Tuesday, July 19, 2011

These BreakBeat Scientists Are Still Putting It Down...PT.2

As we proceed!! new and old tools combine...as breakbeat scientific principles are followed!

True indeed!! old and new fools get played in Babylon; even if they're anonymous..what's up with this?  fanatics thought they were invincible out in stream of consciousness, but by the big great white? they'll get swallowed!

Whose allowed on the premises? security heightens!! even Rupert Murdoch was attacked.. now folk lock doors, close windows, and ladies hold onto their purses!

Empty promises were made; Republicans talk about cut and cap..but curiosity killed the cat; somebody told them it was phat and all that!! but some hold onto their curses!

Refusing to accept their blessings; Babylon stressing them!! will the Dark Knight Rise? some they think its business as usual!

Snitches were confessing; First 48ing!! that's used as a survival technique!

A bruh is minding and tending; laying in the cut marinating...in the lab working on breakbeat scientific principles..knowing society is still hating; some will still sweat the technique!

Word from Eric B and Rakim and them!! at the end of the day earthlings see were rocking them with this funk straight from Pluto!

We took old dude from Louisville's advice; at the end of the day you have to go for what you know!

Some played it like Loose Ends; heard saying slow down they cant take the heat!

Now jackers will tie up loose ends; dealing with those acting fake out in the street!

Don't let me catch you out in these streets was the catch phrase!

Meanwhile were in the lab following breakbeat scientific principles; batching up something fresh as the music plays!

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