Tuesday, May 3, 2011

What's That Noise PT.2

                            wolves were at the front door

What's that noise? damn!!  it sounded like wolves were at the front door!!

Minnesota Timberwolves said they had backup; Kevin Love would rebound if they couldn't score!

But I'm moving quickly...shooting quick like Kevin Durant...soon left the state of North Carolina; chilling with the Wolfpack!! trying to score up in Charlotte / Mecklenburg!

My state of mind was corrupted!! wolf tickets sold by a heckler? like on First 48 they're soon blasted on up in Louisville / Newburg! 

Whats up with it? opposing forces merge; said they would avenge the death of their leader.

What's that noise? what's heard? O-Dizzle will get busy ...check the sound man!!..the funk will let you know what the streets do!!

Whats that noise? what's heard? helicopters raiding the compound over in Pakistan; Osama Bin Laden blasted on with the heater!

No benevolence is shown......no hello from a Wal-Mart or Quick Trip greeter...

But  "Pleased to meet you don't forget my name" was heard...like it was sung by Mick Jagger!

....Of the Rolling Stones; any sympathy for the devil?  as were rolling through danger zones avoiding big homie with the dagger!

Atlanta playa playas in Stacy Adams and Steve Maddens turn their swagger on; meanwhile O-Zone is putting it down like this...some said they're looking for deliverance.

Wolves are now at the front door!!! check the score!! or was it a messenger getting shot at for showing persistence?

What did they front for? check the mess were in!! meanwhile product was trucked in to Gwinnett County Georgia mixed with fruits and vegetables by Los Zetas. 

Please!! how did they play these and those? they were rolling like Eddie Kendricks; they kept on trucking!! check how the behavior is!

I didn't pump my brakes like Bendix with this breakbeat science!! it's beneficial like Brown Rice word; per Don Cherry!

Purchased at Weather Reports Black Market!!!  the outcomes scary!

What's that noise? who said whatever? check the report; Navy Seals spark it like at Osama Bin Laden's spot!

Whose wavy? please!!  due to shady deals wolves at the front door will make it hot!

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