Sunday, June 28, 2015

BreakBeat Scientific / Doing What We Do PT.4

                       *spiritual significance in this operation*

BreakBeat Science is in full effect!! we're doing what we do!! *Broken Beats and English*  is the basis..

We're writing this code like it was software!! we're representing the indigenous!! broken minds / hearts / spirits;  feeling the pain and anguish!! how can they face this?

We're not soft as we go there!! still following the street code,  knowing what the deal is dealing with these Hunger Games Peacekeepers!! demerits issued / charges will get trumped up..

Not like Donald Trump vs Mexicans; the status? Univision is through dealing with him!! it's like hearts or spades; the trump cards? beats will get drummed up...

My cousin Donald started this; sounds thumped due to the basement full of vinyl records;plus I did the knowledge /  I summed up the consequences..

Jazz, funk, rock and soul is how I would roll; like tourists in Tunisia or victims at the Taiwan water park fire!!  I refuse to be a victim of circumstances..

Using the sound as a vehicle; refuse to be caught up in Debatable Circumstances; being built or torn down?

Seeing through the gossip, lies and innuendo!!  I see these haters won't turn the level of scorn down..

Concepts are born down in the lab / secret compound;  lab technique by-products are revealed when seminars are conducted...

Taking a stab at it like a drunk at the old hole in the wall club mentioned by Mel Waiters; or somebody was smoked out or weeded!! mind corrupted..

Check out the sonic smash and grab and we do what we do!! fragging enemy positions with beat fragments + spoken word fragments= mathematical fragments!!  oh!! it's part of an equation...

We were like a *Forensic Team* tearing things apart!! spiritual rehab? *Spiritual Significance In This Operation*


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