Saturday, May 21, 2011

Was Time Wasted?

Damn!! so whats up? still fighting the corrupt...asking myself was time wasted?

Doing the knowledge; seeing whats up; were concepts just cut and pasted?

Going the extra mileage; oil companies foul with it...gas prices were high  cutting into our profits!

Thought and fashion police get foul with it; thought I was pimping like Straus O-Jays Backstabbersplot and scheme on cutting into these prophets!

These are retro futuristic mystics; its hard to stop this !! we see everything moving; that's word from O-Zone...but started by Funkmaster Flex!

...what's the deal? Louisville Metro police were patrolling as we cruise down Broadway in the Brown Brothers Cadillac Sedan Deville listening to old school funk; trying to flex!

Fast forward to the next episode; we're rolling in the hooptie down here on Candler Rd in Decatur Georgia.

....Or maybe on Old National in College Park; them boys will try to start with ya!

Whats up with ya they asked? I'm peeping game like Herman Cain..a bruh told them I'm seeing what it do!

Moving at a high velocity; I might blast right past ya; I heard you were in pain...but I'm on a destiny rendezvous!

O-Dizzle is grooving!!  act like you knew; old girl down here in Georgia was on some you don't know you better find out stuff!!!  her home girl said I know dats right!

But as the drama unfurls; I was in the amen corner like a church deacon sounding like Barry White saying sho you right!

Wrote this on Easter Sunday; now fast forward to today....trying to be a beacon of light to those waiting in the dark. 

I know things are not like the Commodores; trying to be easy like Sunday morning but its a revolution we spark!

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