Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Lost In Transtion / Translation PT.5 (Everybody Won't Get It)

Justice obstruction has a bro Freedom Riding / rolling;  back in the day? I wasn't in a fast car, I was in the old school T-Rex / The Cut-Dog..

I'm in transition, that's what time it is!! Boogie Down Production Type Philosophy dropped as I blast through the universe, rolling down I-20 in Atlanta riding the beat dropped by O-Dog...

Rolling through the Smoke, Mirrors, Fog, but still getting down! ignoring Donald Trump types talking slick like he was about Mexico..

Rolling!! lost in transition, but some of this breakbeat science will be lost in translation; but during this Reign Of Terror, I knew some wouldn't understand from the get go!!

We're in transition like Golden State Warriors, fast breaking like Andre Iguodala!!

Transracial situations like Rachel Dolezal have some asking questions like Kojak; baby, who loves ya?

Transexual situations like  Caitlyn Jenner were for pretenders!! I returned packages back to senders!!  meanwhile this brotha climbs Jacob's Ladder!! Intergalactic / flying above ya..

Transmissions were slipping in the Lexus, baby girl found out how complex the sport is!! I ignored a fanatic!! that's what a brotha will do, I'm not acting brand new with ya!!

Ambitions? in transition, where the next is!! Jurassic World type drama will jump off!! the process isn't natural...

Ramifications? some will get what's coming to them!! breakbeat science is dropped when we *holla atcha* 

Jamming in these situations?  oh yes!! O-Dog had a fresh batch for ya!!  it's going down like this...

Lost In Transition / Translation? oh yes!! everybody won't get it when we put it down like this!!

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