why?

Who monitors it....keeping track of it? its a damn lie; homie cant work with it because the game is over.

Bush was down with the Bin Laden family. please!! some will understand me when they see Deals were Shady like Nathan....what's up man? damn!!  some wanna cry as the lame get over!!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Chris Bosh of Miami Heat admits nerves played part in Game 3 performance

......what kind of mess is this...nerves got the best of him? please!! he's supposed be a veteran ......plus he's getting paid millions of dollars to play...what kind of mess is this? I was wondering what was wrong with him in Game 3....That was a weak ass performance....check this article out per ESPN..

2011 NBA playoffs: Chris Bosh of Miami Heat admits nerves played part in Game 3 performance - ESPN

L.A. loses, embarrasses itself in Phil Jackson’s last game as coach

...what a way for the lakers to go out!! check out this blog from yahoo sports..

L.A. loses, embarrasses itself in Phil Jackson’s last game as coach - Ball Don't Lie - NBA Blog - Yahoo! Sports

It Was All Messed Up…

.....word from part of the conglomerate

It Was All Messed Up…

It's All Game...Find A Portal To Slide Through...

Little homie asked me whats up? please!! I told him its all game like Portal 2.

Told him to go on with that!! peep game; find you a portal to slide through!

The episode goes down like in Egypt..who will hide you? after you dipped back to the community!

Street code was maintained when you ride through!! in the Donk, Box or Bubble exercising diplomatic immunity!

Good and evil collide!!it's like the Pacquiao vs Mosley fight...but good and evil been doing that since day one!

As I confide in you; check the old cliche; theres nothing new under the sun!

Whose going under in the gun battle like Osama Bin Laden? or are riding with a band on the run like Paul McCartney? 

Whose riding like Thor with the forsaken or downtrodden and whose part of the conspiracy?

Whose riding with the enemy? caught them dissing me one minute then said its all love the next?

If I was sliding into the abyss whose missing me? was it because I made the simple complex?

Pimping through the complex or riding through in the hooptie; either way...sliding through the portal..it hasn't got old!

Whose freedom riding with me on the fiftieth anniversary; waiting on the truth to be told?

Who sees me trying to dip after the episode; now hiding me from authorities?

Already knowing what it do!! trying to survive in hostile territories!

Already knowing what it do!! using a hot style to tell these stories; its like this and like that and a!

Check the scenario!!  its going down from Louisville to Libya and from Pakistan to Atlanta!

A Real Mother For Ya....Johnny Guitar Watson

Happy Mother's Day!! ......the theme song? A Real Mother For Ya by Johnny Guitar Watson.....this one sounds better than the other emo mother songs!! it's more funky...plus it's the live version!!! check it out!!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

The Gap Band....Outstanding

.....on some old school soul /funk music tip....check out one of my favorites Outstanding By The Gap Band..the extended version...

I See Everything That's Moving!! Knowing How It'll Get..

Your homie is peeping game; I'm checking it all out; I see everything moving..I'm observing the scene!

Already know what it do! spotted whose losing or winning like Charlie Sheen!

Whatcha going through? winning like Animal Kingdom at the Kentucky Derby...or losing down here in the ATL where everybody's not fresh and clean like OutKast talked about!

Please!! its not hard to fail!! as I see all the zombies that stalked about!

It's like The Taliban in Afghanistan..others get white chalked out yellow crime scene tape surrounds the area.

....Or is it caution tape due to it being a construction site?  the corruption? we fight! check the scenario!

Whatcha know? spotted old girl from the old school  in an old school Buick Lesabre over in Decatur Georgia.

Cigarette hanging out of her mouth; scratching off Georgia Lottery tickets..drinking Crown Royal  Black; not trying to start with ya!

Knowing how it'll get!! drama royalty found bringing it back!! whats that? the next level dramatics!

Knowing how it'll get!! whatcha see is whatcha get; that's word from the Dramatics!

Whatcha see? what was heard from fanatics? its usually something outlandish!

Whats up with me?  listening to the Gap Bands Outstanding; getting funky with this!

Its like this and like that;outlanders try to get crunk with me down here in the A-Town but they just got here.

Either from South America Alabama; New York or Somalia: the melting pot its here!

Loathing and fearing was a secret weapon!! a by product of social engineering.

Coaching this due to the veteran experience; like Phil Jackson cursing at Pau Gasol!! what's up y'all?  this breakbeat science is similar to mechanical engineering!

Friday, May 6, 2011

Kenny Rogers and The First Edition......Just Dropped In..

O.K.  ....My music taste is all over the place...jazz,  hip hop, soul, now some classic rock....Kenny Rogers...yeah of The Gambler fame...back in the day he rocked!! check this out!! in fact it's on vinyl..

Jay-Z Being Sued Over "Big Pimpin" Sample

The family of Baligh Hamdy an Egyptian musician sues Jay-Z over the sample used in Big Pimpin...check the article...plus they have recordings of Khosara Khosara plus Big Pimpin for comparison..

Jay-Z Being Sued Over "Big Pimpin" Sample | MyColumbusPower - Power 107.5 Columbus' Home for the Hip-Hop Community

You Heard? « omanxl1 live

.....word from part of the conglomerate..

You Heard? « omanxl1 live

Remembered The Time

They remembered me from back in the day; Remembered The Time like Michael Jackson.

Didn't know I'm still putting it down like this alright!! I'm all up in the action!

All up in the spot!!  interactions are discreet; Babylon will set that ass up!

Whats the deal? whats really going on? O-Zone was wise to the set up!!  that's whats up!

Danger zone residents tried to act up!! even Al Qaeda made threats. spotted plans for another 9/11..meanwhile down here in the A-Town little homie rocking the Brooklyn T-shirt and the NY fitted cap!

What was he on?  found out he was from Kentucky!!!  so whats up with that?

Your homie is out of sync with the universe; unlucky with this or that; not on the one.

The skating rink was on thin ice its easy to come undone!

I wasn't the one even though the Ice Man Cometh like George Gervin!

O-Dizzle had the drum; some fronted!!  O-Zone wasn't in the fan club; I wasn't out there swerving!

They were reportedly curb serving; others were observing them...consulting with the enemy!

What will the report be? O-Zone peeped game, scoped out the big picture; knew what the deal would be!

An ill entity will try enforcement like in Syria.....but they're out of their jurisdiction.

Whats the deally? charges were Trumped up; they get rebuked like Obama did them...found out to be a fabrication, just pure fiction!

Holding trump cards like up in a spades game!! its diplomatic immunity; lubrication for when the engine runs rough!

 Hip to the charades; its all game!! I dipped back to the community..riding down Broadway in Louisville in The Sedan Deville listening to Roger So Ruff So Tuff!!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Ted "Golden Voice" Williams Headed Back To Rehab

Ted "Golden Voice" Williams Headed Back To Rehab | MyColumbusPower - Power 107.5 Columbus' Home for the Hip-Hop Community

They Were Going Through It PT.3

They were going through it.....so I'm letting the hustlers hustle and the players play!! I was minding and tending!

Wild Wild West cattle rustlers were confronted by James West who was honor defending!

Wearing Rustler or Wrangler jeans!!! Boston Strangler style!! hindering progress!

No justice no peace was the old civil rights slogan used by Rev Al Sharpton; who will stop the stress?

Cornel West and Tavis Smiley have other opinions!!!  looking at things another way!

Whose blessing? or even like the Clark Sisters blessed and highly favored?  just glad to see another day?

Whose stressing us? misbehaving!! I spotted la la and mamby pamby land residents!

Whose confessing to us? pledging allegiance in this land!! congregating at Ground Zero..but soon we realized theres no benevolence!

Whose cursing and praying at the same time? blessing us out!! found out the devil is in the details! damn!! somebody didn't read the fine print!

The evidence was overwhelming!! who was hiding in Abbottabad?..like Micheal Jackson whoe bad? soon rolled up on by Navy Seals...whose whistle blowing? details were provided by the informant!

Rolling with the government on some Call of Duty Black Ops type of stuff!

Whats up with it? O-Dizzle said act like you knew!! the funk was like Roger So Ruff So Tuff! 

Haters call your bluff!! but you said your game was good!

So now whats up? some will be caught out there like Jamie Hood!

But its all game; its good to go for some; but others come up short!

Others catch the blame or they get victimized; they're going through it... seeing what it do; please!!! I came up in the sport!

They were going through it..but its all game!! I didn't abort my mission we proceed and continue!

They were going through it....they kept on Searchin like Roy Ayers; as we proceed and continue!

Roy Ayers....Searchin

.....on that old school jazz soul funk tip again...

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Rick James and The Temptations.....Standing On The Top!!

......mind wandering....for some reason this song came to mind...checked You Tube...my new source for old school jams!!...found this 12" version...check it out!!