Sunday, July 31, 2011

It's Going Down PT. 3

Like a debt ceiling deal about to be made you were told to prepare yourself; please!! its about to go down!

Some will play it like Loose Ends; saying they can't stand the heat!! slow down!

Its Going Down!!  my website by the same name...where retro-futuristic funk is played; recognize the pattern.. its all game!

...Knowing a lot of these fools wont act right; not a damn thing has changed..its all the same!

...Like I said its all game; I can even see the accident before it happens..before it'll transpire!

Chefs in hells kitchen had the recipe for disaster; now the kitchen is on fire!

Where's Chef Ramsey? if I do or don't somebody damns me..even the umpire tried to call us out on strikes; you know there's two sides to the game like Gemini!

....understand me? that's where the Moon was when I wrote this; why ask why?

Its going down...from Iraq to Yemen....what's up man?  questions answer themselves.. youse a damn lie is what they told the pundit!

Its going down; God is in control; that's what some find out at the end of the day..that's who really runs it!

It's going down..check this good word..we brought the drum with it..this is how we do business..

Its going the midst of battles like Cowboys and Aliens.. but facing opposition like Cowboys quarterbacks..but we still handle our business..

The Crusaders......Sweet and Sour

summer madness continues....still on  a jazz funk type vibe..listening to this classic material by the Crusaders..reminds me of  an old drama/suspense movie soundtrack!! check this out.

Gil Scott Heron / Brian Jackson .....There Must Be Something We Can Do

....summer madness continues...chillaxing..listening to this classic material from Gil Scott Heron with his partner in crime / producer Brian Jackson....check this out...

Saturday, July 30, 2011

The Going In (In It Up To Our Necks) Mix

Summer Madness continues...Going In...Getting It In....actually already there...we're in it now up to our necks...but we've been here before..veterans in the we'll just rock!! check this mix..

The Going In (In It Up To Our Necks) Mix

Game...Uncle Otis

Game's single off that Hoodmorning Candy Coronas mixtape..check it out..

Hoodmorning Candy Coronas Mixtape The Game...

Game is coming with a new mixtape...check out this video trailer..

Thursday, July 28, 2011

The Good Word Mix Reloaded

....check it out...this site...Random other parts of the conglomerate...The Sonic Assault...and at my site What's Really Going On? ....are spots were the good word is the meantime and between time check this mix out...

The Good Word Mix Reloaded

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

These BreakBeat Scientists Are Still Putting It Down PT.3

These breakbeat scientists stay busy!! its like the debt ceiling's a rough job but somebody has to do it!

Gimme a breaklike Nell Carter!! actually I don't need one..please!! I'm a fire starter ....this is a rough job but somebody has to do it!

A breakbeat scientist doing business..acting like we knew this!!  but asking whats the prognosis?

You don't know? better find this...word given to Gaddafi by the rebels...meanwhile naysayers ask whose handling the operation? I told them Doctor O is

As we approach this...trying not to get cancelled like Monique's Show is..staying independent...we act like we know this!! we couldn't front; this science is official!

As we act like we know this!! running things like John Boehner?   please!! O-Zone never was a O-Dizzle is doing his thizzle; a bruh will go for what he know!

As we act like we know this..Kentucky Derby place or show in this... its going down..check the status!

As we act like we know this...we need you to recognize the pattern; work is put in by these breakbeat scientists!

You don't know? you better find this...that's word from old girl over on Glenwood Rd in Decatur Georgia...Newports in the green box in her scratch off lottery tickets...

You don't know? these breakbeat scientists stay one step ahead of Dekalb County authorities...they're out here trying to right tickets...

Can we kick this? can we get down like Craig Mack?science is dropped  based on the good word and the brand new funk...

Can we kick this? sounding like an NBA player hoping their lockout will be over  ....reaching a settlement like the they can come through with a brand new dunk...

Chilling down here in the ATL...acting brand new..getting crunk?'re sticking to the original plan!!

As we proceed and continue...we get scientific with it...that's word from this original man!!

Dark Mystery Of Time and Space Mix

.....breakbeat scientists are doing it once again....studying the dark mystery of time and space...noticed these earthlings /so called intellects..were vast cool and unsympathetic..serene in the assurance of their dominion....but they're in for a rude awakening...karmic repercussions will be the meantime check out the breakbeats and percussions..

Dark Mystery Of Time and Space Mix

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Bobby Womack...Across 110th Street

Summer Madness continues...on some of that old school soul brotha type stuff!!.....up in the spot..XM radio was jumping!! they played this joint by Bobby Womack. Across 110th Street..from the movie of the same name.....check out that old Caddie Coupe Deville cruising in the video!!

Curtis Mayfield......Freddie's Dead..(Live Version)

Summer Madness continues....hanging out...the spot I was in had XM radio....damn!! they played this joint!! to the lab..hit up You Tube and found this live version!..check it out!

Friday, July 22, 2011

It's Going Down PT.2

As we proceed....It's Going Down...sometimes I just sit back and watch God perform miracles!

As we proceed....It's Going Down....check the knowledge and skill...using the drum to communicate..sometimes the piano...along with these lyricals!

As we proceed....It's Going Down..what are we on? felt like were dealing with Freddie Krueger in Mortal Kombat...what's up with that? just trying to survive in Babylon!

...or like Obama dealing with John we move on with we proceed!!  It's Going Down!! breakbeat scientific principles are followed for those wondering what I'm on!

A  danger zone resident!! but like I told you I'm scientific as I study the chemistry!

Plus I do the mathematics; studied dark matter like Hadron Colliders..dealing with these fanatics trying to recruit me!

Dealing with know some are hating on these freedom riders...trying to bomb us like Oslo...misery loves company; but I didn't fill out the application!

Those waiting in the dark were misled!! they're caught out there waiting on a hero like Captain America..soon facing eradication!

Grown folk were spoon confusion and frustration is the norm; but that situation is deflected!

Moving on to higher ground like Stevie Wonder; to the higher power we stay connected!

Shade tree mechanics thought they corrected errors..but the machine still doesn't function properly..

But we studied the mathematics..horrors and terrors were ignored..realized we had diplomatic immunity..blessed and highly favored..we're God's Property...

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

It's Going Down...(Part One)

So what's up? Its going down!! the name of my it reflects my status!

Could update twitter or facebook to reflect it; plus choose to holla atcha with this!

Google and or Facebook trying to take over the world? whose upgrading the status? check the  new and old tools of the trade that are utilized!

They spotted me..tried to act like they knew me...face to face with a crook? please...just a breakbeat scientist using the brand new funk to get the party started..all up in it!! where? the danger'll be surprised!

Altered Swishers rinsed down with Ron Bacardi was big homies style; now plots and schemes are devised to get over like Superfly!

.....Per Curtis Mayfield;  portrayed but dressed in Ed Hardy; the assignment? who'll choose this like Mission Impossible? dude from Jersey said youse a damn lie!

Playing the field..slick like Lucas Oil..even trying to start with me but I wasn't having it..minds can get twisted; then they'll have the story messed up..

Playing the field...sick with it slick with so called fertile soil...the promised land like Atlanta is supposed to be..but this territory is messed up!!

Playing the mansions in the were some living? next to crack or stash houses and or meth labs..but a lot of folks are stressed up in this's written all over their face like the Rude Boy. Playing the field...but those jokers hadn't even worked out...what's that all about? in for a rude awakening..somebody will get hurt...

Whose waiting on answers? please...a snitch will blurt it out to the block is hot like the old Lil Wayne Hot Boys joint...

The devil is at the disco inferno waiting on dancers...but his advocates didn't understand us....were not the ones society will anoint..

Nobody will work with a bro..similar to the Obama vs Republicans in the debt ceiling talk..

Nobody will work with me..they just try to introduce authorities sweating the Murdochs..but I ignore them.. even though they stalk...

You heard me? but it's going we proceed..once running...

Breakbeat scientists bring this good the funky drummer is drummming...

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

These BreakBeat Scientists Are Still Putting It Down...PT.2


Refusing to accept their blessings; Babylon stressing them!! will the Dark Knight Rise? some they think its business as usual!

Snitches were confessing; First 48ing!! that's used as a survival technique!

A bruh is minding and tending; laying in the cut the lab working on breakbeat scientific principles..knowing society is still hating; some will still sweat the technique! Word from Eric B and Rakim and them!! at the end of the day earthlings see were rocking them with this funk straight from Pluto!

We took old dude from Louisville's advice; at the end of the day you have to go for what you know!

Some played it like Loose Ends; heard saying slow down they cant take the heat!

Now jackers will tie up loose ends; dealing with those acting fake out in the street!

Don't let me catch you out in these streets was the catch phrase!

Meanwhile were in the lab following breakbeat scientific principles; batching up something fresh as the music plays!

Friday, July 15, 2011

No Justice No Peace Mix

.......summer madness continues...a bruh was trying to chill..but damn if it's not one thing it's another...I guess a black man "can't have no peace" justice no peace is the catch phrase...check this mix out...

No Justice No Peace Mix

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The Smoke and Mirrors Mix PT.3.....The mixture and scripture...

Summer madness continues.......lot of shady dealings going down....the debt ceiling talks in the house/ senate...with Pres Obama....the dollar and stock futures fell per Moody..   ...then terrorists are cutting up over in Mumbai..once down here in Atlanta the school system is considered corrupt....a lot of things are going on....look...look out there..the smoke/fog is getting worse....some will enhance or manipulate the situation with mirrors..The Old Smoke and Mirrors routine..a lot of plotting and scheming going on behind the scenes....but they told me it's all my imagination....I didn't have anything to worry about.......yeah right!!....check this mix out.....

The Smoke and Mirrors Mix PT.3

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Man!! Things Are Still Shady Like Grady......

Shadetree mechanics were at it again!! some even front on the prosecution in the Casey Anthony case; they say the workmanship was shoddy and flawed!

Shady like Grady!!! dusty like Phoenix....who said something about Smoke and Mirrors? somewhere somebody will fall off where Paul Bunyan sawed!

Some were a bunch of jokers....they hemmed and hawed;  kee kee kee-ed!! bombed like Jay Leno..while another one was doing all the work!

Some knew what the inside joke was..but soon one got tired; even stressed out or hurt!

You heard!! that was the expression used by dude from the old school!! Hennesey under the front seat of the Cadillac Fleetwood Brougham.

Bought at Brown Bros up in Louisville; or maybe Hennesey or Classic Cadillac in Atlanta; whatcha know man? clients were diversified with e-tablets and weed!

A ghetto stock broker; rolling like the Sinaloa Cartel? but Feds will soon knock a joker..true indeed!

Meanwhile seeds are planted in secret gardens; soon harvested in the Summer Madness of 2011.

Word from Quincy Jones and Barry White and them!!  as I enlighten them and those; no pardons granted by the system; so whatcha saying?

Whatcha playing? they ask a bruh..I told them breakbeat science is dropped!

Based on jazz hip hop and funk; just got back from Pluto..your homie  even cosmic slopped!

Bad karma caused some to drop; will they get Gaddafi?  as some deal with the repercussions!

This small army comes with the Sonic Assault due to cause and effect; we bring the good word and percussions!

Hell was caught!! these discussions explain how it went down on the East and West Coasts the Midwest and the Dirty South!
Actually its worldwide; actually universal...due to Wikileaks some will have to watch their mouth!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Quincy Jones.....Walking In Space

Summer Madness we proceed...listening to some old grooves from back in the day to get ideas..that's the business!! just got back from making Plutonian Intergalactic Maneuvers..doing what behooves us...Walking In Space like this Quincy Jones groove was...check it out..

Bobbi Humphrey...Blacks and Blues

Summer Madness Continues..Fourth of July Holiday over with....a bruh is in chill mode..listening to this classic Bobbi Humphey...check it out..

Sunday, July 3, 2011

It's Magical..

Somebody said its all love; but we find out otherwise..some are slick like oil leaks in the Yellowstone we find out about the lies and innuendo!

In the paint some go hard like Dwight Howard..or maybe Waka Flocka Flame..they push and shove; so whatcha been through?

It's all game...I've seen you out there in the midst of spiritual warfare; your psyche got beat up!

Storm chasers stay busy like in Kansas or Oklahoma;  the psychic said things would heat up!

Caught out there!! go speed racer go!!  burn the streets up!! burn rubber on me  like the Gap Band!

Weed eaters cut down high weeds where snakes in the grass roam..damn man!!

Caught out there!! guns clap man like Afghanistan; over in Islamabad!

Caught out there!!  fools rush in!! but it's rough on a first responder; whose bad?

Caught out there!!  schools of thought run the train...transponders transmit the message!

Caught out there!! Sonic Assaults are the response; in the songs are a message!

Some are still debating irrelevant issues; they're distracting the masses.

Some are stunting playing Hollywood roles after taking acting classes.

Whose shaking asses? needed to watch themselves per Mystical!

Were making passes; whose catching them? the outcomes magical!

As we get with's going down..something fresh? we're batching them up!! .as we proceed and continue...

Check the's magical...when this breakbeat science is on the menu..