Wednesday, July 20, 2011

It's Going Down...(Part One)

So what's up? Its going down!! the name of my it reflects my status!

Could update twitter or facebook to reflect it; plus choose to holla atcha with this!

Google and or Facebook trying to take over the world? whose upgrading the status? check the  new and old tools of the trade that are utilized!

They spotted me..tried to act like they knew me...face to face with a crook? please...just a breakbeat scientist using the brand new funk to get the party started..all up in it!! where? the danger'll be surprised!

Altered Swishers rinsed down with Ron Bacardi was big homies style; now plots and schemes are devised to get over like Superfly!

.....Per Curtis Mayfield;  portrayed but dressed in Ed Hardy; the assignment? who'll choose this like Mission Impossible? dude from Jersey said youse a damn lie!

Playing the field..slick like Lucas Oil..even trying to start with me but I wasn't having it..minds can get twisted; then they'll have the story messed up..

Playing the field...sick with it slick with so called fertile soil...the promised land like Atlanta is supposed to be..but this territory is messed up!!

Playing the mansions in the were some living? next to crack or stash houses and or meth labs..but a lot of folks are stressed up in this's written all over their face like the Rude Boy. Playing the field...but those jokers hadn't even worked out...what's that all about? in for a rude awakening..somebody will get hurt...

Whose waiting on answers? please...a snitch will blurt it out to the block is hot like the old Lil Wayne Hot Boys joint...

The devil is at the disco inferno waiting on dancers...but his advocates didn't understand us....were not the ones society will anoint..

Nobody will work with a bro..similar to the Obama vs Republicans in the debt ceiling talk..

Nobody will work with me..they just try to introduce authorities sweating the Murdochs..but I ignore them.. even though they stalk...

You heard me? but it's going we proceed..once running...

Breakbeat scientists bring this good the funky drummer is drummming...

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