Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Man!! Things Are Still Shady Like Grady......

Shadetree mechanics were at it again!! some even front on the prosecution in the Casey Anthony case; they say the workmanship was shoddy and flawed!

Shady like Grady!!! dusty like Phoenix....who said something about Smoke and Mirrors? somewhere somebody will fall off where Paul Bunyan sawed!

Some were a bunch of jokers....they hemmed and hawed;  kee kee kee-ed!! bombed like Jay Leno..while another one was doing all the work!

Some knew what the inside joke was..but soon one got tired; even stressed out or hurt!

You heard!! that was the expression used by dude from the old school!! Hennesey under the front seat of the Cadillac Fleetwood Brougham.

Bought at Brown Bros up in Louisville; or maybe Hennesey or Classic Cadillac in Atlanta; whatcha know man? clients were diversified with e-tablets and weed!

A ghetto stock broker; rolling like the Sinaloa Cartel? but Feds will soon knock a joker..true indeed!

Meanwhile seeds are planted in secret gardens; soon harvested in the Summer Madness of 2011.

Word from Quincy Jones and Barry White and them!!  as I enlighten them and those; no pardons granted by the system; so whatcha saying?

Whatcha playing? they ask a bruh..I told them breakbeat science is dropped!

Based on jazz hip hop and funk; just got back from Pluto..your homie  even cosmic slopped!

Bad karma caused some to drop; will they get Gaddafi?  as some deal with the repercussions!

This small army comes with the Sonic Assault due to cause and effect; we bring the good word and percussions!

Hell was caught!! these discussions explain how it went down on the East and West Coasts the Midwest and the Dirty South!
Actually its worldwide; actually universal...due to Wikileaks some will have to watch their mouth!

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