Saturday, June 6, 2015

Attack Zone Business

We're caught up in this attack zone business; it's not odd that we fight this spiritual warfare!! it's a rough job but somebody has to do it..

...Not an ATLien catching up on his pimping with the Metro PCS, T-Mobile or the TracFone!!! that's not how we do it..

Entering funk mode, but scientific!! not fronting blood diamonds from the motherland!!  with the heat / metamorphic process I created my own when the mothership landed..

Crashed but not burned back on earth!! during this metamorphis a brotha's taken for granted..

Stranded on earth after I did the knowledge like Morpheus in the Matrix;  I see a lot of these earthlings fake it after I studied The Dark Mystery Of Time and Space..

Matrix architects, plus Hunger Game Peacekeepers and other authorities sweat a brothas technique;  rocking the darker skin, so they're all in my face..

Gatekeepers trump up charges; it's easy to catch a case, but like chilling out in Wayward Pines  this brotha knows how ill it is..

Hate keepers get thumped up in the mix after we slap them with the blackjack, we couldn't charge it to the game!!  it doesn't  matter if your on a pilgrimage...

We're back in the game jack like Golden State Warriors as my cousins from The Bay Area visit Atlanta rocking that gear!! These sound bombers strike back after Mystic Voyages were taken

These spiritual warriors are putting it down cousin!! we're not faking!!

Spiritual significance in this operation? of course!!  beat breaking and good word dropping our the main weapons!!

Check out this Sonic Assault as we enter attack zones; winning Triple Crowns like American Pharoah, counting our blessings!! 

Check out this Sonic Assault Attack Zone Mix


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