Thursday, May 5, 2011

They Were Going Through It PT.3

They were going through I'm letting the hustlers hustle and the players play!! I was minding and tending!

Wild Wild West cattle rustlers were confronted by James West who was honor defending!

Wearing Rustler or Wrangler jeans!!! Boston Strangler style!! hindering progress!

No justice no peace was the old civil rights slogan used by Rev Al Sharpton; who will stop the stress?

Cornel West and Tavis Smiley have other opinions!!!  looking at things another way!

Whose blessing? or even like the Clark Sisters blessed and highly favored?  just glad to see another day?

Whose stressing us? misbehaving!! I spotted la la and mamby pamby land residents!

Whose confessing to us? pledging allegiance in this land!! congregating at Ground Zero..but soon we realized theres no benevolence!

Whose cursing and praying at the same time? blessing us out!! found out the devil is in the details! damn!! somebody didn't read the fine print!

The evidence was overwhelming!! who was hiding in Abbottabad? Micheal Jackson whoe bad? soon rolled up on by Navy Seals...whose whistle blowing? details were provided by the informant!

Rolling with the government on some Call of Duty Black Ops type of stuff!

Whats up with it? O-Dizzle said act like you knew!! the funk was like Roger So Ruff So Tuff! 

Haters call your bluff!! but you said your game was good!

So now whats up? some will be caught out there like Jamie Hood!

But its all game; its good to go for some; but others come up short!

Others catch the blame or they get victimized; they're going through it... seeing what it do; please!!! I came up in the sport!

They were going through it..but its all game!! I didn't abort my mission we proceed and continue!

They were going through it....they kept on Searchin like Roy Ayers; as we proceed and continue!

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