Sunday, May 1, 2011

What's That Noise? (Part One)

                                             wolves were at the front door.....

Wolves were at the front door howling!! but some stopped here before. I remember....they were dressed in sheep's clothing!

Minnesota Timberwolves couldn't score!! Kevin Love got the rebound; meanwhile peeps were fearing and loathing!

Steering the mothership towards earth;  I was on the rebound..approaching the point of no return; ready to take off again like the Space Shuttle Endeavour but having technical difficulties..the hooptie is on its last leg.

This is mechanical engineering aka breakbeat science; fashion and thought police try to read the signs.. the weapon was thrown in that lake authorities dreg!

...Serial numbers scratched off but knowledge is dropped; we kept our eyes on these wolves though!

Brand new funk is batched up; coming out fresh!! but some danced with wolves though!

Wolf Blitzer taught to Dougie like Fresh and the Get Fresh Crew featuring Slick Rick!

Wolves in sheep's clothing mentioned earlier as some get slick!

Sick with it slick with it!!  is their a doctor in the house?

Slick with it player player style like Dr Conrad Murray all up in the house!

......what's the deal? all up in the emergency room..the trauma ward...University Hospital in Louisville...Grady down here in Atlanta....please don't call House!! man that dude is tripping!!!

......what's the deal? O-Dog gets radical!! played funk, house, jazz and even rock! with this good word? they say O-Zone is tripping!!

What's that noise? dogs bark up the wrong tree!! I heard and saw the Smokestack Lightning like a Howling Wolf!!  like the blues singer; hustles some will knock!

What's that noise? wannabe mafioso types sell wolf tickets..but didn't check the time on Flava Flav's clock...

What's that noise? Trump trying to front on Obama...who gets the last laugh? is this the last math? is it wrong for me to foul dude to keep him from scoring on my team?

....Dude was rolling like Jared Loughner; had a lucid dream.

...Or like John Boehner trying to plot and scheme; whose peeping game?

....what was the noise I heard? Hector dipped in the Honda down Buford Highway in Atlanta; one step ahead of Georgia acting like Arizona; no time for sleeping in the game!

What was the noise I heard? that's what my folk in Alabama asked as tornadoes wreak havoc!!

....Or probably wolves were at the front door!!!! the drama? they came back with it!!

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