Thursday, June 25, 2015

BreakBeat Scientific With It / Doing What We Do PT.3

It's rough out here in the Babylon Wilderness!! some know what the deal is!!  but a lot of my folk are lost.. the darkness; I had to go in, I wear the *Hard Hat With The Lantern On Top*  as work was put in blue collar style, this brotha was paying the cost..

Hillary Clinton said she had a plan for ya!!   Bobby Jindal, Doug Christie and other Republicans like Donald Trump line up to rebuke her; check out the  chaos and mayhem.

Meanwhile per George Clinton scientific studies  O-Dog has a jam for ya!!  what it do? per beats that thump BreakBeat Science is what he's playing..

Meanwhile O-Zone has this manisfesto for you!! the opposite of Dylanns Roof's / we rebuke George Zimmerman types!!  the drama is local, national, international and intergalactic!! cruising in the Mothership provided proof!!  but agencies think they spotted me;  Out There.

Had to admit;  I am Outside The Box!! but I mentioned I'm Going In, but others made it hot for me!! I know life is not fair..

Messages are put in the songs, just trying to aid the massive!! but Hunger Games Peacekeepers roll up, they want to see me expelled.

We had to be strong, we keep doing what we do!!  others were laughing at me when my coping strategy failed..

Doing what we do!! but these dudes sailed out into the high waters!! plus the weather was inclement.....

Doing what we do!! the high waters were full of sharks and piranhas!! but we had to deal with it!!

Doing what we do!! we get breakbeat scientific!! we had to be real with it even though conditions weren't  grossly unremarkable!

That's per medical lingo!! we get breakbeat scientific with a gringo, they were trying to show us what waiting the dark will do!!

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