Wednesday, July 27, 2011

These BreakBeat Scientists Are Still Putting It Down PT.3

These breakbeat scientists stay busy!! its like the debt ceiling's a rough job but somebody has to do it!

Gimme a breaklike Nell Carter!! actually I don't need one..please!! I'm a fire starter ....this is a rough job but somebody has to do it!

A breakbeat scientist doing business..acting like we knew this!!  but asking whats the prognosis?

You don't know? better find this...word given to Gaddafi by the rebels...meanwhile naysayers ask whose handling the operation? I told them Doctor O is

As we approach this...trying not to get cancelled like Monique's Show is..staying independent...we act like we know this!! we couldn't front; this science is official!

As we act like we know this!! running things like John Boehner?   please!! O-Zone never was a O-Dizzle is doing his thizzle; a bruh will go for what he know!

As we act like we know this..Kentucky Derby place or show in this... its going down..check the status!

As we act like we know this...we need you to recognize the pattern; work is put in by these breakbeat scientists!

You don't know? you better find this...that's word from old girl over on Glenwood Rd in Decatur Georgia...Newports in the green box in her scratch off lottery tickets...

You don't know? these breakbeat scientists stay one step ahead of Dekalb County authorities...they're out here trying to right tickets...

Can we kick this? can we get down like Craig Mack?science is dropped  based on the good word and the brand new funk...

Can we kick this? sounding like an NBA player hoping their lockout will be over  ....reaching a settlement like the they can come through with a brand new dunk...

Chilling down here in the ATL...acting brand new..getting crunk?'re sticking to the original plan!!

As we proceed and continue...we get scientific with it...that's word from this original man!!

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