Sunday, May 8, 2011

It's All Game...Find A Portal To Slide Through...

Little homie asked me whats up? please!! I told him its all game like Portal 2.

Told him to go on with that!! peep game; find you a portal to slide through!

The episode goes down like in Egypt..who will hide you? after you dipped back to the community!

Street code was maintained when you ride through!! in the Donk, Box or Bubble exercising diplomatic immunity!

Good and evil collide!!it's like the Pacquiao vs Mosley fight...but good and evil been doing that since day one!

As I confide in you; check the old cliche; theres nothing new under the sun!

Whose going under in the gun battle like Osama Bin Laden? or are riding with a band on the run like Paul McCartney? 

Whose riding like Thor with the forsaken or downtrodden and whose part of the conspiracy?

Whose riding with the enemy? caught them dissing me one minute then said its all love the next?

If I was sliding into the abyss whose missing me? was it because I made the simple complex?

Pimping through the complex or riding through in the hooptie; either way...sliding through the hasn't got old!

Whose freedom riding with me on the fiftieth anniversary; waiting on the truth to be told?

Who sees me trying to dip after the episode; now hiding me from authorities?

Already knowing what it do!! trying to survive in hostile territories!

Already knowing what it do!! using a hot style to tell these stories; its like this and like that and a!

Check the scenario!!  its going down from Louisville to Libya and from Pakistan to Atlanta!

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