Sunday, June 7, 2015

I Found The Combination

I mentioned tampering with the locks in previous episodes, and I found the combination; but it's considered Hazardous Material by those that are hating!! it's basically a by product from contemplating The Dark Mystery Of Time and Space..

Similar to tampering with / hacking government websites like China? naw man!! hackers even jacked my site for a minute!! basically, this is cosmic debris / cosmic slop; raw material is gathered from all over the place..

One man's trash is one man's treasure!! meanwhile this breakbeat scientist will take measures to survive perfect storms in space that can wreak havoc on earth; they'll combine with perfect storms created by man..

Look at the weather map; what it do? we still deal with inclement weather from ISIS in Iraq  to drama in Afghanistan and Pakistan..

Who can really understand how folks feel in The Strip? I'm not talking about Strokers or Magic City even though I'm in the A-Town...

I'm talking about the Gaza Strip currently under bombardment; please!! from Ferguson to Baltimore we're in the heart of it!! it's tight in these hoods!! who will stay down?

Who'll stay down for the cause? please!! if we have a bad stretch like Tiger Woods  jokers will be ready abandon ship!!

Who'll stay down for the cause after coping stratgies failed? class is in session per the Sonic BlackJack but some of these jokers still don't understand it!!

It failed again; check the rerun or pause!!  *No Justice No Peace* is the catch phrase!! now some folks flipped out like they were in Waco..

The *Mass Konfusion*  continues on earth; bearing witness because I'm stranded!! The Mothership broke down!! damn!! I tell myself, way to go!!

It's no joke down here on earth; it's easy to get caught up in LockDown Situations!!

We're paying the price / found out what it's all worth!! now dropping this good word and breakbeat science, rocking winning combinations!!

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