Thursday, June 4, 2015

I Was All Up In The Mix PT.2

O-Zone? I'm Out There In The Mainstream Of Mathematics;  I guess you can say I'm all up in the mix...

In this danger zone?  I'm all in like Rick Perry, already cashing *Reality Checks*  but fanatics  called themselves offering encouragement, they try to get up in a brotha's business..

What's really going on? it's scary how some try to work it!! by any means necessary they'll try to win the Triple Crown like American Pharoah in the Belmont Stakes!!

What's really going on? how were some trying to work it?  a wannabe American Pharoah was running game, he a story to tell these fakes!!

Detainees try to get the hell out of Gitmo; breakthroughs are made as some get transferred..

We're Maintaining;  just left Decatur where we were *All Up In The Mix* I tried to tell some how a fake would do so we continue to do what we do! beats and rhymes? they'll get electronically transferred..

Was the devil gaining? we made a break for it!! we're running from them like the Ohio Players!!  it's too late to turn back now...

BreakBeat Science is dropped,  as a bruh jazzed it up, funked it up and hip hopped!! the Sonic Assault will be the when, what, where and how..

The madness never stopped!! a bruh from the NYC messed it up, trying to win ATL's player of the year award...

Over in Decatur where the madness never stopped; they're stressed up in that piece!! everybody is not on one accord..

A hater called on the Worshipful Master to clear it up but tricks are made for kids silly rabbit!!

I wasn't rolling with the freemasons, I worship another Master watching over me while I'm all up in the mix, dealing with the drama is getting to be a habit!!

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