Friday, June 12, 2015

Breakbeat Scientific Chronicles PT.2 (Breaks / Fragments / Loose Ends )

              *these are the breaks;  break it up / break it up*

These Are The Breaks!!  Break It Up / Break It Up like that joint fron Curtis Blow!!

Staying one step of Ferguson / Baltimore / North Charleston type jakes!! so what's up? Loose Ends / Hanging On A String about to break?  that happens when dealing with these fakes!! but I go for what I know...

How are things working son? we want more but it soon ends!!  what? Good Times like Chic? whatcha know? you heard the cliche / catch phrase; no justice no peace..

How are things working son? we want more so these crooks commit good crimes!! New Type Gangsters are corrupt in  this piece..

Funk Seminars are conducted; oh!! just a piece of funk, jazz, rock, drum and bass /  breaks, fragments, loose ends;  BreakBeat Science is in full effect..

Check out these chronicles; the devil is opposed because I wasn't corrupted like a corporate CEO; no bonuses like Dick Costolo at Twitter; I'm barely cashing a Reality Check...

O-Zone is on this!! like Dominique Strauss-Khan and the aggravated pimping I'm collecting fragments and loose ends from languages; a method for releasing the anguish..

O-Dog? .a lab technician with the proper lab techniques plus he's on a mission.!! collecting beat fragments / breaks!! on podcasts?  we'll bang this...

Alternative broadcasts, not strange with this!!  these Breakbeat Scientific Chronicles are smooth like butter

How will I work it? please!! Blue Collar / Mechanical Engineering type of work is put in by this brotha!!

See what's up?  per Gemini season it can go either way!!  Time Will Reveal per Debarge..

See what's up?   due to the breaks, fragments or loose ends it can go either way!! some are struggling, while others are living large..

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