Friday, July 22, 2011

It's Going Down PT.2

As we proceed....It's Going Down...sometimes I just sit back and watch God perform miracles!

As we proceed....It's Going Down....check the knowledge and skill...using the drum to communicate..sometimes the piano...along with these lyricals!

As we proceed....It's Going Down..what are we on? felt like were dealing with Freddie Krueger in Mortal Kombat...what's up with that? just trying to survive in Babylon!

...or like Obama dealing with John we move on with we proceed!!  It's Going Down!! breakbeat scientific principles are followed for those wondering what I'm on!

A  danger zone resident!! but like I told you I'm scientific as I study the chemistry!

Plus I do the mathematics; studied dark matter like Hadron Colliders..dealing with these fanatics trying to recruit me!

Dealing with know some are hating on these freedom riders...trying to bomb us like Oslo...misery loves company; but I didn't fill out the application!

Those waiting in the dark were misled!! they're caught out there waiting on a hero like Captain America..soon facing eradication!

Grown folk were spoon confusion and frustration is the norm; but that situation is deflected!

Moving on to higher ground like Stevie Wonder; to the higher power we stay connected!

Shade tree mechanics thought they corrected errors..but the machine still doesn't function properly..

But we studied the mathematics..horrors and terrors were ignored..realized we had diplomatic immunity..blessed and highly favored..we're God's Property...

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