Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Wrapping Things Up

Typing this good word like I was writing software or code!! plus playing the piano, like I was in a lounge in Las Vegas; we're trying to send messages...

Wrapping things up at on this June 30th, the end of the month; check the scenario, intergalactic / retro-futuristic;  my soul goes back to before the middle passages....

Bubble wrapping these hot messages dropped by O-Zone; known throughout the galaxy,  plus O-Dog drops funk after building with  Extra Terrestrials on other planets;  these brothas are also known in the hood....

Providing answers for the question that was asked; this funk and good word is what's good...

Encouraging the massive while others are distracted and act passive!!  knowing Republicans would knock the hustle!! Donald Trump trotted out as a spokesman?

What's up man? some are caught up in red tape or caught up in the system / matrix!! soon surrounded by yellow crime scene tape!! it's no joke man..

Security cameras tape the episodes like vandals destroying Wal Mart in Macon; spirits broken but some are faking!! meanwhile we're breaking this English and these beats;  O-Dog does the damn thing!!

Phil Mickelson type *Gamblers Out For A Fast Buck*  are card stacking!! soon countries like Greece will go under!! I'm  keeping my eye on what a joker brings..

Satellites used for GPS tracking? NSA influenced? tried to send up crashed....karmic repercussions?

Insights are still dropped as we wrap things up at the end of June; O-Dog gets it right by multi-tracking per breakbeats stashed in the lab; influenced by keyboards, samples, pianos, percussions..

Insights are still dropped as we wrap things up at the end of June; O-Zone? I'm typing on HP and IBM keyboards /  or Roland and Yamaha keyboards!!

Visualizing The Sequence   it's all game, realized it after we peeped this!! it's rough out here!! from Ferguson to Baltimore!! from NYC to Charleston Seaboards!

Monday, June 29, 2015

Fokuz Recordings Podcast #18 // Kasper

Digital Crate Digging Continues; deep in this drum and bass!! We're checking out Fokuz Recordings Podcast #18 hosted by Kasper. It's hot like *fiyah* ...Check out the playlist and the podcast!!

01. Cosmology - For Love Yeh - Digital Blus
02. Kasper - Right Now - Driven AM
03. L-Side - Mistadobolina (D&B Re-edit)
04. j:logic & Kasper - Recognize - Fokuz
05. Rowpieces - From Another Star - Fokuz
06. Flowrian & Pulsaar - Blue (Deacon Remix) - Jazzsticks
07. Mr. Joseph - Real Talk
08. Will Miles - Last Breath Instrumental
09. BrokenDrum & Kasper - Don’t Know Why - Fokuz
10. Kasper & Phat Playaz - Connected - Fokuz
11. Random Movement - I Stayed Around - Fokuz
12. Satl & Kasper - Ready - Fokuz
13. Jazzassins - Shicu - Jazzsticks
14. Halogenix - Soulide - Ingredients
15. AudioSketch & Surplus - Leave It All Behind (Villem & McLeod Remix)
16. Random Movement - Sleazy Bitch - Fokuz
17. Kasper - Capture Your Mind - Fokuz
18. Command Strange - Summer Breeze - Fokuz
19. Macca & Loz Contreras - Against the Wall - Fokuz
20. Total Science - BS9 - D&BA

21. Kasper - Blockhead - Fokuz
22. Londy & Kasper - Don’t Stop - Fizzy Beats
23. Kasper - Vivaldi (Mos Remix) - Fokuz
24. Phase 2 - Loosen Up
25. Kasper - Scorsese - Fokuz
26. Total Science & SPY - Gangsta V.I.P.
27. Phase 2 - Wibbler - Soul Deep
28. Satl & Kasper - We Could Always - Fokuz


Blossom -Deep Jazzy House Mix by DJDimsa (2015)

Digital Crate Digging Continues; we're housing it on a Monday Afternoon!! Why? Because that's what we feel like doing!! Word!! 

We're checking out Blossom -this Deep Jazzy House Mix  by DJDimsa (2015) . Check out the playlist and the mix.

01 00:00 DJ Riquo ft. the Third World Man - Mesmerizing Words
02 05:09 A Different Jimi - In Treehouses (Original Mix)
03 10:30 Da Funk - Stay With Me (Blugazer Remix)
04 16:39 k street collective - go go go (black fuse remix)
05 22:02 Morning Factory - Echo Lovin
06 28:24 Osunlade - Momma's Groove (Jimpster's Hip Replacement Mix)
07 35:34 To-Ka Project - Café Style
08 39:45 Alland Byallo - Rare Bird (Joshua Iz Vizual Remix)
09 48:32 Capucino - One Times One - Soul Minority Dub Mix
10 55:40 Thyladomid - The Voice - Original Mix


Sunday, June 28, 2015

Bluey "Saints and Sinners"

Sunday Jazz Continues; we're checking out this soul jazz from  Bluey with a track called  "Saints and Sinners". Oh yes!! he's telling us about it on Sunday, the right day!!

This is from the "Life Between The Notes" album, out 4.28.15. Check it out on...iTunes: http://apple.co/1D2DIO6
 / Amazon: http://amzn.to/1ILkYuq
  /  Let's Go!!! 

BreakBeat Scientific / Doing What We Do PT.4

                       *spiritual significance in this operation*

BreakBeat Science is in full effect!! we're doing what we do!! *Broken Beats and English*  is the basis..

We're writing this code like it was software!! we're representing the indigenous!! broken minds / hearts / spirits;  feeling the pain and anguish!! how can they face this?

We're not soft as we go there!! still following the street code,  knowing what the deal is dealing with these Hunger Games Peacekeepers!! demerits issued / charges will get trumped up..

Not like Donald Trump vs Mexicans; the status? Univision is through dealing with him!! it's like hearts or spades; the trump cards? beats will get drummed up...

My cousin Donald started this; sounds thumped due to the basement full of vinyl records;plus I did the knowledge /  I summed up the consequences..

Jazz, funk, rock and soul is how I would roll; like tourists in Tunisia or victims at the Taiwan water park fire!!  I refuse to be a victim of circumstances..

Using the sound as a vehicle; refuse to be caught up in Debatable Circumstances; being built or torn down?

Seeing through the gossip, lies and innuendo!!  I see these haters won't turn the level of scorn down..

Concepts are born down in the lab / secret compound;  lab technique by-products are revealed when seminars are conducted...

Taking a stab at it like a drunk at the old hole in the wall club mentioned by Mel Waiters; or somebody was smoked out or weeded!! mind corrupted..

Check out the sonic smash and grab and we do what we do!! fragging enemy positions with beat fragments + spoken word fragments= mathematical fragments!!  oh!! it's part of an equation...

We were like a *Forensic Team* tearing things apart!! spiritual rehab? *Spiritual Significance In This Operation*


Saturday, June 27, 2015

Kero One- In All The Wrong Places (New 12 Inch Version)

Digital Crate Digging Continues; we're checking out some hip hop / jazz from Kero One-with a smooth track called  In All The Wrong Places (New 12 Inch Version). Let's Go!!


Malcolm McLaren And The Bootzilla Orchestra ‎–House Of The Blue Danube (Instrumental)

Digital Crate Digging Continues; we're checking out some jazz rock / jazz funk from  Malcolm McLaren And The Bootzilla Orchestra ‎–with a track called House Of The Blue Danube (Instrumental). 

This song is featuring  Bootsy Collins on bass and on guitar Jeff Beck. Check it out!!


Friday, June 26, 2015

The Situation Is Critical / Out Of Control

The situation was *Out Of Control*   I was *Going In* but ear shattering gunshots exploded..

I tried to get away!!  but the battery was dead in the old school Oldsmobile Delta 88; damn!! the cables were corroded..

I tried to run a play like armchair quarterbacks!! thought I had Delta Force types rolling up on Bin Laden but we were just a bunch of busters! we even got on the bus / rode it / the 86 Lithonia like OutKast talked about!! but you've heard the cliche!! they'll throw you under the bus...

It's not Thursday but we've got drama throwbacks from Ferguson / Baltimore to Charleston South Carolina; what's the slogan? no peace / no justice....

Pardon me!! damn!! I've got it backwards!!  it's no justice no peace!!  but same sex marriage proponents will think otherwise..

Meanwhile some are starting with me!! some said I was hustling backwards!! they're trying to sweat me and my peeps with deadlines and timeframes!! who was it? it was the wise and otherwise!!

This brotha will rise to the occasion; I was wise to the whole setup!! the truth? I'm not disputing!!

Now putting *Messages In The Songs*  back with this!! back on the set like Vladimir Putin...

Oh yeah!! haters still  had their doubts!!  family members get assassinated like Clementa Pinckney by Dylann Roof types who get Burger King meals by authorities contemplating on letting him off the hook...

*It's Going Down*  I was going all out until I was fired on when I entered attack zones; now I block shots like Ed Pinckney did at Villanova!! the situation was off the chain / off the hook..

*The Situation is Critical*  but haters will get what's coming to them, that's the reason for this Sonic Assault...

*The Situation Is Critical*  we're bringing the light when we get with you, this is our response to the hell that's caught...

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Monstercat Podcast Ep. 063 (Laszlo Takeover)

Digital Crate Digging Continues; we're checking out the  Monstercat Podcast Ep. 063 (Laszlo Takeover)for the latest in electro, future bass, trap music, house music and other genres. 

Check out the playlist and the mix.

00:31 PIXL - This Time vs. Buzz Kill
04:59 Insan3Lik3 - Bad Pitched
09:16 Rich Edwards - Inferno
11:52 F.O.O.L - Bounty Hunter
16:02 Razihel & Aero Chord - Titans
19:41 Deon Custom - Roses
23:07 Au5 - Moonland
27:28 Stonebank - The Pressure
30:40 Karma Fields - Build The Cities (Redial Remix) [ft. Kerli]
Laszlo Takeover - Closer EP [Monstercat Spotlight]
33:54 Laszlo - Closer
38:00 Laszlo - Our Arrival
41:20 Laszlo - A King’s Life
44:58 Laszlo - Destination
50:03 Laszlo - Law Of The Jungle
55:46 Rogue - Forever [Monstercat Throwback]


BreakBeat Scientific With It / Doing What We Do PT.3

It's rough out here in the Babylon Wilderness!! some know what the deal is!!  but a lot of my folk are lost..

...in the darkness; I had to go in, I wear the *Hard Hat With The Lantern On Top*  as work was put in blue collar style, this brotha was paying the cost..

Hillary Clinton said she had a plan for ya!!   Bobby Jindal, Doug Christie and other Republicans like Donald Trump line up to rebuke her; check out the  chaos and mayhem.

Meanwhile per George Clinton scientific studies  O-Dog has a jam for ya!!  what it do? per beats that thump BreakBeat Science is what he's playing..

Meanwhile O-Zone has this manisfesto for you!! the opposite of Dylanns Roof's / we rebuke George Zimmerman types!!  the drama is local, national, international and intergalactic!! cruising in the Mothership provided proof!!  but agencies think they spotted me;  Out There.

Had to admit;  I am Outside The Box!! but I mentioned I'm Going In, but others made it hot for me!! I know life is not fair..

Messages are put in the songs, just trying to aid the massive!! but Hunger Games Peacekeepers roll up, they want to see me expelled.

We had to be strong, we keep doing what we do!!  others were laughing at me when my coping strategy failed..

Doing what we do!! but these dudes sailed out into the high waters!! plus the weather was inclement.....

Doing what we do!! the high waters were full of sharks and piranhas!! but we had to deal with it!!

Doing what we do!! we get breakbeat scientific!! we had to be real with it even though conditions weren't  grossly unremarkable!

That's per medical lingo!! we get breakbeat scientific with a gringo, they were trying to show us what waiting the dark will do!!

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Outback Chronicles / The Summer Solstice Edition

Outback; I'm out on my deck chilling out!! saying prayers!! God's will is done on Earth as it is in Heaven per Matthew 6:10!! but don't get me started preaching....

Aura now has many layers; told haters to pump their brakes like Bendix!! now like on I-20 in Atlanta tires are screeching!!!

Peeping game; spotted the Cardinal on the fence reminding me of Louisville, this is real!! I'm not trying to play!!

Not sleeping in the game even though I'm out here in a relaxed mood; soon sending the masses food per these *Messages In The Songs*  using pianos, samples, drums, etc!! letting  you know about these jokers that are out of control!! ear shattering gunshots exploded!! some ran this way and that way!!

Outback contemplating / reflecting; who ran that play? like Seattle in the  Super Bowl with interceptions or others running up in the middle of the line for a no-gainer..

Outright hating due to Deflategate? Tom Brady vs Roger Goodell? some fail, but this brotha dipped down the sidelines untouched; it was a no brainer..

The reign began with a drizzle, now plans fizzle after the drama was revisited..

What's the dizzle? reflecting on the Summer Solstice as steaks sizzled on the grill outback, I'm chilling out trying to take my life back after the drama was revisited..

This brotha got the gist of it after I did the math, now I'm on another path plus I got the last laugh!! I'm not like Rick Ross or Sean "Diddy" Combs, out here trying to catch a case!!

Check out these OutBack Chronicles as I respond to these and those after I got back from Pluto, a demoted planet for us Scorpios!! now reflecting / contemplating; a brotha is on the case...

Space was something else!!  I spotted a moon hidden in Saturns outer rings!!  meanwhile on 1-20  dude tried to race the Cutlass Supreme in a Saturn!! he's *Confused About Things*

Dipped on that fool!!  this veteran in the game now coaching like Steve Kerr knew the rules!!  now check out this by-product from chilling out outback!! breakbeat science? that's what a brotha brings...

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Razihel and Aero Chord - Titans

Digital Crate Digging Continues; changing gears for a minute or two. We're checking out some trap music from  Razihel  and Aero Chord - with a track called Titans. This is courtesy of Monstercat. Check this out!!


BreakBeat Scientific With It / Doing What We Do PT.2

Welding torch used to spark this!!  I put the helmet on, now repairs are made...

Blue Collar / Mechanical Engineering to Rebuke the Social Engineering, after truths or dares were made..

Breakbeat scientific with it; Clearing the cache!!  Clear like Cybotron!! not drinking that "clear" like football and baseball players...

Doing What I Do!! I was just taking old dudes advice!! he said to Play On Players..

Doing What We Do! but in Babylon? It's easy to get played!!  like in Charleston, the home of racism the situation is out of control!! per Dylann Roof? ear shattering gunshots exploded...

It's easy to get sprayed in the drive by; *The Situation Is Out Of Control*  plus bankers provide proof as they crush the American Dream; will they help or has benevolence eroded?

Doing what we do, as we go into breakbeat scientific mode!!  O-Dog has the Freak-a-zoid Midnight Star type funk!! Stankonia like OutKast from down here in Atlanta?

Not devoid of funk like Sir Nose mentioned by Parliament / George Clinton per the  Mothership Connection;  dude will still jam for ya!!!

No presidential campaign like Hillary Clinton but I'm filling the void, even though the devil will oppose trying to start it; trying to make a connection but who will understand ya? that was the question asked this brotha!!!

Feeling the void, emptiness while waiting in the dark, vehicles waiting in park, but questions soon answer themselves!!   now you can spot me rolling down I-20 in Atlanta!! 

Feeling the void!! once intergalactic like the Rosetta spacecraft but now the mothership has landed back on earth!!

Filling the void!! breakbeat scientific with it!! funk is dropped plus check this Rosetta Stone wordplay / math!! Doing What We Do!! This Is How We Play!! what's it all worth? 


Monday, June 22, 2015

Instrumental Hip Hop Summer Mix ♫ Chill Compilation 10

Digital Crate Digging Continues; we're checking out this  Instrumental Hip Hop Summer Mix ♫ Chill Compilation 10 courtesy of  the  Chillhop Music  channel on You Tube!!! Check out the playlist and the mix!!

☀ Sunshine Beats ☀
0:00 ► Vanilla – Sunshine [ https://soundcloud.com/vanilla ]
2:22 ► A June & J Beat – Season In The Sun [ https://soundcloud.com/ajuneandjbeat ]
5:03 ► Guggenz – Love Is Gone [ https://soundcloud.com/guggenz ]
9:00 ► @prodbySoulmate – Rest in Beats [ https://soundcloud.com/s0ulmate ]
11:30 ► BMBU – R.eally [ https://soundcloud.com/bmbu ]
13:50 ► deeB – Pop Up Horizon [ https://soundcloud.com/deeb ]
17:42 ► Jordan Elgie – Roses [ https://soundcloud.com/jordan-elgie ]
22:38 ► Phoniks – Autumn To Winter [ https://soundcloud.com/phoniksbeats ]
24:28 ► aKu – The Final Blow [ https://soundcloud.com/akuofficial ]
26:53 ► Thovobeats – Dawn Till Noon [ https://soundcloud.com/thomas-vos-2 ]
30:14 ► Bonus Points – Cruisin’ With Bae [ https://soundcloud.com/bonuspoints ]
33:00 ► GYVUS – Weekend [ https://soundcloud.com/gyvus ]

✿ Sunset Beats ✿
35:30 ► Joey Pecoraro – Warm [ https://soundcloud.com/joeypecoraro ]
37:35 ► Uyama Hiroto – One Dream [ http://roph.net/ ]
41:42 ► Guru Griff – Soulwaves [ https://soundcloud.com/gurugriff ]
44:08 ► .Sinh – Two.late [ https://soundcloud.com/sinhbeats ]
47:00 ► Sensi Sye – Don’t Be Shy [ https://soundcloud.com/sensisye ]
49:38 ► .Sinh – fallinluv (Friday) [ https://soundcloud.com/sinhbeats ]
52:45 ► .Sinh – SeeTheWorld. [ https://soundcloud.com/sinhbeats ]
54:47 ► .Sinh – Early Spring ft. Masego [ https://soundcloud.com/sinhbeats / https://soundcloud.com/masegomusic]
57:40 ► brandon* - Sleep To Dream [ https://soundcloud.com/eyelovebrandon ]

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Daytoner and DJ Benz - Benz Bargain Bin Bossa

Sunday Jazz Continues; changing things up a little; checking out some jazz funk, breaks, bossa from Daytoner and DJ Benz -with a track called  Benz Bargain Bin Bossa . Let's Go!!

Dave Grusin And Lee Ritenour / Water To Drink (Agua De Beber)

Sunday Jazz Continues; we're checking out this smooth track from Dave Grusin And Lee Ritenour  called Water To Drink (Agua De Beber). Check it out y'all!! Let's Go!!


Knowing How The Drama Goes / But Fighting Back PT.2 (The Saga / Struggle Continues)

What goes around comes around!! you know those gangsters will always get even!! you know what they say about those kind!! soon they're pressing the right button or dial..

It gets stereotypical like Dylann Roof types shooting up churches started by Denmark Vesey but from Baltimore to Ferguson they tell us to be easy; so what it do? the situation is foul!!

In my Reeboks? some should walk a mile to know the score!! I had the thrift store Greg Norman shark polo shirt on, plus Roca-Wear jeans were worn! jokers  tried to clock my style!! I told you I was Intergalactic!! the ESA Venus Express rolled up looking for my hideout...

O-Dog rocks!! he was rolling!! I was out there on the Mars Venus Express!! the Mothership will move at a High Velocity when I ride out...

Back on earth? I slide out of the cockpit!!! The Mothership is like a Transformer!! it turns into an Oldsmobile Cutlass / aka a Cut-Dog...

Now we'll drop Intergalactic Funk; O-Zone? I have the prose; the piano, drumkit, samples and cuts are supplied by O-Dog...

As we enter the Smoke and Mirrors enhanced by the fog; *New Type Gangsters*  have the economy messed up, so morale is low...

Check the crisis!!! horror and terror is enhanced from South Carolina where Confederate flags fly to Iraq and Syria dealing with ISIS; *You Don't Want To Get Mixed Up*  just see how they flow....

Ear shattering gunshots exploded when I was Going In!!  the situation was out of control!! the Federation kicked up the drama to another level!! like drug dealers rolling in South America The Cut-Dog transforms into a submarine..

Damn!! I knew soon or later those gangsters would try to get even!!  but I was Ready To Roll, after I observed the scene...

What does it all mean? we had to do the knowledge, then prayed to a *Higher Power*

Now equiped with Supreme Courage and Maximum Strength;  rebuking the fireshower..

Friday, June 19, 2015

The Family Stand - Ghetto Heaven (Soul II Soul Remix)

Digital Crate Digging Continues; we're checking out  some funk / soul / hip hop from The Family Stand -with  Ghetto Heaven (Soul II Soul Remix). Let's Go!!! 


Victor Davies / Better Place

Afternoon Jazz Continues; we're checking out some soul jazz / house music from Victor Davies  with a track called Better Place.  Check out the players and the track...

  • Electric Piano [Rhodes]Jake Hirsch
  • Tenor Saxophone, Alto Saxophone, Soprano Saxophone, FluteSam Cooke 
  • ViolinMerrilyn Baer
  • Written-By, Producer, Arranged By, Vocals [All], Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Bass Guitar, Acoustic Guitar [JDB00], Electric Piano, PercussionVictor Davies

Monstercat Podcast Ep. 062

Digital Crate Digging Continues; we're checking out the Monstercat Podcast Ep. 062 for some of the latest in electro, future bass, dubstep, drumstep, house music and other flavors. Check out the playlist and the podcast!!!

00:31 Au5 - Inside (feat. Danyka Nadeau)
04:46 Hellberg - A Heartbeat Away
10:17 Noisestorm - Eclipse
14:30 Nitro Fun - Soldiers
18:01 PIXL - This Time [Monstercat Exclusive]
20:13 Case & Point - Prism
23:50 7 Minutes Dead - Free
29:38 Pegboard Nerds - Swamp Thing [Monstercat Spotlight]
33:55 Draper - Man & Machines
36:52 Mystery Track
38:51 Hyper Potions & Subtact - Adventures
41:20 Bustre - Everything’s Different
46:09 Muzzy - Feeling Stronger (feat. Charlotte Colley)
52:11 Hot Date! & Chrisson - To The Sun (feat. Roufailda) [Monstercat Throwback]
57:04 Rameses B - We Love


Thursday, June 18, 2015

Still Resisting The Hostile Takeover

We had to tell the fake the game is over!!  as we rebuke *The Hostile Takeover*   we dipped through the portal!! slipping through the cracks unexpected..

The break is over!! there's Work To Do Like The Isley Brothers!! what's up? Here We Go Again!! who ignored the wise and otherwise? these brothers!! now errors are corrected...

What it do? O-Zone mic-checked it / O-Dog dropped the beat!!! now *We're Going In*

Apologizing; we're in it, up to our necks, with the blue collar style!! rocking the *Hard Hat With The Lantern On Top*   down I-20 in Atlanta is where we're flowing..

Whatcha Knowin?  the devil is a liar!! Dylan Roof type devil's advocates will try to shoot up the church like in Charleston but there's still Spiritual Significance In This Operation;  we try to uplift..

Whatcha knowin? proof was provided after Carolina Cruising dipping down I-26 in Charleston feeling a strange vibe!! my intuition a gift?  

Bay Area constituents raise the roof out at the Oracle Arena in Oakland as the Golden State Warriors put it down!! it gives the whole area a lift!!

Mass hysteria due to opiates and barbiturates?  life is a bitch isn't it!! soon these debatable circumstances will lead to a Cultural Revolution!!  that's what will happen when priorities shift..

Will priorities shift in Nigeria as they fight Boko Haram? or will it be business as usual?

Territories reflect the status quo!! love didn't live here anymore per Rose Royce, but even Tom Jones said it; To Be Loved By Someone? it's not unusual

Not doing the Carlton dance, plus I'm not dancing with the stars per Alphonso Ribeiro...

From Ferguson to Baltimore to Charleston we resist the hostile takeover; jokers were just terrorists posing a threat!! we had to tell the fake the game is over!  

Check out O-Dog's Hostile Takeover Mix

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Lost In Transtion / Translation PT.5 (Everybody Won't Get It)

Justice obstruction has a bro Freedom Riding / rolling;  back in the day? I wasn't in a fast car, I was in the old school T-Rex / The Cut-Dog..

I'm in transition, that's what time it is!! Boogie Down Production Type Philosophy dropped as I blast through the universe, rolling down I-20 in Atlanta riding the beat dropped by O-Dog...

Rolling through the Smoke, Mirrors, Fog, but still getting down! ignoring Donald Trump types talking slick like he was about Mexico..

Rolling!! lost in transition, but some of this breakbeat science will be lost in translation; but during this Reign Of Terror, I knew some wouldn't understand from the get go!!

We're in transition like Golden State Warriors, fast breaking like Andre Iguodala!!

Transracial situations like Rachel Dolezal have some asking questions like Kojak; baby, who loves ya?

Transexual situations like  Caitlyn Jenner were for pretenders!! I returned packages back to senders!!  meanwhile this brotha climbs Jacob's Ladder!! Intergalactic / flying above ya..

Transmissions were slipping in the Lexus, baby girl found out how complex the sport is!! I ignored a fanatic!! that's what a brotha will do, I'm not acting brand new with ya!!

Ambitions? in transition, where the next is!! Jurassic World type drama will jump off!! the process isn't natural...

Ramifications? some will get what's coming to them!! breakbeat science is dropped when we *holla atcha* 

Jamming in these situations?  oh yes!! O-Dog had a fresh batch for ya!!  it's going down like this...

Lost In Transition / Translation? oh yes!! everybody won't get it when we put it down like this!!

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Lost In Translation / Transition PT.4

Those that understand told me to Play On Player!!  I was told to stay in Transition To Power so I keep it pimping like Little Ronnie from the Ville...

I didn't quit like Cleveland Cavaliers showing irrational fears; I shake those haters off!!  they were acting like corporations laid them off  when Louis Farrakan told them they need to catch up on their pimping and create their own jobs!!  but they weren't keeping it real..

Lost In Translation / Transition?  this Louisville brother was once cavalier with it, but I had to take those gators off, plus the polyester suit!! I had to be real!!  rocking jeans, polo shirts, plus I have my Vans on..

Plus I have to pray!!  that's how I'm living!! that's how I make it!! shoulders of giants?  a brotha stands on..

Blues like Bobby Blue Bland  were on a brotha!! it's like I was on Beale Street in Memphis Tennessee..

Tennessee? a game of horseshoes? Arrested Development?...you don't feel me!!

What will the deal be?  who's part of the conspiracy like the Bilderberg Group; so what's up? 

What it do? after Obama made some tough decisions the honeymoon and marriage was over as some divorced from reality; The Thrill Is Gone Like B.B King, so what's up?

Meanwhile these brothas will slip through the cracks but some of this breakbeat science will be Lost in Translation / Transition

But we're not caught up!! that's not how we were brought up!! we're moving at a High Velocity so haters can stop chasing..

Haters were erasing the tape like security trying to cover up a crime..

We kept it moving!! Lost In Translation / Transition, after being caught in a moment of time!!

Patrice Rushen - Haven't You Heard (Joey Negro Extended Disco Mix)

Digital Crate Digging Continues; we're checking out this classic soul / funk song from  Patrice Rushen - called Haven't You Heard (Joey Negro Extended Disco Mix). I posted the regular extended version earlier. Enjoy both!! Let's Go!! 


Monday, June 15, 2015

Karisma minimix 85 [Liquid Drum & Bass Mix]

Digital Crate Digging Continues; we're checking out this Karisma minimix 85 [Liquid Drum & Bass Mix]. Check out the playlist and the mix!!


00:00 ENiGMA Dubz & Tuff Culture - Nex
00:44 BCee Feat. Philippa Hanna - Back To The Street
04:02 BreakNoise - You
05:42 Link & Natural Philosophy - Vihuela
07:43 Hurricos - True
09:43 Morcheeba Feat. Judy Tzuke - Blue Chair (Silence Groove remix)
12:30 Illusions - Last Of The Summer
15:04 Maduk - Approaching Me
16:11 Kredit - Ascending Red
19:29 Alex Clare - War Rages On (Etherwood Remix)
22:26 In Flex - All Over
25:44 Fatboy Slim - Right Here, Right Now (Wavelen Bootleg)


BreakBeat Scientific Chronicles PT.4

These breakbeat scientific cartels aren"t back in the way!!  we already know it's no Gangsta's Paradise!!!

Not for Coolio; whatcha know? this brotha is going for what he knows!!  intergalactic with it!!  meanwhile, on earth? it's The New Type Gangster's paradise..

Economy is in a mess due to these parasites!!  morale is low so whatcha know? The Situation Is Out Of Control!! even  Rachel Dolezal types had to dip for a minute..

Please!! rights and privileges will get gaffled, now some look baffled like Cleveland Cavaliers; I thought they were in it to win it? 

We take it there with these insights after characters get assasinated!!  we're pondering The Dark Mystery Of Time and Space, playing it like we were on the International Space Station taking a space walk or two!! acting we like  knew!! now back down to earth...

Passed by Mars on my Odyssey;  it's not odd for me to take these Mystic Voyages;  I'm mysterious like Dr. Manhattan but actually down to earth...

Down to earth!!  I took the Manhattan Transfer while listening to Manhattan Transfer!! now in Manhattan on Wall Street;  *New Type Gangsters*  say the numbers are down..

Down to earth!!  O-Dog is in the lab enhancing techniques!! haters say it's like The Manhattan Project, might even be corrupt,but that's not how we get down!!

So what's up man? after we visualize the sequence we hit you up with these Breakbeat Scientific Chronicles

Moving At A High Velocity, but we had the speed you need with this!! putting it down.!!  this is our response to these and those..

Of course; the devil will oppose!! that's one of the main things I learned from the old school Baptist Preacher..

Of course the devil will oppose!! check out the *Sunday Morning Stickup*  from the new school preacher...


Sunday, June 14, 2015

Black Gold Massive-Cast No Shadow

Sunday Jazz Continues!! we're checking out some soul jazz from a group called Black Gold Massive with a track called Cast No Shadow, featuring Simon T Bramley (aka Mr Gone), with  Cindy Mizelle on vocals Let's Go!!


TW Funkmasters – Love Money (Joey Negro Dubwise Revision)

Sunday Jazz Continues; we're checking out some jazz funk / disco jazz from the TW Funkmasters – with a track called Love Money (Joey Negro Dubwise Revision). Let's Go!!


Saturday, June 13, 2015

Breakbeat Scientific Chronicles PT.3 (The Struggle Is Real)

It's going down!!  check out these Breakbeat Scientific Chronicles; naysayers asked; who was reached?

Like the Democratic Party vs Obama who are you rolling with? I had to break from the fake after I peeped game / visualized the sequence!! some had to pump brakes, now tires screeched..

Obama beseeched fellow Democrats to go along with the Pacific Rim trade deal but it was something they couldn't feel so they want to change it..

Drama from Facebook spills over to real life as fanatics post every move they make, now their life is a mess and they're ready to change it..

Please!! face to face with a crook? I'm a Louisville / Newburg brotha, so there could be guilt by association, sideways / side eye glances were recieved like I was a crooked Negro!!

Meanwhile  street funk is dropped per hooklines and my own beats  per the George Clinton school of music!! O-Zone? he wasn't trying to lose it but he learned the Lord is in control;  excess baggage? some things I let go..

Check the style as we take time to let you know what it do like Hillary Clinton and her so called policies!! Coming back with this? O-Zone is not foul with these!! ...I Can't Let Up...

We're not through dealing, check out these breakbeat scientific principles!! we're *Rebuking The Hostile Takeover*  knocked down by the opposition, who earlier they told me I can't get up..

But now I get up to get down!! no hot style like Dock Ellis and the LSD no-hitter!!  no makeover needed!! just doing what I do..

We're not court jesters or clowns, we at least act like we knew...

Check out these Breakbeat Scientific Chronicles;  similar to  Russian military aircraft buzzing NATO warships in the Baltic Sea?  we let you know what it do!!  

This is the the rebuttal to these and those after we felt the pressure!! the devil and his advocates kept hating!! the struggle is real!! harsh is how the conditions are for those asking what it do!!

Friday, June 12, 2015

Breakbeat Scientific Chronicles PT.2 (Breaks / Fragments / Loose Ends )

              *these are the breaks;  break it up / break it up*

These Are The Breaks!!  Break It Up / Break It Up like that joint fron Curtis Blow!!

Staying one step of Ferguson / Baltimore / North Charleston type jakes!! so what's up? Loose Ends / Hanging On A String about to break?  that happens when dealing with these fakes!! but I go for what I know...

How are things working son? we want more but it soon ends!!  what? Good Times like Chic? whatcha know? you heard the cliche / catch phrase; no justice no peace..

How are things working son? we want more so these crooks commit good crimes!! New Type Gangsters are corrupt in  this piece..

Funk Seminars are conducted; oh!! just a piece of funk, jazz, rock, drum and bass /  breaks, fragments, loose ends;  BreakBeat Science is in full effect..

Check out these chronicles; the devil is opposed because I wasn't corrupted like a corporate CEO; no bonuses like Dick Costolo at Twitter; I'm barely cashing a Reality Check...

O-Zone is on this!! like Dominique Strauss-Khan and the aggravated pimping I'm collecting fragments and loose ends from languages; a method for releasing the anguish..

O-Dog? .a lab technician with the proper lab techniques plus he's on a mission.!! collecting beat fragments / breaks!! on podcasts?  we'll bang this...

Alternative broadcasts, not strange with this!!  these Breakbeat Scientific Chronicles are smooth like butter

How will I work it? please!! Blue Collar / Mechanical Engineering type of work is put in by this brotha!!

See what's up?  per Gemini season it can go either way!!  Time Will Reveal per Debarge..

See what's up?   due to the breaks, fragments or loose ends it can go either way!! some are struggling, while others are living large..

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Monstercat Podcast Ep. 061

Digital Crate Digging Continues; we're checking out some electro, house music and drum and bass from  the Monstercat Podcast Ep. 061. Check out the playlist and the podcast.

00:31 Razihel - Children of the Night
03:58 Pegboard Nerds - New Style
07:39 Au5 - Inside (feat. Danyka Nadeau) [Monstercat Exclusive]
10:08 Case & Point - Error Code
13:15 Stereotronique - Quake
17:23 Tut Tut Child - Hot Pursuit
21:32 Ephixa - Awesome to the Max [Monstercat Throwback]
24:44 Direct - Parallax
27:15 Aero Chord - Surface
29:45 Bustre - Combine
33:27 TwoThirds - Universal
38:48 Slips & Slurs - Divided [Monstercat Spotlight]
42:15 I.Y.F.F.E - Love Hangover
45:20 Ephixa - Ideekay
48:52 Rameses B - Broken Trust
52:36 Stephen Walking - Supercool! (feat. CoMa)
55:14 Laszlo - Closer

Robin Kenyatta / Oh Oh Oh

Digital Crate Digging Continues; we're checking out some soul jazz from Robin Kenyatta with a track called Oh Oh Oh. This is from his Encourage The People album. Check out the players and the track. Let's Go!!

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Monstercat 022 - Contact (Essence Album Mix) [1 Hour of Electronic Music]

Digital Crate Digging Continues; we're checking out some electro courtesy of  Monstercat 022 - Contact (Essence Album Mix) [1 Hour of Electronic Music] Check out the playlist and the mix..

00:00 Savoy & Sound Remedy - Leaving You (feat. Jojee)
03:18 San Holo - Victory
06:47 Razihel - Legends (feat. TeamMate)
10:51 Hyper Potions - Porta Vista
14:04 Draper - Inertia
18:12 Volant - Full Circle
22:25 Televisor - Deya (feat. Patrick Baker)
26:05 Hellberg - Back2You
30:10 Trivecta - Evaporate (feat. Aloma Steele)
35:40 Rich Edwards - We Are (feat. Danyka Nadeau)
40:20 Stephen Walking - The Difference Between Us And The Aliens
44:55 Stonebank - The Entity
49:30 Puppet & The Eden Project - The Fire
55:00 Eminence & Soulero - Invisible (feat. Mari-Anna)
1:00:34 Rezonate - Rebirth (feat. Ashley Apollodor)


Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Doing The Knowledge like Stanley Clarke and School Days

Afternoon Jazz continues as we proceed and continue!! we're out here doing the knowledge like Stanley Clarke...

True indeed, these are School Days, we see how a fool plays as we recognize the pattern, others were misled and waiting in the dark...

The golden rule plays a major role, but bloodshed was used to validate it!! from Pluto / Mars / Saturn to here in the ATL it's going down...

From the Mideast to Ferguson / Baltimore reality is bruising and battering egos, the strong survive while the weak go down...

No justice no peace is heard son! more are losing instead of winning!! can't you see how it's going down?

We're peeping game, doing the knowledge, meanwhile we'll let Stanley Clarke school you with the sound!!

This is School Days from Stanley Clarke; Check out the players and the track..

Stanley Clarke - Bass
Raymond Gomez - Guitar
Gerry Brown - Drums
David Sancious - Keyboards

Monday, June 8, 2015

Ernest Ranglin, Sly and Robbie, Monty Alexander - Surfin

Digital Crate Digging Continues; we're checking out this classic footage featuring  Ernest Ranglin,  with Sly and Robbie, plus Monty Alexander with a track called Surfin. Check out the players and the track...

Guitar = Ernest Ranglin
Piano = Monty Alexander
Bass + vocals = Robbie Shakespeare
Drums = Sly Dunbar


Chilling Out / I Had It On Cruise Control

Cruising like Smokey Robinson; sonic grenades? we're lobbing them, plus we'll swing the Sonic Blackjack..

Losing like Tiger Woods, we're caught up in the system / matrix / charades but we're able to bring it back...

Meanwhile? It Don't Stop!! it's tight in these hoods but we do the damn thing!!this is next level business

The madness didn't stop!!  the struggle is real!!  like Cleveland Cavaliers we're serious about this thing, there is no time to play!! that's what the deal is!!

Cruising down I-20 in Atlanta Listening to Freddie Hubbard / Red Clay, especially since we're down here in the red clay state of Georgia..

I guess it represents the bloodshed after some were misled / waiting in the dark; that's word from this A-Town resident from Louisville, so what's the deal? I told Nathan Shady Deal I'm not trying to start with ya...

Rolling Up With A Small Army;  I was rocking the red and black Louisville Cardinal hat, not red and black for Georgia Bullgogs or Atlanta Falcons!! things are foul son, it's way to real!! plus thought and fashion police said we're holding Hazardous Material!!

Like the G7 Meeting Who's Part of The Conspiracy? who's feeling me? they didn't know what we had was spiritual..

What it do?  on the clearance rack what put this epiphany; who's feeling me? you know those Gangstas always get even!! you know what they say about those kind..

What it do? interference by ISIS in Iraq and Syria is about to make some lose their minds..

During the ongoing crisis? some tried to live without light, they closed the blinds..but it's not part of the Natural Process.

Writing this while the Moon is in Pisces, I was just chilling out but the apparatus wants to impose penaties and fines!! offers were made so forces could combine!! but it's like oh no!! not this..