Wednesday, June 3, 2015

I Was All Up In The Mix

Missiles will fall down on your compound per South Korea! so when will the madness cease?

Seeing what this will do!! due to the mass hysteria?  Divine Intervention is needed!!  these brothas are Dealing With The Madness; realizing,  sometimes there's no Justice Or Peace..

  I heard what was said!! it was similar to ear shattering gunshots exploding!! but we go into express mode in this thing as we "ease on down the road" like The Wiz / Oz / This Wizard takes Mystic Voyages..

I wasn't misled!!  I did the knowledge while figuring out The Dark Mystery Of Time and Space; ignoring a hater that discourages...

The mothership got good mileage!! I'm trying to dip like American Pharoah trying to win the Belmont Stakes!!

An American Pharoah wannabe will get foul with it, similar to  Republican Presidential Candidates?  Just because I'm *All Up In The Mix* filling in the blanks / telling you about these fakes?

Paying the cost to be the boss but endeavors fail,  making me pump brakes; a brotha is using *Reality Checks*  accepted worldwide..

*All Up In The Mix*  beats are dropped; O-Zone mic checks... that's how we'll ride..

Will I ride off into the sunset like Sepp Blatter per FIFA scandals or will I win championships like Golden State Warriors?  

Society placed bets that we would end up in a police blotter, but we also win like my West Coast people showing up in the ATL wearing t-shirts repping the Golden State Warriors!!

Please!! these spiritual warriors are all up in the spot, but no longer in the one that led to our detriment..

Please!! there's spiritual significance in this operation; sometimes it seems I'm used as an instrument...

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